TITLE: Back In Black – (1/?)

AUTHOR: Wicked Raygun

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SUMMARY: Xander returns to Sunnydale as an evil vampire… And that's the easy to understand part.


SPOILERS: General spoilers for seasons 1 through 7 for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and for seasons 1 through 4 of Angel. Everything else is of my own invention.

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AUTHOR'S NOTES: This takes place roughly three years after the end of season seven, but in my version Sunnydale didn't go all cratery. The Sunnydale Hellmouth is gone though.

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Now, onto the show.


Episode 2-20 Part 1 – The Prodigal Sons


Another night. Another pointless patrol.

Routine was as dangerous an enemy as any demon for the Slayer. It dulled the senses, slowed the reflexes and filled one's head with dangerously distracting thoughts about the future.

Perhaps that wouldn't be such a bad thing for any other human being on the planet, but for Buffy Summers-Liam, the Slayer and wife of the now human and ex-champion Angel, time to reflect on her life only made her want to run screaming for the hills.

It wasn't that she didn't love Angel, she did. She loved him with all her heart and soul. Being married to him wasn't quite the passionate fantasy she had dreamed about as a teenager, but in many ways it was greater than anything she could have possibly hoped for because it was real.

They took walks in the park during the weekends, went to work everyday, had fights, made up, paid bills, ate dinner… For the first time in their lives they lived in the world and were a part of it at the same time. And considering that for the longest time their lives had been ruled by destiny, it was an amazing accomplishment for the both of them

Yes, the two of them were amazing at the moments… it was the future they never could completely reconcile.

Angel had been a champion, and technically Buffy still was. Their lives had always carried with it a frightening amount of uncertainty about the future. But now there seemed to be nothing but possibilities, and that terrified her.

Children were suddenly no longer a distant possibility but a near-inevitability. They had long conversations about raising children. Angel had talked about his son Conner, a son who would never remember Angel as his father and was apparently better off for it, and Buffy spoke about raising Dawn, and how in many ways the Key made from her own flesh and blood was more her daughter than baby sister; which was something she had only ever admitted to Angel. They spoke about the dangers of raising a child in Sunnydale that even now without the Hellmouth still attracted more than its share of demons and vampires. Even the subject of colleges was brought up.

They both agreed that, despite all their fears, they wanted to have a family together. But they didn't want to rush it either. Both had agreed that it would happen, when it would happen.

Buffy sighed, hesitated for the briefest of moments then turned away to go home to sleep next to her husband and forget the stresses of her life for a night.

"You're not leaving so soon are you?"

Buffy turned wildly, recognizing the voice, a trace of a smile on her face.

"I mean, I just got into town again, and the least you could do is give me a hug or something."

Then she saw him.

"Xander!" she squeaked happily.

He wore a black leather jacket, with a half-unbuttoned, navy blue shirt underneath, a sleeveless, white undershirt peeking out from over the buttons, and a pair of dark blue jeans. Standing there looking so relaxed and with a grin on his face, he suddenly struck her as looking quite handsome. Her smile beaming, she ran to him with open arms to hug her old friend who she had not seen in nearly two years.

They embraced, and a cold, painfully familiar feeling came over her: one that rose from her spine to collect uncomfortably in her womb, making her nauseous and immediately alert. A feeling that warned her of danger…

She pushed Xander away and looked at him, truly looked at him. His grin was neither warm nor inviting, but rather predatory. He looked pale, as if the sun hadn't touched his skin in years. But his eyes… Dear God, she thought. His eyes!

Xander wore an eye patch the last time she had seen him to cover the hideous opening were once a warm, caring brown orb had been, but now… Both eyes beamed back at her cold, lifeless, merciless and foretelling death and destruction.

Xander's grin widened. Once a beautiful sight to Buffy, now his smile seemed a hideous mockery of her former friend.

Overwhelmed with despair, Buffy slowly backed away from the demon wearing Xander's face, all the while shaking her head in denial, some small part of her hoping she could dismiss this horror through pure will.

