Harley Quinn figurine here. Um well DSP is sorta pissed. She's mad at the new Catwoman movie. Not because it's with Hale girl but because of the entire plot. She's been scornin' the commercials for days. Um hear for yourself opens bedroom door

"How can you have a Catwoman without Miss Kyle? How how how how how how how?! I feel so betrayed! And what the hell is she wearing?! DC comics should stop with the comic to movies; Marvel is kicking so much DC ass with their movies! Waahhh!"

"So are you going to see it?"

"Maybe. But still it just ain't right!"

"DSP? Boss lady? Dett-!"

"Hey don't call me that! Um yeah, I think I'm gonna get to work now and hopefully work off some of this anger."

Trapped: part 2

The human mind. It's such a lovely complex…thing. By severing a single nerve it could make you a vegetable, take away your motor skills, make pain a faint memory, make you think you're two again, and perhaps death.

What amazed one Nightshade was how that complex…thing had a creature, actually a man, the size of a bear swing his fist the size of tree trunks without letting up.

Pike, a simple minded fellow who when at ease had the mind of a spoiled puppy: gentle and loveable. But when provoked he behaved just like the bear he resembled with his wild blond hair and chin graced with a permanent five o'clock shadow.

"Pike will crush!" The burly man shouted bringing his fist down in hopes of crushing the green fellow's skull.

Dodging to the right Nightshade danced out of harm's way. With the rate they were going it seemed he would tire before the mammoth man did. Another that amazed him about the man's lack of mind, what bit he did have was enough to perform mind over matter, pushing himself on long after his body was tired. And if that should occur…he did not wish to think about the results.

Relying on a thought he slipped behind him and leapt onto his back. "Pike, why are you fighting me?" He asked in a groan as Pike tried to pry his hold of him free.

"Sheena said Pike kill, so Pike kill." He growled spinning around in circles like a dog chasing his own tail.

Nauseated by the twirling scenery around him Nightshade closed his eyes and went on. "But why do you listen to She-na? You're stronger than her and Dawg, why you should be the leader. You should be making the commands. Look at you now, in another minute my toxins are going to seep into your body, killing you."

The lights about them flickered on and off as a distant scream echoed hollowly throughout the store's levels. All movement paused and all eyes looked upwards onto the fluorescent blinking bulbs that flicked on and off and on as if fighting in vain to sustain its glow before dying. The low emergency back up lights kicked in almost immediately casting everything in a dim glow.

"What that?" Pike questioned looking about in worry for another flash of light.

He felt the man on his back drop his shoulders as he released a hot breath of air, "One word: Harley."

"Dawg dead." He stated impassively before returning to the task at hand of getting Nightshade from his back. With a hard tug and a swing the parasite of a man was removed and placed before him.

"Pike kill." He pulled the head of Nightshade back preparing to slam him face first into the nearest wall.

"Wait, wait, wait! Listen to what I'm telling you. Dawg's gone, no big loss, just one less person to boss you around. But you're still here and if you want to still be here tomorrow we can stop now!"

He closed his eyes as the wall was a mere five inches from his face, the air about him halted as he felt his body snapped backwards.

Opening his eyes once more he peered towards Pike, "Green man make good point."

Batman dodged behind the display of street fashion dressed mannequins as the gunfire from the Assault Rifle behind him increased.

"Come out from there!" Sheena's voice called threateningly while holding the seductive charm. "I shall take the honor of being the one to have finally killed the legendary Batman!"

There was a mad hysteria in her voice as another blast of gunfire was aimed in his general direction. She was crazy…no perhaps not crazy but surely she got off on shooting and even more so shooting someone. Batman groaned lowering himself; he knew he had gotten the bad end of the deal. Pressing against one of the many hidden compartments of his utility belt Batman removed a set of throwing stars in the infamous shape of a bat.

Diving with a tuck and roll he flicked his wrist sent the sharp edged projectiles towards her.

Sheena's entrancing eyes widened as she quickly stopped her actions of firing at the dark fleeing figure to dodge the objects flying towards her.

She gasped as one single star, rather bat, cut through the barrel of her ZZG33 rifle cutting it completely in half. Frowning displeased at the sight of her gun resting in two separate and useless pieces in her hands. "Shame, I'll have to get the bosses to buy me another one." Reaching to her side she pulled two Walthurm pistols from a nearly invisible holster.

Moving quickly she ran sideways firing in between the gaps trying to shoot at the Dark Knight dodging from display to display…until.

There where no more places to hide behind, chuckling lightly she checked the ammunition of her guns as she moved closer to him, "Do you have any idea how much money I will get for turning you in? Yes, I think after this I will be able to retire."

She was drawing closer and closer, any moment and she would be on him set for the kill. "Marco!" A voice shouted through the building.

Sheena's lovely face lifted into a smug smirk in recognition of the caller, "Ah, but first things first, no Batman?" She asked into the empty space about her. "After I have put that sad excuse for a clown and that freak of nature out of their misery I shall return to collect the bounty on your pretty head."

Peeking out from his hiding place Batman frowned upon seeing the department of kitchen supplies empty. Sheena was a danger, even on her own. Most likely the greater problem out of the entire RE-enforcements. Suppressing the small button on the legendry utility belt a low hum vibrated into the air as he wavered out of sight with much thanks to his camouflage that rendered him invisible.

For the time being he would allow those two deal with them, he had to find a way to stop the ensuing madness.

