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Chapter 1: Beauty and her Beast
Subchapter 1--

Myth. Webster's dictionary defines a myth as a traditional story dealing with supernatural ancestors; a person or thing having only an unverifiable or imaginary existence. There are thousands of myths in the world; example: Big Foot, the Lochness monster, pictures of Rosie O'Donald in a dress, or Robert DeNiro with a white woman.

Gotham had its share of myths and legends, the Rat boy: true. The ghost of the Gotham depository: false. The man bat: True back in the days but the recent commotion of him was false. And now there was the Green Beast: yet to be proven.

As the dark knight and the protector of the grim city it was duty to know them all. Flying over the city lit brightly with neon lights and bright billboards displaying ad after ad of many of junk he looked down in search of the latest urban myth.

The first person to have reported the Green Beast was a teenager who was skating in an empty parking lot. He reported the creature being huge, completely massive in size but containing no shape. Of course no one believed the boy until later when three more people reported seeing the thing.

They say it's about thirty feet or less, and no one can tell what it really is. Terry said in his own voice as he spoke into the two-way radio.

There was a slight pause; most likely Bruce was searching through his computer reading over the police reports. Keep a look out. From the reports it seems the only time the creature is active is after sundown.

So we have a pretty good idea that it exist but why is it we can find no traces of something that can help us identify it? Batman asked, frustrated that he himself had investigated all of the scenes and he too found nothing.

No, nothing truly out of the ordinary was found at the scene of the appearances. I can only theorize that this thing is active only at night therefore it must rest someplace during the day. But how is it able to hide in Gotham in broad day-light? There has to be something more to it.

The aircraft styled cockpit gave barely enough room for one, a thing Terry had long since adapted to in his days spent patrolling the streets of Gotham in vigilante attempts to help make the city somewhat safer, his face donned in the black mask of Batman was cast in the soft red glows emitting from the instruments on the control panel. From his right a small light began to flash off and on repeatedly until he flipped the switched listening in on the emergency police line.

.I repeat this is Jonson, car 114, The Beast has been spotted! We need back up. A frantic voice trying to remain calm reported over the background noise of screaming frightened people.

Despite the situation the ever calm tone of the dispatcher went through the formalities. Jonson, what's your position?

25th and Buster--- An inhuman screech filled the radio cutting off the last syllable of the police officer.

A dark look passed over Batman's stolid face; his gloved hand tightened around the controls before sending the Batjet into a sharp turn heading in the direction of the sighting, moving faster than any other vehicle ever built in the lowly city of Gotham.

It had taken Batman no more than four minutes to reach his distention with the additional two from the time listening in on the police call, meaning The Beast had been active within the time frame of at least six minutes. And it seemed that was all the time The Beast needed.

He wondered looking over the disaster struck scene.

Light poles had been unearthed; cars flipped over or pushed onto the sidewalk and buildings; builds damaged with broken windows and doors forced off the hinges; and the worst of all sights, the people caught up in the chaos. The present ambulance attended to those who were too injured to move on their own whilst those who could sat patiently on the road side. Black tarps covered three lifeless forms scattered randomly about the street.

Too late, he and the requested backup of the police force had arrived too late to stop the madness of this thing.

He wondered again seeing everything there was to see except for any signs of The Beast. How can something that big just vanish so quickly without a trace?

He stayed in his perch in the shadows but staying as close as he could to the happenings trying to gather as much information as he could from the on going police investigation.

Those guys, they started shooting at...at it, that's why we called the police. A shaken bystander explained in a near hysterical voice, the fear of the unknown creature possibly returning seizing mostly everyone present.

The police officer scribbled down the report nodding her head every so often to give a sense of attentiveness. So they followed it here.

A second witness standing nearby moved forward to the uniformed authority. No, they led it here.

That's when it started attacking. Added the first.

Batman commented the tidbit of information to his memory. From what he had to go by the attack had lasted longer but still ended too quickly.

His attention on the repetitive news was diverted by the arrival of a sleek brand new black BMW that had pulled up to the bright yellow police tape. A tall dominant looking man dressed in a thin trench coat stepped out of the backseat and looked about with a passive face at the damage done.

For some odd reason a feeling known as instint, told him that this man did not fit in with the rest of the concerned family members come to retrieve dazed loved ones or interested by passers. This man was there for the cause of this madness, he was there for the Beast.

Batman's sight never wavered from the man and what appeared to be his guards as he took to higher grounds, mainly the fire escaped, in hopes of getting a better look onto things. Adjusting the sight of his mask the focus on the man increased tenfold, it was to the point he felt as if he were standing aside him inhaling the strong scent of his Oldspice cologne.

