An Heir

Rating: Pg --- Pg-13; for violence and some profanity (later on)

Summary: Ash never knew really about his family. Now, because he's Ash Ketchum, 2 groups of international crime lords want him and his family dead. And he though Team Rocket was bad, he never knew about his own family.

Chapter 1: Confusions…

Delia Ketchum had heard a bit rumble and rustle outside her yard, but decided it might've been just wild pokemon playing around. The T.V in the kitchen was was reporting a pokemon battle.

She went in the kitchen, thinking to surprise Mr. Mime with a gourmet meal for all his fine, hard work. She started off taking a large yellow bowl from the cupboard, then the pan, knives and all the kitchen utensils needed. As she worked, the T.V changed from pokemon battles to a jail break out. This didn't interest her much as it was a problem for the police. Besides, this criminal that escaped was all the way in Saffron City, what was she to worry about?

"…. The police are still searching for this man in the jail's region. His name is Harold Ketchum…."

Delia froze, her knife hanging in midair, and turned to the T.V.

"…Harold Ketchum is of the elite pokemon family Ketchum, whose ancestor were lord of the small town named Pallet in the olden times. He is also the older brother of the famous pokemon elitists—"

Ding Dong

Delia nearly dropped the knife she was holding in surprise, and then scolded herself for being so witless. The bell rang again as she wiped her hands on the towel.

"Coming!" she called shakily. Delia walked out of the kitchen into the entrance hall. She opened the door.

"Hello, Mrs. Ketchum." The speaker was a lady; adorn all black leather with a large black sunglass covered most of her face.

"Y-yes?" responded Delia, almost shakily. "Do you want something miss?"

The lady smiled, and from behind her back she pulled out a small, gray gun. Delia gasped and attempted to close the door but the woman blocked her and pushed the door open.

"Don't worry Mrs. Ketchum," the woman said very calmly as she pulled the trigger. 2 small little arrows shot into Delia's neck, causing her to collapse. "It's only tranquilizer."


"Ah, great day, isn't it!" exclaimed a fifteen years old Ash. He stretched hands and fell on his bottom under a shade of a large beech tree.

Four years it had been since he first left for pokemon training, and since then, it seems every aspect of this young boy changed with the exception his stubbornness and will.

He had grown messily yet handsomely. His voice was starting to break a becoming deeper. His shoulders were broadening and he formed a little bit of lean muscles from his training. His black hair had gotten a tad bit longer, now touching his shoulders slightly, giving him the rebellious look if he took off his faithful hat. Of course, he had also grown taller.

Ash never actually noticed his own change ( Well, who does?); his heart was still set on becoming the best trainer he could be.

May and Max never knew the young Ash, so they could not see much difference in him and could not assess his growth. Brock did, however, notice all the changes, both noticeable and subtle. He smiled proudly reflecting on Ash, thinking the incredible growth that had happened since he met the young, naïve but string willed trainer when he was ten.

Ash's pokemon companions changed too. Pikachu, not evolved, had grown stronger, while most of his other pokemon were new ones, new friends, becoming stronger. His relationship with his pokemon was a strong as ever, which added extra strength in his battles.

However, Ash was not able to the Top 10 at any major league, a fact that made Ash sad but even more determined.

Brock on the other hand had grown rugged, growing a bit of a beard. He was almost 17, but he still looked somewhat good. May was 13, and was just like Ash when he was 10, and Max might've been an eccentric, hyper young Brock who wanted to gobble any pokemon information.

"Oh!" May complained. "Ash, I'm dead beat."

"Me too." Agreed Brock, slumping down against the tree. Max nodded.

"I'm not," Ash said with satisfaction, "Right Pikachu?"

"Pika!" the yellow companion agreed.

"I'm surprised at your endurance, Ash," sighed Brock, but he was smiling.

"That guy was a pushover." Mumbled Ash carelessly, "Really…easy…."

"For you maybe!" May exclaimed tiredly.

