A Slave to You

By suicide-greeting

Summary: Yugi is getting ready for a new tournament but something comes up. or someone. A new girl shows up and Yami seems to know her, furthermore she has a connection with Marik but what kind? And what's with her power over the millennium items? Read and find out!!! Please r+r. thanks!!!

Yugi watched as a girl appeared out of the darkness in front of him. She was beautiful he realized but she was also very sad. She had a kin-of whitish-gold hair the fell past her shoulders and she appeared to be his age. Her robe was pure white with a few gold chains hanging here and there. She had a light tan that gave a hint of Egyptian blood. She held out her hands and feet showing off several gold bracelets and anklets that had the millennium sign on it. Suddenly there was a low whistle that seemed to sing a song Yugi had heard somewhere before; from the bracelets grew chains connecting the girl's legs and wrists. She looked up at him for the first time, her violet eyes now held tears. Arms started to appear behind her and wrap around her waist. Yugi tried to move forward, to help her, but his feet refused. The arms wrapped tighter and a boy came out of the dark. Marik grinned as he took full hold of the girl. The girl's tears stopped as she laid her hands on Marik's and relaxed. Looking at them together, Yugi realized that they were almost exactly alike.

"She is mine, Yugi."

And with that Malik leap into the darkness again, dragging the unaware girl with him.


Yugi sat start up in his bed drenched in sweat. He hadn't had a frightening dream like that for a long time but he never grew used to them. They always had something to do with Egypt, pharaohs, dueling or something like that. He hated them and worse was that he could forget it enough to return to sleep. He got up softly and walked to the window. He looked over the silent glow of Domino City. The whole place was sleeping except for a few clubs but that was expected. He sighed as he tried to figure all this out. Battle City was coming up and he couldn't be more excited but now he had yet another problem to solve. ~Yami~ Are you okay?

~Yugi~ Yah.just fine.

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