As he had seen before he was indeed tall with a look of arrogant domination about him, his olive toned skin was highly cared for, and even his shield shaped face looked knowledgeable and pampered. A face he had seen many of times in the media.

Bobby English. Batman sighed not liking the developing conclusions as to why one of Gotham's finest scientific researchers was present. English was shaking his head from side to side as he spoke to his men.

A faint movement from the corner drew his attention upwards in vain hopes of catching some sort of clue that would help against his frustrations of figuring out what it was that he was facing. His vision settled on a peculiar sight, a figure nimbly sealing down the building's side and settling comfortably on the fire escape on the building adjacent to him. Upon a closer look he noted without any doubt that it was a woman looking down at the group of men with an old-fashioned spyglass pressed to her left eye.

Mentally he sighed rolling his eyes with subtle weariness, If she's involved then this is worse than I thought. He mumbled to himself before taking off with a silent launch of his rocket boots.

After landing in pure stealth he wondered what else in the world could go against him on this single wearisome night. His eyes covered over in white drifted over her lithe figure laid out on the grid pattern fire escape in decent efforts to make herself unseen. But a woman like her wasn't meant to go unnoticed whether she wanted to or not. Her choice of apparel was an influence to the fact, from what greeted him first were her strong legs dressed in an altered pair of pants the right side black and form fitting reaching a length down to meet with her black boot that gave the impression that it made the wearer somewhat clumsy. The left half of the pants had been cut away replaced with red shorts dressed over a thick black stocking detailed with little red hearts and a red boot of the same fashion of the black. A large jacket had at some point fallen from her right shoulder to drape tightly to her elbow allowing only a small peak of a black strap and skin. The rest of her body was hidden but he had no doubt that she wore some eye catching shirt underneath.

Crossing his arms over the red bat emblem cresting his chest he finally broke his silence. I don't think you'll have much luck seeing anyhting with that at this time of night, Jest.

Ah! My lifes a lie! The startled jester flipped onto her back with her gun drawn and prepared to fire at the intrusion. It was not long before he saw the realization set into her eyes soon followed by relief as her tensed body lowered the deadly toy.

A small part of him was enraged that she did not see him as the great defender as he was but merely someone she knew and had no real fear of. He wondered if it had been his own fault perhaps he wasn't tough enough for the criminals plaguing his city, but then again she was the one who jumped carelessly off buildings.

Batsy? What the hell are ya doin' here tryin' ta give me the attack of the heart? She asked placing her hand to her heaving chest; which, he noticed, was halved accordingly to the alternating black and red pattern with the shoulders and arms cut in the proper area so that her diamond styled tattoos were easily seen.

"I could ask the same of you."

Harley looked down on her spyglass before looking inoccently up towards Batman who towered over her. "I was bird watching. They say there's this type o' hawk that builds nest in the city."

"Youre after the Beast as well. It wasn't a question; it was a statement, blunt and accusing.

A small smile passed over her lips as she tugged on the red half of her hair braided into a pigtail. Oh, ya see there's a big bounty on this bad boy's head. And I wanna get to him fore everyone else. She admitted. A gal's gotta have the chemicals ta make explosives! It's my peccadillo. Harley sighed wistfully.

So why are you staking out Bobby English? He asked the dark tones of suspicion never letting up.

Harley's black cherry lips curled into a smug little smirk. I could ask ya the same thing, but then I would actually have ta care ta wanna know. Anyhow, Bobbo here is the big guy who's payin' on the bounty.

The new bit of knowledge made him drop his hard act as surprise washed over his features. So that's why he's here. He said aloud directing the statement of realization to the air.

She nodded. Same thing 'bout the unlucky three stooges. Those idiots, they shouldn't have shot at 'im, it only made 'im hostile- Aw frozen snit. Harley cried her spyglass flying to her eye. With a grunt she collapsed the telescope dropping it into her bag. Bobby boy's leavin. Great I have ta do every single thing myself!

Batman stood looking down at the retreating car's back lights the words the peculiar woman had jabbered faintly playing back in his mind until a phrase she spoke struck his interest. He called to her retreating form.

By then she had leapt over the edge and with the grace of an acrobat, taking hold of the nearest light pole she slid spiraling down onto solid grounds.

Harley boldly walked over to the nearest covered body with her hands resting against her hips close to her pop-gun just in case anyone was stupid enough to stop her, though both police and EMTs were busy else where at the crime scene.

Crouching down onto one knee she peeled back the black tarp releasing a long whistle, Ooh the neck broke on impact. Her gloved hand traced against the neck line twisted in a highly unnatural position. Nicely done, quick, but very nice.

