Authors Note: REDONE! Thanks to Meilin for the idea, so now I can give Shadow an

even better present! And anyway, it was going to be a permanent cliffhanger, too, but I'll

just change it. . . Well, READ ON!


"Good morning Shadow!!! Guess what?" Shadow turned around to see the usual perky

Amy Rose running down the stairs. "It's Christmas!!!" she said, hugging her beloved


"I know. . ." he said in his usual quiet, mysterious voice.

"So, anyway, I got something for you!" she said, hiding something behind her back,

making Shadow curious. "Here!" she said, pulling out a locket and new shoes. "I picked

em especially for you!" she said, smiling.

Shadow slowly opened the locket, and it had a picture of Amy, at her cutest stance.

(OMG, she can't get any cuter than this!)

"So, how do you like it?" she asked, smiling.

Shadow was silent for a while, and finally mumbled "Thank you, Amy Rose." Amy put

on her biggest smile. "No problem, Shadow!"

'So, did you get anything for my Shadow?" she asked, and Shadow nodded, taking out a

sparkling diamond ring. "Shadow. . ."

"Will you marry me, Amy Rose?" he asked.

"Oh course, Shadow the hedgehog. . ."


[Authors Closing Notes: Lol. . . really stupid there, I just wanted to finish it. . . (sigh) Thanks again to Meilin, there wouldn't have been a repost without you! ^ ^ Let's see, dedications. . . hmm. . . Well, anyway, thanks to SONICTEAM+SEGA for making sonic! You guys rock! ♥.♥ Yeah, I'm in love with them. . . anyway, I gotta go fill my form that I belong to Tails for 5 years! Bye!

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