Happy birthday to Kenken

Warnings/notes : ? + Ken, Schuldich/Ken, slightly silly, hints at other pairings.

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written at 26th december 2003, by Misura

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At 19:25 a mysterious figure could be seen slipping out of the backdoor that lead to the Koneko. Fortunately for the person in question, there wasn't anyone around to spot him though or to alert the other inhabitants of the building to his escape.

At 19:30 Aya counted his note-paper for the fourth time. There was still one note missing. Yesterday, there had been 172 pieces of paper in his drawer and now there were only 171. Which meant that *someone* in this household had deviously sneaked in his room, which he kept locked at all times, and had stolen it. Without leaving any trace.

Aya frowned, mentally going over the prime suspects, determined to get to the bottom of this mystery before he left for his date tonight. Surely Crawford would understand?

At 19:31, a soft knock at Yohji's door reminded him of his date with Omi. He critically eyed his outfit in the mirror. It looked good on him. Of course, nearly everything in his closet looked good on him. Which meant he had to find something else to wear. A mere 'good' simply wouldn't do tonight.

Discarding his shirt and carelessly tossing it to a far corner of his room, Yohji went to open the door, to let the chibi know he wasn't too mesmerized by his own image to be aware of his environment.

Omi stared at him with wide eyes, taking in the sight of a shirtless Yohji with a mouth that had dropped open to form a soft 'oh'. Yohji immediately felt a whole lot better about his clothing-problem.

"Wow." Omi managed, after a while. Yohji decided 'wow' would do just fine. And maybe ordering take-out food was just as good an idea as going out for dinner. It was definitely cheaper too.

At 19:32, Crawford received a vision that confirmed his odds of spending a romantic weekend with a certain redhead had just risen to nearly a hundred percent. For some odd reason, said redhead was currently in the process of trying to bully a shop-assistant to sell him a single piece of note-paper.

Grabbing his car-keys and ordering Nagi to free Schuldich out of the room in the basement, he left in a moderately good mood. There were days when the temptation of killing Schuldich was very strong, but Crawford considered it a personal challenge to control his urges in this regard.

At 19:34, Farfarello sneaked into Nagi's room to whine about the damage Schuldich had done to his lovely white room. He demanded the young telekinetic's aid in removing the offending posters and graffiti, which Nagi granted reluctantly, after a promise that he would be recompensed for his work by a weekend of 'hurting god', involving copious amounts of strawberries and chocolate.

Farfarello reluctantly agreed to this, after having Nagi threaten to add whipped cream to his little list.

At 19:36, Ken was sure this had been the worst day of his miserable life thus far. This in spite of the fact that he was seated at a table in one of the most romantic restaurants of Tokyo (the same one Omi had wanted to take him to, he suspected) with a person who was drawing all eyes.

"Something wrong with your food, Kenken?" Schuldich inquired innocently, obviously enjoying his own exotic dish. At least, *Ken* thought it looked exotic. Schuldich had declared it was 'plain, good german'.

"No, it's the company." The german had caught him when he'd made his escape and somehow, they had ended up here. Ken was a bit vague on the precise events.

"I'm hurt. I'm great company to keep, Kenken. Ask anyone." Schuldich grinned. "Well, anyone except Brad. He's still pissed off I almost ruined his rendez-vous with Abyssinian."

Ken choked.

"Oh, you didn't know that yet?" Schuldich asked innocently. "Ah well, I'm sure you'd have found out sooner or later."

"That weird way they were all asking me out for dinner all of a sudden ... that was *you*!" Ken glared at Schuldich, who looked mildly surprised.

"Well, *you* were the one who wished they'd pay some more positive attention to you." Schuldich shrugged. "I thought you'd enjoy it. How was I to know you'd take it this bad and wind up running away again?"

"Maybe Crawford told you?" Ken asked sarcastically.

Schuldich clucked with his tongue. "Well, it turned out all right in the end, didn't it? Though it *is* a pity you're going to have to eat that birthday-cake tomorrow morning now."

"What birthday-cake?" Ken frowned.

"The one they bought for your surprise-party of course!" Schuldich replied. "Didn't they tell you about that?"

"Schuldich, I'm going to kill you." Ken growled. They hadn't forgotten his birthday at all? They had only wanted to throw him a surprise-party?

"In reverse order, yes, yes and is that any way to thank me for this wonderful dinner?" Schuldich sighed. "I had hoped for a bit more gratefulness from you." He sounded wistful. "Perhaps even a good-night kiss or something."

"You're insane." Ken declared.

"Maybe I am." Schuldich sighed. "Never mind, forget I mentioned it. I'll see you around, Siberian. Try not to get yourself killed, will you?" He rose, heading for the exit without another look at Ken.

Who, inexplicably, felt a pang of guilt and got up from his seat as well, with some vague thought of stopping the telepath to tell him ... what?

"You're right you know ; I probably *did* ruin your day." Schuldich remarked, staring out over the empty street in front of them.

"Maybe you should try make amends then." Ken whispered, his mouth gone dry.

Schuldich glanced at him sideways. "And how do you propose I do that?"

"I don't know. Doing something nice for me. 'Perhaps even a good-night kiss or something'?" Ken grinned, feeling oddly pleased with himself for finally seeming to have managed to surprise the german into silence.

"You know kitten, I think I'm not half as insane as you are."

Since there really wasn't any proper reply to that, Ken merely shrugged. And allowed Schuldich to drag him along to some unknown destination.