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Usagi glanced up from the small round table she was sitting at that was adorned with two candles, which had burnt low, a white table cloth and two untouched plates of cold roast lamb and vegetables. A fork hung limply from her right hand, a piece of carrot that she had been toying with perched on the top. Her normally cheerful face was set in a downcast expression and her eyes were brimming with tears. "W-w-why didn't y-you call?" She questioned with a quivering voice, as she looked her husband in the eye.

"Hnn" was her answer, as he strode across the room and down the hall, presumably to change.

The tears finally spilled out of Usagi's eyes as her hand clenched the fork tightly turning an ashen white. 'Why are you being so cold Heero?' she wondered as she put a hand protectively over her belly, 'All I wanted to do was have a quite dinner with you and tell you the good news… Instead I end up waiting for over two hours for you to come home, and you don't even bother ringing to say you'll be late! I know you have an important job, but does that mean that you have to totally ignore me when ever there's a mission of some sort?'

Sighing, Usagi got up off her chair, and wiped her tears resolutely away with a napkin, before proceeding to clear up the uneaten dinner. She'd been so proud of the roast too, it was the first time she hadn't burnt it or undercooked it… Sure Makoto had been there to make sure she did everything right, but that wasn't the point! The meal had been specially prepared by her and he hadn't even had the grace to come home for it…

Glancing forlornly at the dishwasher as if it held the answer to her questions she asked, "What did I do wrong? What did I do to deserve being treated like nothing?" Before she shook her head and walked towards the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Usagi opened the bedroom door, and looked questionably in. Her eyes opened in shock as she noticed Heero sitting on the edge of the bed, starring at his hands as if they belonged to some sort of monster. His eyes had a glazed and faraway look to them and his mouth was moving, but no sound was coming out.

Usagi watched him from the door, as he sat unmoving for by her best judgment well over five minutes, as she opened the door wider to admit herself, he shook his head slightly and looked up, his troubled prussion eyes meeting her sad cerulean ones, before she crossed the open space between them and sat behind him on the bed, her slender arms engulfing him in a reassuring hug.

"Usa, what have I done?" Heero questioned her as he once more looked down at his hands. "I keep seeing that mans face the look of shock that came over it when I shot him, and I can't help but wonder if he had a family that's now grieving for him, a loving wife? A caring child?"

"Shhhh.." Usagi whispered into his ear, silently deciding it was a good thing that she had not told him her fabulous news, it might have tipped him over the edge… "You did what was needed, after all that man did try to poison Miss Relena, and he was wanted for six counts of murder, seven if you count his nearly successful shot at Relena."

"I know.." Heero sighed as he leaned into her, seeking her warmth and comfort, "But it doesn't make what I did right…" he trailed off as he felt Usagi placed a tender kiss on his cheek.

"No it doesn't, but your actions were a lot more justified than his." She soothed as she felt him relax slightly, "Come on go clean yourself up a bit and I'll reheat your dinner for you okay?" Heero nodded slightly as he got up and headed for the bathroom, leaving Usagi alone with her thoughts. 'Maybe I am being too hard on him, his job requies him to be totally emotionless, but I wish he would spend more time in the present than past. More time living, not grieving… less time at work too'


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