Great Intentions

It wasn't like Catherine to be late and even Warrick was getting worried. Sara found herself a little on edge as well. Bekki had begged her to stay at Lindsey's for the day, to which Sara had agreed easily, it being their last day off. Now, she was getting worried.

Finally, Catherine breezed in, though the look on her face was anything but calm.

Sara watched the scene in silence as the blond took a seat beside her in a huff. Grissom, who had made it there much earlier, raised an eyebrow. Sara jumped when Catherine exploded.

"Forty-five minutes!" Sara couldn't hold in the grin that blossomed. Bekki was notorious for taking her time getting ready to go and it seemed Catherine had experienced this first hand.

"I told them we had to leave in a half an hour, but no! It took forty-five extra minutes tacked on to that half hour!" Then Sara noticed the sparkle on the older woman's left hand. She grabbed it, her grip rougher than she'd intended.

"Catherine Willows! Were you planning on keeping this from us?" she asked, her eyes darting from Catherine to their supervisor and back again. The annoyance faded quickly from Catherine's gaze as contentment spread through her posture.

"Gil and I have some news…"


Sara was more than excited for Catherine and she voiced that to Nick on their way to the crime scene. She chalked it up to pure luck that they got the chance to work together, especially since Grissom knew. However, he constantly paired himself with Catherine.

But they've always worked well together, the devil's advocate that took root in her brain pointed out. She hated that voice; it was always right. Catherine and Grissom worked well together, even though they'd been in love with each other for seventeen years.

"Do you think Grissom's testing us?" she asked him. Nick glanced over at her, surprised at the question.

"Testing us?"

"This working together and having a personal relationship," she answered, keeping her eyes fixed on the buildings. Nick scoffed.

"He specifically brought you in years ago, Sara, and he's worked with me for longer. Do you think he doesn't trust us?" By his words, she knew he though she was being silly, that she was overreacting, but even as much as she loved Nick, there was still a part of her intent on making sure she kept up her performance in front of Grissom. She shrugged indifferently, but Nick caught the tension in the gesture. He smiled, stopping the car and putting on the break as they arrived at a park, the police sirens flashing far in the distance.


"Get out of the car, Sair. We're going for a little bit of a walk. The crime scene can wait." She did as she was asked, albeit reluctantly, and they headed off, hand in hand, into the trees. He stopped her in a small clearing where fireflies flickered. She smiled, the proverbial child in a candy store, at the flashing lights. He faced her and held her hands in his.

"Miss Sidle, yes, I do believe part of this is Grissom testing whether or not we carry our personal relationships into our work, however, he and I also discussed a couple of things about a week and a half ago." She watched him reach into his pocket and pull out a velvet pouch. He handed it to her and she pulled open the top, delving her fingers inside and pulling out a ring.

If this was an engagement ring it was different from all the others she'd seen in her life, and much different than the one she'd seen earlier. It was of emeralds and rubies, not a diamond in sight. One ruby was framed by two emeralds, then framed again by two rubies. Sara gasped.

"Sara, there's a reason there aren't any diamonds on here. Yes, don't ever doubt that I would marry you in an instant, but with our new addition and the last while, I'm not totally sure we're ready for that step." She gave him credit. He was right, they probably weren't ready. Amanda's death had hit Sara almost as hard as it had Bekki and the three of them – Nick included – were still working on that family thing.

"I give this to you as a ring of intent. I will marry you someday." Sara smiled happily, nodding as she slipped the ring on her finger.

"I'll marry you too," she said, leaning up. He caught on quickly and leaned down, pressing his lips firmly to his. When they finally broke away, air an issue, Sara snuggled up to him. They stood like that for a few moments.

"Shall we go?" Nick asked. Sara scrunched up her nose, not really wanting to leave, but knowing they had to.

"Alright," she said reluctantly, pulling away but not losing contact. They walked hand in hand back to the SUV and climbed in, driving the few miles to the crime scene. Detective Brass was there, pad already out and pen in his right hand.

"Vic's name is Diana Swann…"

AND I'M DONE! This one turned out a lot shorter than Subtle Clues cuz I stuck a whole lot of stuff down into a couple of chapter. That and Sara didn't really take part in the investigation as much as I think I'd originally anticipated. However, I hope you guys liked this, especially since its probably a little bit darker than Subtle Clues. Now I can get back to work on Subtle Likenesses.

I'm thinking about another side story, this one to Subtle Likenesses, but if I end up putting all of the shipper moments in that one, I'm not going to bother. I might (HUGELY STRESSING THE MIGHT) put up a sequel of some sort, at some point. We'll have to wait and see.

I hope you guys really liked this. I wrote the last couple for you reviewers that told me it was good. modest shrug

Kavi Leighanna