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Hirakotsu. Sango's battle cry. Miroku sighed, surpressing the slight temptation he had to run. He probably deserved it after all.

He felt the white hot sear of pain as Hirakotsu whacked him directly into his shoulder. Dazedly, he wondered by he hadn't felt the sever. It was a fleeting thought, because the insane physical pain took his mind off of everything else. It felt like there were millions of daggers being dug straight into his shoulder, chest, and arm. In fact, the strength spread to the rest of him. It was indescribable, unimagineable, overall one of the most hellish experiences he'd ever had.

Well, one thought did stay.

Sango's betrayl.

She'd never actually hurt him. The whacks to the head were well deserved and nothing he couldn't recover from. Anything else was out of her control, (spoiler warning) much like the time a youkai had all of the women of a village, and in the process, Sango. She'd sliced his cheek with her hidden daggers in her arm armour. He'd understood and smiled happily holding her. He was tempted to smile then, but then he was yanked harshly back to reality with another stab of extra pain. He screamed and screamed, but to no avail. He waited with impatience for her to finish him off and take him out of his misery.

And he deserved to be killed by her.

For betraying her.

But for the life of him, he couldn't remember..

That was when the black came.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

"You did WHAT!?" Inuyasha's cry rang straight through the forest, which was now thoroughly frightened into utter silence.

"I hit him with Hirakotsu," Sango said simply.

"You realise you could have killed him!" Shippou whined in fear. No one could believe she'd go so far as to possibly kill the guy. Especially when her caring obviously ran deep.

"What the hell is wrong with you!?" Inuyasha snapped in disbelief.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome narrowed her eyes, but she was unsure if she really ought to. What Sango did was also pretty bad..

Inuyasha ignored her anyhow. It was probably the worst time to 's' him anyway. "You try to KILL him!? That makes you even worse than him, Sango! You can't just fucking kill all your problems. First Kohaku to "release" him, then Miroku!?"

Sango snapped. "Who are you to say anything about taking things too far!? You try to kill Kouga for !talking! to Kagome-chan! besides, you were going to kill Miroku yourself for what he did!"

"But I didn't."

"Neither did I."

"You actually tried."

"You don't understand Inuyasha!"

"Don't understand what!? Being alone!?"

"No, that's not it..I didn't figure you'd get it--"

"What then, being betrayed by the person you thought you loved?" The malice and bitterness all but dripped from his barred fangs. This struck a chord with Sango. Her eyes filled with tears she would not shed. Nor did she argue back."Do you really believe I don't understand that, Sango? What do you think Kikyou--"

"That was Naraku, Inuyasha. Neither of you would have betrayed one another." Kagome folded her arms over her chest and stared intently at him. He huffed with extreme irritation, but Kagome was not intimidated.

"Naraku.." Sango whispered quietly, well aware that even though it was, he DID understand. And still would never have dreamed of killing Kikyou. Though Kikyou had 'killed' him when he "betrayed" her..


"It's all too familiar," Sango whispered again, though more urgently. "The exact same. Miroku betrays me. I try to kill him. Inuyasha betrays Kikyou, she tries to kill him. In the end, everything's left in tatters. He may be low on ideas!" She felt a light flutter of hope in her heart.

"Like he'd try it again!"

"Except Houshi-sama ran when you tried to kill him the first time, when you found her in the woods. Miroku's not a coward nor would he have ran. He didn't even -try- the wind tunnel. That would have won him the battle instantly," Kagome pointed out, obviously thinking.

"And he's devious enough to try it again! He's got no heart."

"What if it's a trap?"

"Miroku would have at least defended himself--"

"I know it's true, it's gotta be true!" Sango declared, instantly feeling the light hope replaced by a heavy guilt crushing her heart for what she'd done. "Please, Kirara, take me to him!" She hopped on her retainer's back, immediately flying off.

"And if it -is- a trap?" Inuyasha asked Kagome skeptically.

"Then we're there for her to help her fight," Kagome said with determination, hopping onto his back. With Shippou on her shoulder, they took off.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

"Death, I deserve death.." he muttered softly. "No, death is release. I deserve THIS.."

"HOUSHI-SAMA!" The beautiful, clear familiar call of Sango. Would she finish him off? Man was weak, and though knowing his torture was what he'd deserved for whatever it was he'd done, he wanted to end it. Sure enough, Kirara with Sango riding him appeared before him from the sky. Her voice was shaky, but from the sheer pain, Miroku's sight was not as good as it usually was. He could not see her clearly. He saw a white and green figure with a fuzz ball on it, attatched to a red figure. Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippou. They were all there.

"Come to finish me off?"

"Houshi-sama," she simply repeated. "I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I'll-- I'll never forgive myself!" She wailed, sending those pain stabs from his ears across him. He flinched, but her hug did even more damage.



He felt her strong yet slender arms around his frame. She was hugging him. "Sango..why?"

"Because I was wrong. It was Naraku, Miroku, not you. I'm so sorry, for doubting you. I should have known. I should have trusted my heart when it told me you never would. Miroku, please--"

So Naraku had done it..he felt relief flood through him at Sango's forgiveness. This was why he could not remember. Part of him wanted to see her suffer, but mostly he udnerstood. Naraku had no moral, and would get what he wanted any means he could. "Sango, it wasn't your fault. You were decieved."

"Houshi-sama.." She was blubbering now, the shame worse than before. And her amazement was great. He forgave her. He UNDERSTOOD...my God...

"Please, Sango, don't cry."

"I love you, Houshi-sama." She said softly, trying to keep from breaking her voice. Her arms were still around him. His world stopped momentarily. She had meant it? She loved him?

HOLY HELL, THIS WAS WONDERFUL! Screw the pain, nothing else but her love mattered!

Well, maybe the pain DID matter a little...he twitched at another flash of it.

"I love you, too, Sango." He whispered happily, wrapping his arms back around her in great difficulty. "I don't care what happens, next time it will be Naraku. And we will get him."

Kagome felt tears rise to her eyes. "Good. Finally."

"And it only took his near death to do it." Inuyasha snorted with cynicsm. Kagome sighed. Why did he have to ruin the mood.

Well, if he wanted to ruin the mood, she could ruin his.


Things were back the way they oughta.

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