Shaking herself out of her admirations she began raiding the pockets of the somewhat beefy man's carcass.

With a soft thud Batman landed behind her with a look crossed between confusion and repulsion on his dark face. What are you doing?

Seein' what big boy here got on his hunt. My guess is that he and his buddies got lucky and spotted the Beast by accident. And like any testosterone driven male they had to use their guns and started shootin' at it as if it was a deer, thals." She said still rummaging through pockets. "Also English always give a little cash in advance to his hunters. She answered with a delighted shriek as she removed a large wallet and a crumbled piece of paper from the pockets. Ooh tasty!

He sighed looking about, Where's your partner?

He's not 'imself t'night. She answered shortly nosing shamelessly through the wallet.

Alright Jest, what you said awhile ago, you know what this thing is? He asked trying to get some answers from her before trying to capture her and send her to prison as was his duty.

Tell me, Batsy, what do you think it is? She asked her eyes scanning over the note before drifting up towards the dark knight standing beside her.

Batman found over his many encounters with the jester that he was always at test with his patients. And who wouldn't be if each question he asked was either ignored, answered vaguely, or wasn't taken seriously enough. In fact she didn't really take anything seriously enough, as if it were all just a game she could reset if things didn't go her way.

It's a 30 foot nocturnal animal that's been turned loose on the city. He answered shortly.

Harley nodded before happily stuffing the wallet into her bag and walking away from the scene uncaring if anyone had noticed her. To correct ya, it's twenty five feet. And it wasn't turned loose on the city, it broke free.

Batman, tired of being taken lightly, followed quickly after her catching a firm grip of her swaying wrist. Within a blink of an eye he was staring at the cork filled barrel of one of the jester's favorite weapon of choice. As I see it, you know more about this thing than anyone else in this entire city. He said looking past the gun into her narrowed brown eyes.

Except for Bobby English. Harley corrected with both her smug face and gun unmoved.

Batman's persistent frown deepened, And Bobby English. The best way that I see it is that we call a temporary truce and help each other stop this thing.

The red and black haired jester craned her neck pitching her head backwards in a hearty laugh which caused the bells tied in her hair to jiggle. A truce? Batsy you make more deals with us than a 20 dollar crack-whore. Besides I don't need your help finding it. It's like those animal shows, it's all She stated flatly, her displeasure of straying from her usual course of random actions heavy in her voice.

His brows came together pressed in thought as he tried using the womans method of tracking. Logical. It rest in the dayand feeds at night before moving to a new resting place!

From behind him he heard rapid clapping, turning he saw the sincere smiling face of Harley as she applauded him happily. He felt a small swell of pride from her antics; at least someone took note of his achievements.

Harley said clasping her hands together in mid-clap, The problem is it just finished eatin'.

What? When? He asked looking about for any signs of feasting.

Harley held up a finger in motions for him to wait as moved to the second black tarp covered body and with a kick of her boot uncovered it.

Batman felt his stomach churn the second she tossed back the cover. Had he not been wearing the black mask he was sure everyone could see even from a block away that he had turned an unnatural color. On the ground was once a handsome man. His well structured model like face twisted into a look of pure agonizing pain. His mouth, stretched out as if frozen in an eternal yawn, revealed the scream that had died with him. Around his neck a gold chain heavy with small pendent of St. Andrew resting against his swelling pecks. That was all one could actually notice about the corpse because that was all there was to it. Where his lower ribs should have been was brutally torn away, a dark puddle of blood mixed with the oil and grime on the streets pooled about the gapping hole.

Harley by then was crouched down at his feet poking the body with a stick in genuine childish curiosity. Instead of bitten in half *poke-poke* it was pulled apart like taffy, *poke* not that twenty-five cents stuff that's hard to unwrap and has a joke on the inside, *poke* more like the real stuff that gets stuck *poke poke poke* in your teeth for the entire day. Harley rambled jabbing the stick so that a small gush of blood squirted from the body. It's easy ta see.

Trying to regain his composure he nodded in agreement. You can tell from the way the skin and muscles are torn and some of the intestine is still intact before ripping away. So far we know that- He stopped short and watched with apt interest as Harley began gently prodding the stick into the man's open eye.

Quickly hiding the stick behind her back she stood straight. I'm listening! She said in her defense.

Ok, we need to think of where it is going to go next now that it has eaten. He said taking the tool of her prodding and breaking it half. Do you have any ideas?