Things were peaceful for a while. Nature dutifully played its music but making pokemon sing melodies, sparrows trill and butterfree make sweet sounds. The tranquility was suddenly interrupted as what seemed like a black motorcycle headed their way, followed by large red and black arcanine

Ash jumped to his feet, his three friends stood up too. The motorcycle stopped in front of them. It was sleek black machine, lined with metallic silver intricate designs. The rider was a girl; her helmet hid her face except her liquid black eyes and long black hair that protruded from underneath it. Clad in black leather, Ash and Brock saw instantly the red, the blood oozing out of what seemed like a gun wound from her back.

"Ash Ketchum!" she gasped, "Get on quickly!"

"Wha—" Ash had begun to say when out of the blue, three jeeps jumped out of the thickness of the forest, ripping out the bushes and scraping the trees. They stopped, the brakes of each car screeching horribly and kicked up a cloud of dirt and dust.

"Whoa!" May cried, "What's going on?"

The girl brought out a pokeball and threw it. "Alakazam, use reflection!"

A rather large, bony Alakazam appeared from the pokeball, and performed a reflection attack that protected the Arcanine.

"Fire blast!" she commanded the Arcanine. It produced a fierce fire blast, causing the jeeps to back up. She turned to Ash, "Get on!"

"Why?" Ash demanded, looking confused, "What's going on?"

"Please," she begged, her voice was breaking and weak, "I can't explain now…"

"But what about them?" asked Ash hurriedly, pointing to Brock, May, and Max. At this the girl produced 2 pokeballs.

"Pidgeot, ponyta!" Out came those two pokemon. "Get on." She commanded, "And ponyta, this is serious, I need you to cooperate." The ponyta nodded. May and Max climbed onto the Pidgeot and Brock onto Ponyta. Arcanine stopped its fire attack and stepped back.

"Alakazam!" cried the girl, while Ash climbed onto the motorcycle with Pikachu on his back, "Give'em your best psychic, hold'em off and teleport to base!" The girl turned foreword, revved the motorcycle and drove. The Pidgeot flew off and Ponyta followed her.

"Hold on tight." She breathed to Ash; "I have to go beyond max speed to get you out of here."

"Where are we going?" asked Ash.

"Blackthorn by helicopter, but I have to get you there first."

"But—" Ash started, but the motorcycle leaned dangerously on turn, giving Ash and Pikachu a frightening surprise. Ash looked down, and saw in horror that his arm was covered in blood.

"Almost there." She cried with a painful gasp. And then finally, they were out in a meadow, where Ash could see two helicopters, ready for take off, and police officers. They were excited when they saw the motorcycle appear.

Whoa, thought Ash, what's going on…

Then he felt the motorcycle leaned to the ground, like it did before, but this time, it kept on going and finally hit the ground. Ash, clutching Pikachu, was thrown away, tumbling and rolling on the ground. He heard the screeching of the motorcycle and a loud crash. There were voices, jumbled voice, and shouting. Aching, Ash turned on his back, and saw a familiar figure above him.

"Ash, Ash, are you alright?" came the worried voice of Professor Oak.


"He seems okay," said a second, strange voice of a man, "Professor, its Lindsay. They shot her with a beedrill poison extract bullet, it's draining her."

"What!" exclaimed Oak, "They are supposed to be—?"

"I know," the man interjected, "But we need you with her right now…"

"Right," the Professor said.

"Pika…" Pikachu trilled now, poking at Ash nervously.

"Professor!" Ash managed to gasp. Oak and the man jumped in surprise.

"Ash!" cried the professor, he turned to the man, "Take Ash, and his friends, patch him up. I'll see Lindsay."

"Right." The man mumbled, "C'mon Ash, Pikachu, where's your friends?" Jake heaved Ash to his feet. A Pidgeot landed in front of them, and off came May and Max. Then Brock came galloping in with the Ponyta. He jumped off immediately, looking about him wildly. Before Ash, Brock, Pikachu, May or Misty can utter another word, the man ushered them onto the second helicopter. Ash caught a glimpse of a white stretcher, with the girl on it and an oxygen mask on her sallow face. Professor Oak was walking along that stretcher, flipping through a clipboard.