Author's note:I don't own Teen Titans.I wish I did but sadly I don't.This is my first fic so plz be gentle on the reviews.well here it goes.

Teen Titan's Dream or Nightmare?You decide.

Cute Starfire:Hey there everyone.I'm Cute Starfire and this is my dare fic! I have tricked the titans into Here are the Titans!

The Titans are sitting in chairs looking really confused.Robin looks around and sees Cute Starfire and he smiles.

Robin:There are....two Starfires?!This is a dream come true!

Robin hugs both Starfires.

Both Starfires:Yay!This is the best!

They smile at eachother and hug Robin back.

Raven:Must I be here?

Cute Starfire glares at Raven with green eyes.

Cute Starfire:YES!

Raven turns into a small chibi of herself and hides behind her chair.

Cyborg:Whoa,I never thought I would see Raven so scared.

Both Starfires are still in Robin's arms and Cute Starfire looks at Raven.

Cute Starfire:I'm sorry Raven.Well since we have nothing else to really do I guess this is the end of this chapter.Please review and send your dares and if you want you can give me dares too.Bye everyone!

Everyone waves and Cute Starfire and Starfire walk away with Robin.One on each side of him.

Cute Starfire:ok,there's the first chapter.I know it was short but I promise the other chapters will be longer.PLease review and send dares.There might be guest apperances later in the fic.