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            Here's the first chapter of the fic, so let's see if I can navigate myself in the right direction here... 


Polka Dots and Ribbons - 'Strike One.'        

Sand was everywhere.  It wasn't even happy with staying on the ground, but naturally it seemed to want to wriggle its way into Sora's shoes, eventually forcing the boy to pause his long walk along the shore.

             Pulling one foot off the ground, the boy gritted his teeth and jerked the shoe off, losing his own balance in the process and tipping right over into the sand.

The near violent coughing which ensued eventually subsided, leaving Sora with only the foul aftertaste a mouthful of sand tends to leave.  Closing his eyes, Sora no longer cared that he could feel the heat of the sun and sand combined burning into his already tan skin.  It didn't really feel that bad... it was almost something close to soothing, but still far from it.  Nor did he care that the fine sand was now happily situated amongst his messy brown spikes of hair.  No, Sora didn't even seem to notice it even when someone started walking towards him across the sand.  Or even when that someone was hovering only four inches from his face. 

Finally, there you are Sora!  Riku had been looking all over for the boy, though now that he'd found him lazing around on the beach, Riku supposed he should have checked here first anyway.  It wasn't uncommon for Sora to spend his afternoons sleeping on the beach, seeing as his mother would usually nag him about being lazy all the time if he was constantly sleeping around the house.  But it wasn't like Riku came out here just to see Sora snore away in the sand.  ...Although the sight wasn't exactly a bad thing.

Lulled into a half-sleep state, the only thing that brought Sora back was the soft chuckle from the person above him. 

Eyes shooting open, Sora shot up from his relaxed position in the sand, only to send his forehead cracking painfully into none other then ...

"Riku!" Sora whined plaintively as his clutched his throbbing (and surely bruised) forehead with both hands, tugging his knees up to his chin protectively.

"Ow!  Jeeze, Sora!  What've you got in there, bricks?"  Even Riku seemed slightly pained by their abrupt collision, though the older boy hardly ever showed any weakness of any kind.  Especially not physical pain.  Riku prided himself in his physical condition and would probably dub himself the next Achilles, were it not for the occasional reminders given to him.  Such as Sora's own clumsiness, Sora's glomp attacks, and Sora's blitzball skills, if one could really call them that even.  No, Riku was far, far, from invincible.

Sliding his hand past his forehead, Riku gently guided his fingers through his silver hair, green eyes studying Sora pointedly.  "So what's got you so bent out of shape you'd miss lunch?  I swung by your house earlier today trying to catch you, but your mom said you never showed up."  Missing lunch was definitely not Sora-like at all.  Not to mention the fact that if Sora was grumpy due to lack of food, it might not be wise of Riku to actually mention why it was that Riku had been trying to get a hold of Sora all day.  Though finally having a moment with Sora, and Sora alone at that, Riku didn't want to really bring up such a thing at a bad time.

Before Sora could respond or even get up out of the sand, Riku plopped down next to his friend, wrapping a well-toned arm around the smaller boy and tugging him closer, ruffling his hair with his other hand.  "You can tell Ri-ku!  Is Sora having some problems with the birds and the bees?  Does he need my wise advice?  Is that it, Sora?"  Okay, so from anyone else's point of view, teasing the life out of the poor boy wouldn't seem like a sure fire way of cheer him up, but Riku knew that joking around with Sora always pulled him out of these moody phases.  Eventually.

"Aw, cut it out, Riku!" Sora growled, though like everything else about the boy, it wasn't threatening.  Riku smirked.  Yep, Sora was about as menacing as a stuffed bear.

Bottom lip sticking out ever so slightly into his best pout, Sora rested his elbows on his knees. Well, Riku couldn't remember the last time stuffed bears could master a pout quite like that one, but if they could--

"Life blows."

Riku raised a silver eyebrow and grinned.  "Does it now?  Well that's pretty interesting... I thought last time you said it sucked.  Life has many, many skills, ne?"

Sora was silent in response and Riku's eyes softened.  "Really, Sora, what's wrong?"  Riku leaned forward to get a better look at the boy's face, his arm still wrapped around Sora's shoulders.  Brilliant blue eyes blinked owlishly back at him from under brown bangs and... And instantly Riku knew.


