Title: Last Place

Author: Snacky

Email: SnkNJak@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: I don't own, or even pretend to own Stargate or any of the characters, they belong to Gekko, MGM. So on and so forth. This Fic was made for entertainment purposes only; I get no money for any part of this. Rating: PG Spoilers: None

Summery: Don't take things too seriously.

Archive: FF.net, SamandJack Gateworld.

Authors Notes: This is just a short pointless story, Drabble? For you all. Just something I whipped up very quickly mainly for those of you that are still waiting for my bachelor auction story.

After reading over this, This probably could be made into a joke, a crap one, but one none the less. Maybe one of those Christmas cracker jokes *nothing against them Xmas wouldn't be Xmas without them! *

Last Place

What is he doing?

I wish I had a camera, maybe I have time to run to my office and grab it? Oh, no I forgot carter has it, Teal'c accidentally broke it again. Oh well I'll just have to remember this then.

Wait here he goes again. Looking through his draw, sitting down and staring at it. I can't believe it, for someone supposedly that smart to keep doing this is ridicules. Maybe he has gone mad? Well more insane than he was in the first place. Ah here we go, 'get up, open the desk draw, move stuff around, shut the draw and sit and stare at it'. Yep insane! And I can't believe no one but me is here to witness it, I mean come on who's going to believe me?



"What are you doing?"

"Looking for my book"

"Ummm...Well I'm only guessing but I don't think it's in that draw!"

"Yes but Sam told me its always in the last place you look"

Hope you all enjoyed that bit of lunacy. 'I do love to share'

Have a great Christmas everyone!!

Toodel Pipsky!