Harley stood with a pouting lip looking down at the broken stick laid next to her feet whimpering lightly like a puppy. A small tap on her shoulder drew her attention back to the subject at hand. Oh, well think of it like a puppy. He's played; he's eaten; now he needs to quench his thirst before droppin' a load and goin' to sleep again. Harley stated.

Batman flinched at her comments but carried on. It doesn't like a crowded place so where is there water in an unoccupied place? The park?

Harley shook her head to and fro making the bells in her hair jiggle their silver tones. Kissy faced teenagers are hangin' round. I know, if it werent for this Id be sickin' my baby Erik on them.

The reservoir maybe? He wondered aloud.

Naw, Too far for it to travel. It has to be someplace near, about five miles, deserted with some source of water. Um Instantly her eyes brighten as she began to bounce up and down on her toes waving her hand through the air like a little school girl trying to get the teachers attention. Oh oh, I know! I know! Oh I know!

Sighing Batman slapped his hand over his face. He asked in a muffled groan.

Puffing out her chest proudly she answered. Empy Shopping Center!

Batman asked before realization sunk in, yes it was within five miles and it had been closed down earlier that month for bankruptcy, no one was there anymore except for thefew skaters every now and then to grind', as some might say, down the stairs that lead tothe sculptured water fountain. Let's go. He said shortly.

Harley bit into her bottom lip as she trotted after him. Um by any chance can you give me a lift?

What you didn't bring your bike? He asked amazed.

Harley frowned placing her hands on her hips. Hey, I'll happily rest my neck but I ain't about to risk my baby! She growled.

Batman rolled his eyes, Bruce is so going to get on my case for this.' He thought to himself before saying two words he instantly regretted. Come on.


Ooh what does this button do? Batman flinched for the umpteenth time that ride as a gloved hand reached into his line of vision to press the closest glowing button on the control panel.

What did I tell you before I let you in? He asked in a dark voice strained with annoyance.

Harley sighed retracting her hand and laying it on her up bent leg. Don't touch anything. She grumbled. A few seconds of silence pasted between them before she spoke again. Why is it so small in here? Don't you ever have extra passengers? What if you had a side-kick where would he be? Is there any air freshener? You are sooo lucky I'm flexible.

Batman growled jerking the controls just so the Batjet jerked to the side causing the passenger to bump her head against the cockpit's side. She whimpered and whined like a puppy as she rubbed the side of her head. How does Nightshade stand you? Batman asked through a strained moan.

Moving her hand from her head Harley laughed sighing lightly in a dreamy tone. Heehee, like I said I'm flexible.


To Batman that was the longest three minute ride he had ever taken in all of his days as Batman. Finally reaching their destination his moments of torment was rewarded with the sight of a massive form bent over the area the fountain could usually been seen. There it is.

A beauty ain't he? Harley asked from behind him.

If she though a large rotten green potato with roots spreading about was beautiful than yes. It was a large deep forest spherical mass with numerous tentacles sprouting from various places all over its body. Whatever ya do don't let im spot you. Harley sang a bit too late. By then the large opening that was positioned within the water had pulled back and turned upwards towards the black jet circling above it.

The same inhuman screech that he had heard over the radio sounded ten times worse up front. He felt the sound waves of the sound jolt harshly against the jet causing the entire vessel to shake extremely with turbulence. We have to land and fight him on ground. He announced fighting to keep control of the trembling jet.

Harley, who by then was looking a sickly pale color despite the red glows, held her hand over her mouth and nodded. Sure, let's just get down before he pulls a Donkey Kong on us and knocks us to the ground!

Donkey? You mean King Ko- never mind. With expert maneuvering the Batjet was lowered atop the cemented walk ways.

The cockpit door had barely slid open when Harley sprung into the air spiraling into a graceful landing with her gun drawn. Alright baby put your tentacles in the air! She said carefully inching towards it. You've been a bad boy, makin' mommy look all over the city for ya.

Batman watched her insane actions with mild surprise as he came to a sudden stop ten feet behind her. Trying to provoke it? He asked watching as the Beast crawled at a sluggish pace from the pit towards them. For something to move so slowly it amazed him that it could have vanished so quickly before.

Knowing the rules for dealing with wild or any unknown animal he moved in the same slow pace trying to reach the jester and devise some sort of plan towards beating it at the same time. In the back of his mind a small voice laughed at his ideal notions, Yeah right, come up with a plan with the number one spontaneous improvising criminals you have yet to come by. Well you're at it why not try to teach a chicken how to fly? Or better yet get Bruce to laugh and give you the day off.'

