Happy birthday to Kenken

Warnings/notes : ? + Ken, ?/Ken, slightly silly, un-beta-ed.

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written at 20th december 2003, by Misura

Would you believe I almost forgot it was Ken-kun's birthday this month? *sighs* And just when I was supposed to be working on a Christmas-fic too ... ^^;


It started off as an ordinary morning, like dozens of mornings before. Normally, Ken would have been more than content with that. Days that were not-ordinary were mostly bad news.

Today it was different though. Today was *special*. At least, it was *supposed* to be special. Except that Ken seemed to be the only one who was aware of that. Painfully, embarrassingly aware.

It was his birthday.

"Could you pass me the salt, please, Ken-kun?"

"Sure, Omi. Here you go."

"Thank you."

It was his *birthday*! But none of his team-members had given the smallest sign of being aware of that fact. Well, Yohji was still in bed, of course ; it was just him, Omi and Aya at breakfast. And everyone knew Aya had only two days marked on his calendar. Which were Aya-chan's birthday and the day on which Reiji Takatori had ruined his life.

Heck, Aya probably wouldn't even agree to give him the day off if he'd know. That was why Ken had arranged his schedule being empty all day himself.

Ken had expected better from Omi though. Wasn't it Omi who always talked about Weiss as being one big, happy family? What kind of family-member forgot about another one's birthday?

"Good morning everybody!"

Amazing. Yohji actually was vertical at this hour. More amazing still, he looked awake! Ken felt his heart skip a beat, in spite of his utter lack of positive feelings towards the lazy playboy.

Surely, surely the only possible reason for Yohji being up was to congratulate him, Ken?

"How's my favorite bishie this morning?" Yohji walked past Ken, to fondly ruffle Omi's hair and steal the younger boy's mug of coffee.

"I was fine until someone stole my coffee." Omi pouted, trying to glare at Yohji for a moment before sighing and going to pour himself a new cup.

"You can't trust anyone anymore these days, chibi." Yohji grinned at Omi, eyeing the breakfast on Omi's plate with a glimmer of mischief in his eyes. Omi shot him a warning glance, which Yohji didn't seem to notice.

"What are you doing here this early?" Ken burst out, unable to keep from asking. Besides, he was also sick and tired of being ignored.

"My, my, *someone*'s having a morning temper here." Yohji 'tsk'ed, stealing a piece of buttered toast off Omi's plate. "If you insist to know, Kenken, my date didn't went as well as I'd hoped."

Omi snarled at Yohji, but whether it was because of his admitting to having had a date or because ot his theft of half his breakfast, Ken didn't quite know. Maybe both.

"What, the great Yohji Kudoh got dumped?" Ken felt a bit cheered up by that somehow. Even if he immediately felt guilty afterwards.

"Of course not!" Yohji huffed. "Her idea of a nice date simply wasn't the same as mine, that's all. We weren't compatible."

Ken snorted. "Riiight."

"Could you two take your arguments somewhere else?" Aya spoke up for the first time. Omi bobbed his head emphatically, glowering at Ken. Like it was *his* fault Yohji was such a jerk who bragged about his dates! Feeling bitterly betrayed, Ken stalked out of the kitchen, his breakfast untouched.

"Oh, great work, Aya!" Yohji said sarcastically. "You really do know how to handle people, don't you?"

"Hn." Aya replied. Omi kicked him under the table. "I have no idea what you're talking about." Aya didn't kick Omi back ; that'd be undignified. Instead, he gave Omi a Look, that promised revenge to be exacted one day soon, with interest.

Omi smiled back sweetly, knowing either Ken or Yohji would annoy Aya soon enough to make him forget about Omi's small crimes.

"It's his *birthday* for crying out loud! The fact that we decided on a surprise-party for him tonight doesn't mean you can treat him like dirt the rest of the day!" Yohji rolled his eyes.

"Oh, like *you* were doing so much better." Aya shot back.

"At least I didn't ignore him." Yohji snapped.

"You were both jerks." Omi announced, with the air of someone who was way above argueing.

Two pairs of eyes pinned him to his seat.

"Erhm, I guess I'd better be off to school now. Wouldn't want to be late after all, hehe." Omi made a hasty exit, snatching an apple on his way out. Of course, Yohji and Aya would never *really* hurt him. Not seriously anyway. Not Yohji at least ; he wasn't entirely sure about Aya sometimes.

Ah well, better safe than sorry.


Ken had walked through this part of the park many, many times. No one had ever bothered him here. It was a place of peace and quiet, where he could go when he needed to be alone.

Hence, by dictate of Murphy's Law, today, he'd meet the most annoying member of Schwarz, sitting on *his* favorite bench like it was the most natural thing in the world to do so.

"Bugger off or kill me now." Ken sagged down, not really caring which of the two Schuldich would pick.

"If it's all the same to you, I think I'll do ... neither." Schuldich smirked, leaning back and peeking at Ken through the red locks that inevitably seemed to escape the restriction of his bandana.

Ken moaned, burying his face in his hands. Would strangling Schuldich make him feel any better? For a moment, he toyed with the idea. It would shut the german up, at any rate, which sounded quite attractive.

"Having a bad hairday?" Schuldich inquired.

"You're a telepath ; why don't you just read my mind?" Ken demanded.

Schuldich shrugged. "It's more fun to bug you until you *tell* me the answer. Besides, Brad wants me to practice my 'social skills'." He grimaced. "Crazy americans."

"Can't you go practice them on someone else?" Ken asked without much hope.

"I was here first." Schuldich pointed out.

"Yeah, it was too much to expect anyway." Ken muttered. "Must be my bad-luck-day."

"You know, Hidaka, I'm feeling kind of sorry for you. And, since I'm in a generous mood today, I'll do something to get that idiotic goofy grin back on your face." Schuldich stared at him expectantly.

"Sounds like a bad idea." Ken grimaced, knowing his lack of enthusiasm would probably only egg Schuldich on.

"Really, Kenken, you're so ungrateful!" Schuldich shook his head sadly. "Now, go back to the other kitties. You can thank me later."

He opened his mouth to protest Schuldich could wait for a loooong time for Ken thanking him for *anything*, but found himself nodding instead, before obediently walking back to the Koneko. Once he had reached the door to the shop, he regained control over his feet.

"Arrogant bastard." Ken glared at the empty air behind him.

: Flattery won't get you anywhere. :

Taking a deep breath, Ken opened the door, his entrance announced by the soft ringing of bells.

~to be concluded in the second part~

Any opinions on whom Ken should end up with? ;)