Sora ducked and rolled off to the side just as a barrage of water balloons flew out of the nearby underbrush.  Yelping as the balloons burst, water spraying everywhere, Riku clambered to his feet and wheeled around to face his attackers.  Honestly, he was almost seventeen now!  Riku was more then sure that he was just a little beyond these crazy games between them all.

The familiar faces of Tidus and Selphie peered at his from over the bushes, both of them sporting the evil grin which just flat out says, "I won, you lost.  You think you'd know by now."  But Riku never learned.  At least, not when it came to their tactics of surprise water balloon launches.  Which were still dragging on, even after ten years of the same old games and pranks.

Sora, meanwhile, had pulled himself up from the sand several feet out of the balloons' target zone and was finding it hard to talk around his own laughter as he stumbled towards Riku.

"Aww, Riku... You .... shoulda seen.... your face!"  Sora finally reached his friend, but could no longer help from bursting into another fit of laughter upon seeing Riku, soaking wet and seemingly very, very aggravated.  But of course, Sora knew Riku wouldn't stay mad that long at all.  He never did.

And Riku didn't.  With a sigh of defeat, he looked down to study his sopping wet torso and groaned.  "I can't believe it..."

"No kidding!  I can't believe you fell for it again!  Every time!"  Selphie giggled and promptly began amusing herself by tossing a water balloon back and forth between her hands.  It was standard Selphie nature for her to switch gears so suddenly.  After all, she did have the attention span of a flea.

Tidus and Selphie, seeing their mission of the day as complete, turned to take their leave, but not after Selphie had accidentally dropped the water balloon, causing them to both get sopping wet.  Neither seemed to mind though.  The island could really get to cooking its poor residents when it wanted to, and this summer, though it had really only just begun, was already showing signs of being a brutally hot one.

Turning away from them, Rikku placed his hands on his hips and addressed the still snickering spiky haired boy in front of him.  "You moron, I can't believe you'd still do that to me..."  His attention momentarily turned from the boy to the slowly setting sun behind him, a small smile spreading across his lips.  Chocolate brown hair set aflame from the fading sunlight, Sora's small body cast a surprisingly long narrow shadow across the white sand.  Even--

Well, some moments end too soon.

Furrowing his brows together, Sora cocked his head to the side and peered up at his friend.  "You're not mad... are you, Riku?"  Before he even gave the poor boy a chance to respond, Sora launched himself at his friend, catching him in a nearly suffocating bear hug, mumbling something that vaguely sounded like, "I'msorryRikuIhopeyou'renotmaditwasn'tthatbigadeeeal!  Can you eeever forgiiiiive me?" against Riku's shirt.

The older boy nearly tipped over backwards in surprise and was thankful that no one was around to see the pink tinge on his face which seemingly crept up out of nowhere.  Stupid Sora!  Why do you always have to do this?  Prying the younger boy off of him, trying not to seem reluctant about the process, Riku grinned down at him.  "Nah, it was a nice way to cool off anyway.  But don't you think we're, ah, getting a little old for it?"

Sora chewed his bottom lip a moment, deep in thought, before opening his mouth, beaming up at Riku.  "No way.  It's just like cake.  You can't outgrow cake, you can't outgrow water balloon fights.  Pajamas with feet, yeah, okay, those you can outgrow, but not cake.  ...Err, I mean, water balloons."

Riku chuckled and gently tousled Sora's hair, making it more messy then it already was and flinging sand everywhere.  "And Sora's one track mind kicks in again.  Come on, let's go get some food.  Heh, think your mom'll still have enough for me?"

Sora rolled his eyes and began the walk back to town, tagging along beside his friend.  "Riku.  She always makes enough to feed the entire town because she's always hoping you'll come over for dinner."  Riku grinned at this and looked down at Sora.

"No problems then?"



If I say something now... there's still time.  But the whole water balloon thing sorta ruined the moment.  If there ever was a moment.  The two were silent for a few moments before Sora finally looked back up at Riku.  "Oh, about what you said earlier... you know, about giving me advice?"

