Planet Vegeta, King Vegeta's palace. King Kold, king of the changelings and King Vegeta, king of the saiyans were at their final meeting. The meeting which would secure each of them the other's throne. All had been arranged. The dates, the place, the ceremony. A saiyan ceremony had been agreed. King Vegeta had insisted upon a saiyan marriage and Kold, not wanting to lose the saiyan thrown, had reluctantly agreed. Now, all that was required was one last meeting to confirm the holy bonding of their only children.

"And this will secure the changeling throne?" King Vegeta confirmed.
"Of course. Your son and grandchildren will have the changeling throne. As long as my son will have the saiyan throne." Kold replied.
"As agreed." King Vegeta nodded.
"Perfect." Kold smiled. "Then it is agreed. When your only son is fifteen years old, he will marry my only son."
"It is done." King Vegeta nodded. "In ten year's time, Prince Vegeta and Prince Frieza are to wed."