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Ch.3 Kisses,Dances,and Prank Calls

Cute Starfire:Hey everybody!You guys ready for another dares chapter?!

The audience goes crazy.The titans jump when they hear the audience.

Beast Boy:When did we get an audience?

Cute Starfire smiles and giggles.

Cute Starfire:I added it this morning.


Titans looks at the title and their eyes go wide.

Raven:what do you mean by 'kisses'?I'm not going to have to touch Beast Boy again,am I?

Beast Boy's eyes grow as big as basketballs.He runs over to C.S. and hugs her tightly.

Beast Boy:Please don't make me kiss her again.I'll do anything but that.

Cute Starfire:I'm sorry BB but I can't say what the dares are until we get started.

Beast Boy goes and sits down.He has a bottle of mouthwash in his hand.

Cute Starfire:Ok!Now for the first set of dares.These are from Kuraand-Chibi:

1) Kura dares Raven to be locked up in a closet with Robin(thought i

was going to say beast boy huh?) for who knows how long.

2) me, Chibi, Dares Beast Boy to kill the game station!

3) We both dare Cyborg to dance the chicken dance in a banana costume

singing jingle bells!

4) We dare Starfire to be locked up in a closet with Beast Boy decide that.

Robin:Why does it have to be Raven?Can't it be one of the Starfires?Or possibly both?

Robin hugs both Starfires.

Cute Starfire:Sorry Robin but a dare is a dare.Off you go.

Both Starfires scoot Robin into the closet then they toss Raven in there too.They lock the door.

~In the closet~




Raven:Shut up.

Robin:What?Why?I was just trying to...

Raven:Like I said earlier...shut up.


Raven:You're using all the air.


Raven nods and sits there quietly.

The door quickly opens and Starfire and Cute Starfire are standing there.

Both:We can't stand being seperated from Robin any longer.

They grab Robin and pull him out of the closet.They pull him over to his chair and hug him a lot.Starfire is sitting on his right hugging his right arm.Cute Starfire doesn't have a chair so she has to sit on his lap,hugging him around his neck.Robin has a big smile on his face.


Raven walks out of the closet and sits down.

Cute Starfire:Ok Next dare!

Beast Boy:NNNOOO!!!!I don't wanna!

Beast Boy starts having a tantrum.

Cute Starfire:Beast Boy,If you do this dare I promise to get you a new,better version of the gamestation.

Beast Boy smiles then sadly destroys the GameStation.

Cyborg:BEAST BOY!!!!!!!NNNNOOOOO!!!!!!!

Beast Boy ducks behind his chair.

Beast Boy:I was forced to do it!


Cyborg starts to chase BB with his canon ready to fire.Beast Boy starts changing into all these different animals trying to avoid Cyborg's blasts.Cyborg is suddenly hit with two starbolts.He sees both Starfires with their hands envoloped in a green light.

Both:Calm down Cyborg.It's time for your dare.

Starfire holds up a banana costume.Cyborg sighes,takes the suit, and puts it on.Cyborg starts to do the chicken dance while singing Jingle Bells.

Cyborg:(while dancing)Jingle Bells.Jingle Bells.Jingle all the way.Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh.

The others laugh and Beast Boy starts to tape it.Cyborg stops right in the middle of the song and chases BB.

Beast Boy:AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!

Beast Boy is lifted from the ground and set back in his seat by Raven.

Raven:Stay boy.

Beast Boy sits still.

Cute wanna say it?

Starfire:oh yes please.Next Dare!

Beast Boy walks towards the closet.Starfire starts to get up but Robin clings to her arm.

Robin:Don't go.Please Starfire!

Starfire:Do not worry Robin.You have Cute Starfire.

Robin smiles and hugs C.S. close.Cute Starfire waves to her double.Starfire and Beast Boy walk into the closet and lock the door.

~In the closet~

Beast Boy:So...What's up?

Starfire:Well we are stuck in this closet together.I guess that is 'what's up'.

Beast Boy:ok...

Starfire:would you like some light Beast Boy?

Beast Boy:yeah that sounds nice.

Starfire smiles and forms a starbolt.She makes it a bit too powerful and she blows up the closet.Beast Boy walks out of the used-to-be closet.His hair is sticking out in every direction.He coughes a black puff of smoke.Starfire emerges unharmed.

Cute Starfire:ok the next dares are from K9,Phuang,Keiko,Firey,and Horse:

1)K9 dares Robin to kill C.S.!

2)Horse dares Raven to kiss BB again!

3)Phaung dares Beast Boy to eat chicken!

4)Firey dares you all to become her slaves!

5)Keiko dares you all to let her kill you (don't worry, K9 will revive



Cute Starfire:It's ok.I'll find a way to revive myself.

Robin:ok...if you say so.

Robin pulls out birdarangs and his Retractable Bow Staff.He throws the birdarangs at C.S. and she takes a hit.Robin attacks her more and then he charges her with his RBS.She slowly dies.Robin kneels by her side and holds her in his arms.