Riku's eyes lit up and he prodded Sora's ribs playfully.  "Haha!  I knew it.  Okay Sooora, what's the problem?  I'm dying to help as always."

Sora scowled at shoved Riku back.  "Hey!  Cut it out!  And you are not always helping!  You never do!"

"Not my fault you've got a pudgy figure."

"I am not pudgy!"

"You're right, you're pleasantly plump.  God, Sora, you've got such a strong self image.  I wish some of your confidence could someday rub off on shy, self conscious little-- Ack!"

Sora easily tipped Rikku over into the sand and was completely merciless in his brutal tickling of his friend.  "Take it back, Riku!  I'm not pudgy!"  Completely unaware of their current position, Sora didn't even realize he was practically straddling his best friend during his onslaught of deadly tickling.

Gasping for breath between fits of laughter, Riku was able to manage to yelp, "Okay, okay!" causing Sora to pause his attack and listen.

Taking a deep breath, Riku opened his mouth to apologize.  Oh.  And suddenly Riku felt more inclined to just not say anything and stay like he was forever.  Though perhaps if he were in Sora's place and Sora...

"...Riku?  Hey, earth to Riku!  Now's the part where you say 'I'm so sorry Sora, you have major muscles and no pudge whatsoever!  Forgive me, kind Sora, please forgive me!'"

"You're right Sora.  I was just joking.  You're not pudgy.  You've got an awesome body."  No, you probably won't even get that blatant of a hint, will you, Sora? Riku wasn't too worried about it much.  It wasn't as if he hadn't hinted this at Sora multiple times before.  Sora just didn't get it.

Sora raised an eyebrow at his friend's sincerity.  "Eh?"

No, Sora never got it.

"Hey!  I'm not kidding! I lo...  You're cute Sora."  Riku grinned and shoved his friend off of him, standing up and dusting the sand off his back with both hands.  Still looking down at his younger friend, Riku smirked.  "You don't have to worry about it."

Sora made a face, though it wasn't because he again found himself in the sand.  "I'm cute?"


"Why am I always cute?"

"You just are."

Sora laughed and pulled himself up from the sand.  "Aww, does widdle Wiku think Sowa's cuuuute?"


"How about sexy?  Why can't I be sexy too?"

"Mm, you're more along the lines of cute.  But you're totally sexy too now I that I think about it."

Sora shoved Riku as he neared the older boy, rolling his eyes.  "Haha, Riku, funny.  Reeeal funny."

I can't believe he doesn't get it.  Riku forced a halfhearted grin onto his face.  "Hey, I'll race you to your house.  Or what, afraid your pudge can't take the heat?"


            "Ready, set, go!"

            Both boys shot off across the beach, sand spraying up behind them in their path.  Riku, being the more athletic of the two boys, naturally found no trouble in vaulting the over the side of a small dock, spinning on his heel and running along its worn wooden planks towards shore.

            "Giving up already, Sora?  I thought you were better then that!" 

            Sora gritted his teeth as he swung himself up onto the dock and darted after his friend.  Already, Riku had hopped off the edge of the dock and was headed towards the main road of the island town, throwing Sora a triumphant grin over his shoulder.  Each of them knew what the outcome of the race would be.  It was, of course, the same outcome it always was.  But that didn't stop Sora from making a last ditch effort, still the same as always.  And just like always, it didn't keep Riku from winning.

            Slowing to a jog as he reached his front door, Sora sure enough found Riku leaning casually against the doorframe, seemingly admiring his nails.  Looking up as Sora approached, Riku grinned and opened his mouth to no doubt proclaim his already obvious victory.

            "Ah, shut it, Riku.  Yeah, yeah, I know already, you won.  Can we eat now?"

            And so ends chapter one!  In case you didn't understand why Riku had been hunting down Sora earlier, he had a very important question to ask him.  *cough cough*  Yeees.  The second chapter should be up soon, in which we'll witness strikes two and three, but don't think the game is over after all that!  Nope, I'm going for a happy ending.

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