An Heir

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Ch. 2: Emi and the mystery of That person

Ash, Brock, May and Max were hurried into a separate helicopter that launched as soon as Max's small feet left the ground. The man went up to the pilot and said something the group couldn't hear, and then came back.

"Hey, mister," inquired Brock, "We wanna know what's going on!"

"Pika!" Pikachu added furiously, climbing onto Ash's lap and glaring at the man with intense, electrical black eyes.

"Yeah!" Ash inevitably joined it. Scratched up and cut by the fall, Ash was shaking both from shock and excitement, "What were those jeeps and why were you waiting here like you knew we were going to come?"

"And who was the girl on the motorcycle!" Max added.

"And she was bleeding too!"

The man seemed irritated slightly, but kept his calm composure and simply regarded them in silent, especially Ash.

"When we get to Blackthorn City, you will know," he answered finally, "A certain person there will tell you."

"Professor Oak?" Max suggested. The man shook his head.

"No," he replied, "Someone else. But right now, getting Ash to Blackthorn is the safest for him?"

"Why!" exclaimed Ash, "Why are they after me? And why would I be safe there!"

"I can't tell you that Ash."

"Why not!"

"Because it wouldn't be complete information, and I have specific orders not to tell you until that person can tell you everything."

"Who is that person!"

"There will be no answers from me Ash Ketchum, no matter how much you ask." The man paused thoughtfully. "You'd better get some rest, Ash, all of you."

The finality in his voice ended the rampant questioning and the group looked amongst themselves with confusion and anxiety.

There were no more questions throughout the whole ride; however, the atmosphere was quite tense.

"Landing," the man said, after several hours of silence. He woke the group up, "The people there will take care of you."

Ash looked outside and saw that they were approaching and landing circle on top of a large, tan complex. There, he saw a group of people awaiting their arrival.

The helicopter touched the ground and the man pulled it open and motioned them to get off. He closed the door after them and the helicopter took off again, leaving the group surprised and confused.

A young woman from the welcoming group approached them.

She raised one hand up in greeting as she walked to them, and said very coolly, "Yo, Ash Ketchum and Company."

"Uh, hi," Ash answered shakily, "H-how'd you know my name?"

She stopped a few from him and smiled ruefully. "Why, Ash, everyone here knows your name."

Ahs blinked. So did Pikachu, who climbed up onto his shoulders.


"Yup, right down to all the Pokemon!"

She looked at Pikachu and smiled, "That's a fantastically handsome Pikachu you have there, Ash."

Pikachu blushed, and grinned at her, trilling happily. Ash broke into a grin too and petted Pikachu affectionately; he obviously had forgotten that he was supposed to be angry and demanding information.

"Yup," he said, "That's right!"

"Well come on, everyone is waiting." The woman motioned to the group of people behind them.

"Why don't they come forward?" Max asked.

"Because I told them to stay," the woman replied simply.


"Oh hey, miss." It was Brock this time. Ash, May and Max was slightly surprised he hadn't spoken sooner and declared his undying love for her yet, but even now, he seemed serious.


"What's your name?"

"Emi," she replied, "What are all yours?"

"I'm Brock, the girl is May and the boy is Max."

"That's good."

Ash suddenly remembered something.

"Hey, Emi…" he said.


"Are you that person?"

Emi regarded him strangely, looking baffled. She mouthed to herself that person in concentrated thought, knitting her eyebrows together.

When they approached the larger group the question seemed to disappear. Emi raised her hands to them in greeting like she did with Ash and said, smiling, "Yo!"

The group smiled back and greeted in return. Emi stopped them for a few seconds said after a clear of her throat:

"This is Ash, his friends Brock, May and Max. And…these are people who work here."

Her smile was lopsided and playful, and the group just smiled. They nodded or smiled to Ash, Brock and May and Max in greeting.

"Alright, let's go," said Emi, smiling. She led the young group into an elevator nearby, when Max noticed the other people were not coming with them. He questioned Emi about it.

She answered, "Because they're waiting for someone else, a second helicopter."

"Which one is that?" inquired May.

"You guys are awfully curious," she said, chuckling, "And, I don't think I want to answer them all."

"That's what that guy said!" Ash exclaimed, "On the helicopter he would answer any of our questions!"

"And you didn't answer mine either!" May added.

"And he said that, that person would answer us!" Ash continued, "Are you that person?"

"That person?" repeated Emi, faintly puzzled. She thought in silent for a few second before understanding dawned on her. She grinned widely at Ash as the elevator stopped with a soft ding.

The elevator doors slid open and the group hurried out into wide, tan walled corridor, which, to their faint surprise, was carpeted.

"That person, Ash, is not I…"she answered him, finally, and grinning broader than before. She seemed immensely amused that it annoyed Ash, who saw nothing to be amused about. Emi chuckled, muttering to herself "that person," and shaking her head.

"No, Ash, that person"— chuckle—"will not be here 'till this evening so all your questions that you have would have to wait."

Ash, half-expecting the answer, was suddenly angry. He hated being kept in the dark, however, before he can protest, Emi walked ahead and motioned them to keep up.

After several paces, Emi sighed and glanced back at the young group, who was quieter than she expected. She noted that it was perhaps they understood that they would not get much from her either. With a sad smile, she called Ash's name. He answered, sounding unexcited.

"Your mother…Ash."

"Yeah, what about her?"


"ASH! BROCK!" Ash jumped at this and looked around in bewilderment. His heart leapt as he saw a familiar redhead coming his way.


Emi frowned faintly, but it was transient, as a smile quickly replaced it. She ran a cautious hand through her hair and decided that she would hold the information for a while. Inwardly, she was relieved for the redhead's interruption and arrival, for the duty of telling Ash was now out of her hands. Not that it was assigned to her specifically anyhow, and she dreaded the questions that would come afterwards, questions only that person, (a chuckle going through her mind) can only answer.