Title: The Honeymoon is Over

Author: NYT

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: The show and characters are owned by radiant productions and CBS.

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Chapter 1: Duty Calls

"Over here!"

Helen was waving her arms wildly and yelling, trying to get the attention of her daughter and new son-in-law. She couldn't wait to hear about their trip to Nice.

Terri was excited about beginning her "real life" with her husband while Stiles could easily have stayed on the boat in France. Although they agreed that they were not ready to talk about having kids, Stiles thought they should practice regularly. Terri and Stiles greeted Helen with a hug. While Terri and Helen were talking, Stiles slipped off to get the luggage. He was sure the "girls" wanted to talk alone.

"Sooo, how was it?" Helen asked while gently nudging her daughter's arm.

"Beautiful. Nice is just wonderful. I think we covered every inch of it!" Helen couldn't hide her disappointment.

"What's wrong, mom?"

"Beautiful? You saw the city?! You were supposed to be working on my grandchild. You're not getting any younger you know."

Fortunately for Terri, Stiles appeared before she had a chance to to make what Helen was sure to consider an inappropriate comment. Stile did catch his wife mid eye roll.

"Uh, is it safe for me to come back?" Stiles walked between the women and put one arm around his wife and the other around her mother.

"Please!" Terri implored. "Let's go!"

"We were just discussing why you spent so much time sightseeing in France."

Stiles was a little confused by Helen's remark, and Terri put her hand over his mouth before he could ask what she meant. It didn't matter though because Helen had something to say and she intended to say it-all of it.

"A.B. why weren't you on that boat-I remember you rented a boat-working on my grandchild? Terri isn't getting any younger-you can't wait forever."

"Mother, Stop! We are not having this conversation, especially not in the middle of the airport!"

Stiles smiled. "No, it's okay. You see Helen, your daughter was determined to see the entire country and we just didn't have much time for anything else." Stiles winked at Terri and she elbowed him in the ribs.

"Well, that's fine, but don't waste time. Theresa, you remember my friend Charlotte. Her oldest is only a couple of years older than you, and she and her husband have had a terrible time trying to have a baby. I'll be expecting a report. You do have two more days off!" With that, Helen took Teri's carry-on bag and headed to the car. Terri knew it was going to be a long ride home.

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