A/N: This is just a remake of 'A Black Rose.' 'Kay?

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Sayonara, Shadow the hedgehog were her last words...

Shadow felt the pressure burn past his back as he fell to the Earth. "I made them happy... Maria."

*Two weeks later*

Everything had pretty much cooled down in Station Square. Sonic was the only one still thinking about Shadow. Tails could hardly talk to Sonic because he was always mourning. Knuckles was out protecting his Master Emerald, and Amy was out shopping. Rouge was still in the government spying. Eggman was still thinking of ways to take over the world. One day, Amy was out shopping. "I hope Sonic is okay from what happened on ARK. It has been 2 weeks after all... but Tails is still coming back from all that time... oh well..." She browsed through some clothes, then slightly bumped into someone. "Ow... Sonic?"



'I guess now is the time to ask him,' Amy said to herself. She looked up at Sonic. "Um, Sonic, everyone was kinda wondering if you could celebrate Christmas with us..."

"I can't... you know what I usually do..."

"Oh..." Amy said and looked at the ground. 'I knew he would say this...'

"I'll see you later, OK Amy?"

"OK..." she said as he walked off. 'If I ever saw you...' she said to herself.

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