Moving, walking out in the open with her mallet swung over her shoulders Harley looked down the aisles and displays in hopes of seeing someone, anyone, to interact with. She really didn't like being alone, and save for Sheena's gunfire.

"Of all the times I leave the kiddy walkie-talkies at home." She grumbled putting her hands to her lips she shouted again in a singsong voice, "Marco! Marco, where are you, Marco?"

"Polo!" Nightshade's distant voice called out from nearly across the store.

Nightshade, aka the Polo of the game, walked four feet ahead of Pike as they too searched in the deserted department store for any living people.

"Where Green Man take us?" Pike asked, "And why you say Polo?"

"Marco!" Harley's voice cried out once again into the still air.

"It's a game, it'll help us find Harley." He was quickly losing his patients with him; after all he really didn't have much care for any of the mammal kind…with Harley as the sole exception.

"Green man know what he doing anymore? I can't see no one." Pike complained loudly.

Nightshade felt his face burn as his anger grew, "Polo! Get over here before I kill this primate!"

BANG! The sound of the gun shot echoed off the walls. Spinning on his heels Nightshade observed the gapping hole settled between the surprised eyes of Pike. A soft moan escaped his lips before his body fell backwards lifeless on the linoleum surface at his feet.

His eyes snapped upwards to the balcony where Sheena stood grinning down at him from behind the scope of her G33 sniper rifle. "Sorry, but I've been wanting to do that for years. Where's girlfriend?"

Nightshade's eyes darted about before a smug smirk spread across his green face, "You know Harl, always where you don't want her to be."

"Like behind ya!" Before Sheena could react she felt something heavy spring off her shoulders and with a wild blur of movements the body above her dropped over dragging her over the balcony edge down to the many mannequins set below in the latest styles of the season.

They landed in a jumbled mass of limbs into the display with an ungraceful crash sending detectable hard plastic limbs and faceless heads flying about.

Growling with her anger Sheena fumbled about to stand with the upper torso of a mannequin tangled about her legs due to the long cloth that made the fashionable shirt it wore. "Damn it." She seethed wrestling unsteadily about.

"Aw, can't get up?" Harley's voice full of mock concern cooed from her towering position about her. Sheena's eyes snapped up to see the dark grin gracing her adversary's somewhat bloody face (a present from the late Dawg), and the object propped with ill-intentions on the shoulder of her torn mesh shirt. "How 'bout I give ya a hand?"

Swinging the mannequin arm as though it was a baseball bat and the gunwoman's head the ball a hallowed thunk accompanied by Sheena's gasp filled the still air.

Blood sprayed from Sheena's mouth as the impact brought her inner jaw smashing carelessly into her teeth busting it open so that the red liquid poured over her face, taking away the beauty she was so noted for. Sheena's body fell back into the broken display, unconscious.

"Now that's a helping hand." Harley joked before pitching the arm behind her carelessly as she approached her lover.

Nightshade sighed with relieve, "Are you ok?" He asked observing the small cuts on her person.

"Can't complain. I see your head isn't smashed in."

He shrugged in reply before looking back at the still form of Pike, "Sad really, I was hoping to get him home to my carnivorous garden, and he had enough meat on his bones to keep them happy for the week."

A rattling from behind them alerted their attention to the woman rising onto her feet, eyes filled with murder and a gun aimed towards them.

"Harley!" Nightshade moved before her as the woman took aim and prepared to fire.

Self sacrificial, for the sake of love. A strong quality not so rare in the world but quickly put to the test when it came to the risk of one's own life. They say tests had been taken and tests had proved that when it came down to love and self preservation three times out of four self-preservation kicked in. But then again love, true love, had the power to overcome such primal instinct and more or less kick its ass to the curve for a moment of sheer stupidity.

He was prepared to take the bullet, or whatever it was that Sheena decided to use for ammunition that day.

But there was one tiny thing he had forgotten…

The gun fired, and unlike he had expected nothing moved in slow motion but in truth things did seem to move in an intoxicated dream like speed, within that span of time he knew something horrible had happened.

There was no sting from the bullet piercing his flesh and there was no sudden flash of memory recapping his life from beginning to end. Just the utter awareness of the present situation.

That one tiny thing he had forgotten was that he was in love with the successor of Harley Quinn, the cupid of crime, the woman who put her love above her own mental and physical well being.

The gun fired and the bullet whizzed towards him then past him as his feet was knocked from beneath him in time to save him. But she did not have enough time to save herself from the sting of the bullet as it piecered through her clothing and into her skin burning and burying itself inside of her.

Harley hissed slightly as she tumbled unsteadily backwards onto the cold floor. "Harl!" Nightshade scrambled over to her side looking down at the small bloody hole in her side.

"Ooow, don't touch, that hurts." Harley whined softly batting away his hands.

Sheena cocked her gun once more pointing with deadly aim at her head. "Wait until the other eight hit you, then you'll really know the meaning of pain."

Nightshade moved steadily in between the assassin and his girlfriend, blocking her from sight. "Over my dead body."

"That can be- ah!" Her gun was suddenly knocked out of her hand by some invisible force which quickly made itself known by dropping its shield. Batman stood crouched down on the gun a few feet from her behind him was her gun.

Moving briskly she reached down to her ankle taking yet another gun from a hidden holster. When her eyes looked up once more she saw that where Batman once stood nothing remained but empty space. Turning her scowl to her targets there too was nothing but a small bit of blood.

Smirking lightly she lowered her weapon, "Ah, so the hunt is on."


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