"What? You're not glad to see me?" Buffy continued backing away. "And after all I went through to change for you. Now, I'm just hurt. And I have changed, you know. I'm practically a new man. I'm certainly 'seeing' things in a whole new light."

Xander stepped closer to her. His movements were cold, calm and quietly menacing. How many? she wondered. How many victims had already felt the terror of this monster?

"Come on, guess how I'm different."

"Xander…" Buffy began, but couldn't find the words to continue.

"I asked you to guess," he said with a barely veiled threat in his voice if she didn't comply.

Buffy stopped retreating, steeling her resolve for what had to be done, preparing herself for the dreaded words that were going to make all this horror real.

"You're a vampire."

"Ding! We have a winner. Give the lady a prize." The demon wearing Xander's face broke out into a full smile and it was like a slap in Buffy's face, making her want to yell at it to stop defiling her friend's memory.

"Never could get one past you, Buff." Xander paused, looking thoughtful for a moment. "Well, okay, maybe there was one secret I kept from you," he said with that same damn, mocking, evil grin.

"Not that any of that matters anymore. It might be fun to see the look on Angel's face though," he said almost wistfully.

Buffy all but snarled at the mention of her husband's name. "You're not going anywhere near him," she threatened with her hands shaking, her nostrils faring, and her eyes glaring dangerously at Xander.

"Oooh," he mocked. "You always did get defensive when it came to your family. How are Willow and Dawn by the way? I haven't seen them in ages."

Buffy dashed forward and let loose a front snap kick, followed by a series of jabs that ended with a palm thrust and a spinning kick; all of which, Xander dodged with his superhuman speed.

Xander leaped away from the raging Slayer, laughing.

"Come on, you can do better than that… Slayer."

There was a way that demons said the word 'Slayer' that sounded like a fowl, hateful curse, and to hear Xander's voice say her title that way froze her for a moment, but only for a moment, before she removed her stake from the inside of her jacket. Her eyes narrowed and then she approached Xander more cautiously than before, looking for a weakness or a gap in his defenses that she could exploit.

While Buffy was being cautious, Xander was stalking her like a predator. His movements were slow and effortless, practically feline. His body seemed to glide as he moved toward her. And all the while that hated grin never left his face.

"Do you want to see it?" he taunted. "My true face?"

Buffy flinched and Xander smirked at her involuntary reaction.

"Do you want to see what it is you've done to me? And it was you, by the way. I forgot to thank you, so… Thank you. Thank you for giving me a reason to want this to happen to me. For letting me die," he finished slowly.

A part of Buffy's heart died right there, unable to deny that painful accusation. Somehow she knew that she had failed Xander, that in someway she was responsible for this… monster.

Buffy shook herself from her thoughts, determined to destroy this monster because she knew it was what Xander would have wanted.

Instead of answering him, Buffy stalked forward, her stake at the ready and her slayer instincts on full alert.

"So we're going to skip the drama, huh? That's kind of disappointing; I was expecting a little bit more… Oh, what the hell…" Xander's face morphed, revealing its true vampiric nature. "Sounds like fun."

Xander roared and leapt at Buffy, but never made it to her…

Buffy watched as someone threw himself upon Xander, tackling him to the ground. She approached the two figures wrestling on the ground, looking for an opening to end this fight. The two men made it up to their feet and Xander backed away, using his speed to his advantage, ducking, dodging and countering every move the other made easily.

Finally, they broke apart, the other man breathing heavily while Xander only smirked back at his attacker.

"It's about time, Bro. I've been waiting forever."

The two circled around the other, mirror images in their movements. And then finally Buffy saw who it was that attacked Xander and blinked in surprise. She told herself that it was impossible, that it couldn't possibly be true, but there was no denying it.

The other man was Xander.


Yes, that's right. Two Xanders.

By the way, this takes place in a fictional season 2 Xander spin-off. Don't worry about needing to read any previous parts because there are none. I'll try to not confuse you guys too much, but if I fail at that give me the heads up and I'll edit it around.

Also, I'm aware of the fact that this story isn't exactly BX. If that's a problem, I'll post somewhere else.

Ray Rivera, AKA Wicked Raygun