Robin:No,why?I didn't want to do that.Cute Starfire!!!!

Cute Starfire rests in Robin's arms,motionless.Robin starts to cry and hold her close. Starfire....I'm so sorry...Please come back.

Cute Starfire glows and her eyes slowly open.

Cute Starfire:Ro-Robin?

Robin:Cute Starfire!!

Robin smiles and tosses C.S. in the air.She squeaks and starts to fall back down.Her eyes glow green and she starts to fly.Robin gets ready to catch her but when she doesn't come down he starts to worry.

Robin:Cute Starfire?NNNOO!!!I THREW HER TOO HIGH!!!

Cute Starfire flies infront of him.

Cute Starfire:Ummmm...Robin,I'm right here.

Robin smiles and sweatdrops.


Cute Starfire:ok Next dare!


Raven:Like he said No.

Both Starfires:Sorry but a dare is a dare.

Raven quickly walks over to Beast Boy and kisses him on the lips then pulls away after five seconds.Beast Boy pulls out a bottle of mouthwash and drinks it.Raven just sits back in her seat.

Both Starfires:ewwwwww but ok.Next Dare!

Beast Boy screams and starts to cry.

Beast Boy:Why am I being tortured?!?!?!?!?!?!

Cute Starfire walks over and hugs BB.

Cute Starfire:Awww it's ok.Just eat it and then you can have the tofu buffet later.

Beast Boy smiles and eats the chicken in one bite then runs over to a buffet of tofu and starts eating.

C.S. and the other Titans sweatdrop.

Cute Starfire:o...k....Next....dare.....

Firey walks in and smiles evily.She walks closer to the titans.The titans quickly run away.Rvane hides in her little bubble of black magic,Cyborg transforms into a toaster,Beast Boy turns into a mouse and runs into a mouse hole,Starfire flies into the air and hides in the shadows,and Robin runs to Cute Starfire and hides behind her.

Firey:You guys have to be my slaves so....

She plops down on a soft couch.

Firey:...Robin get me a soda,Starfire fan me,Cyborg turn into a radio and play some music,Raven read some nice poetry,and Beast Boy feed me grapes!NOW!!!!!

The titans quickly follow her orders.Robin runs and brings her a soda,Starfire starts to fan Firey,Cyborg changes into radio and starts to play some 50 Cent,Raven starts to read some nice poetry,and Beast Boy gets grapes and starts to feed her.About 2 minutes after they start doing this they stop and walk back to their seats.

Firey:Huh?Hey!Get back here and follow my orders!NOW!

Robin:The dare said we had to be your slaves but it didn't say how long.

Firey glares at them.SHe starts to throw fireballs at them.They run away,trying not to get hit by Firey's fireballs.


Firey stops and smiles.She plops back down on the couch.

Firey:Ok.BACK TO WORK SLAVES!!!!!!!!!

Cute STarfire:Ok while they do that I guess we should do the next dare.Keiko....

Keiko comes out of nowhere and attacks the titans as they tend to Firey's every need.They try and fight back but Firey doesn't allow them to.One-by-one they slowly die.

Cute Starfire:ROBIN!!!NNNOOO!!!

Cute Starfire runs over and picks up Robin's lifeless form. slaves....KEIKO!!!!

Firey charges at Keiko.They start to fight as K9 walks rightr past them.She walks over to C.S. and the dead titans.She revives the titans.

K9:There you go.All better.(she looks at the audience)and I'm not telling you how I did that.

Cute Starfire hugs a revived Robin and smiles.

Cute Starfire:Ok now for the last dares of this chapter.These are from Elizibeth:

1)I dare the Titans(mostly Robin) to prank call Slade.

2)I dare Beast Boy to venture bodly into Raven's room... And see what he finds before he is busted!

Cute Starfire:Ok here's the phone.It's already ringing.

Robin takes the phone.

~On the phone~


Robin(using a voice-changer):Hello sir.I'm glad to tell you that you have won a lifetime supply of weapons....


Robin:....That don't work!

Slade:What?!Why don't they work?!

Robin:We don't know.We just found them in a junkyard.

Robin quickly hangs up the phone.

Cute Starfire:o..k.That was different.Next dare!

Beast Boy slowly walked into Raven's room.He looked around and saw a book shelf full of books,a cd rack full of CDs and DVDs.He walked towards her closet ad stepped in.His jaw dropped.The only thing in the entire closet was exact copies of Raven's normal cloak.Beast Boy felt someone place their hand on his shoulder and before he could turn around he was thrown out of Raven's room.He hit his head on the wall,making a hole the size of a volleyball.

Cute Starfire:Ow..that looked painful.Well now that the dares are over I guess we better leave and get some rest before the next chapter.

Robin picks her up and starts to carrying her off.She waves to the audience.

Everybody(including Firey and Keiko who were still fighting):BYE EVREYBODY!!!


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