His thoughts were cut short when he noticed the Beast had steadily reached out one of its tentacles towards the still jester, she must have been frozen in fear to draw away, he could not let his greatest and only lead get injured. Moving on impulse his hand reached for his utility belt snatching a small exploding batarang. With a small grunt he flung the batarang with ease to the outstretched tentacle, on contact to the Beast's flesh the small bat shaped device exploded detaching the limb from the body and extracting a pained screech from the monster.

Careful to keep an eye on the Beast Batman closed the distance between him and Harley. Oh you really shouldn't have done that. Harley said in a drawn out tone.

Batman looked up in time to see the Beast leap from before them to the other side of the fountain's pit. With another eerie shriek it swung its body just slightly sending eight tentacles lined with sharp spikes racing towards the two.

Whew, someone's temperamental tonight. Harley said dodging out of the way of the falling tentacle. You're gonna get such a spankin' when this is all over. Sticking out her tongue she fired her gun towards the body. On impact the gun's ammo exploded into a thick fog of gray smoke covering a large circle of the flesh with the mist.

The flesh that had been misted began to turn a horrid ash color as it became brittle and hard. This did not go unnoticed by the Beast. Screaming in agony and rage the attacks came faster with more force down upon the two costumed people. Harley laughed in her throat as she jumped onto a decending limb and with great speed and agility ran up the tentacle flipping onto the next with each move of attack the Beast made.

Batman took to the sky as another shot towards his chest. He landed perfectly atop the tentacle cutting through the round body with ease. Grunting he pitched a small array of exploding batarangs at the advancing tentacles. Each one fell to the ground as it was served leaving the stub to twitch and bleedgreen blood?

No, not blood, it was too thin.

It was then he noticed something was not right about the Beast. Focusing closer on the body while being careful as to avoid any other attacks he suddenly noticed something that many others did not, something a certain red and black haired woman already knew. The body wasn't one whole mass of flesh and blood, it was hundreds of those branching limbs wrapped tightly around something, and those tentacles weren't tentacles at all!

It wasn't some thirty foot genetically engineered animal on the loose as many had predicted it to be, Wait, this thing isnt an animal, it's a-

Harley sprung backwards from the web of grasping limbs into a graceful series of back flips landing with ease on the pathway. He could hear the dreary sigh exhale from the criminal jester's panting mouth. Yeah, a giant frickin' plant on the rampage.

The pieces began to fit together, no wonder she knew so much about its habits, she was surrounded by plants, what more she was practically dating one. Enraged he abandoned his fight with the Beast and approached Harley, who by then had been knocked back towards one of the shopping stores. Is this one of Nightshade's creations? Is that why you are after it? He demanded.

Harley groaned pulling herself onto her feet, Red didn't make this thing, he has more style than that!

If you two didn't make this than who did? He demanded grabbing her roughly by her arm. His patients with the woman was gone. He didn't like being left out on valued information even more so he detested being used. Whatever her reasons for being tied in with this he wanted to know before he lifted another finger. "Who, Harley?" He asked shaking her to stress his words with actions.

Harley flinched in pain trying to pry his fingers from her arm with no success. Ow! Ok, ok, English did! Happy now? Eng-lish made it! Thats why he wants both it and me killed, so no one can tie it back to him!

Batman went still when the new tidbit of information was roughly handed onto him. You? Why does he want you dea-? A screech loud enough to shatter glass resonated from the Beast throat before a spiked tentacle sling shot its barbs towards them.

Get down! Harley shouted just as her shoulder collided with his lower body causing the both of them to tumble to the course payment below. The creature's barbs whizzed above their heads colliding forcefully into the shop window above. Both Batman and Harley ducked within themselves as the glass shards rained down on their prone bodies cutting them mercilessly.

Looking up both noticed the Beast quickly moving away from the fight. Harley groaned untangling herself from Batman's grasping limps. No, I'm so close.

He grunted as he tried to keep her still and close to the ground, but it was in vain. She scrambled onto her own two feet watching the Beast's retreating form. Harley screamed. Red, please!

An inhuman moan vibrated throughout the Beast's form as it stopped in its escape and looked back onto the pleading woman. For the time being everything seemed to come to a halt and nothing was but the woman dressed in red and black and the monster made of vegetation gazing onto one another with a sense of strange familiarity.

Harley sighed lightly unprepared for what had happened next.

The movement almost went unseen, the only thing that held proof that it had happened was a blur of green followed by the small gasp falling from the jester's lips as the poisonous barb sunk into her skin.

Batman caught her falling figure before she could land on the ground beneath her. He spoke her name softly looking over the large thorn embedded deep and most likely painfully into her side.

But she was not acknowledging his call or showing any signs of pain, instead her brown eyes were soft and blank, looking someplace beyond him. She whispered.

End Subchapter 1