TITLE: Back In Black – (4/?)

AUTHOR: Wicked Raygun

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SUMMARY: Xander returns to Sunnydale as an evil vampire... And that's the easy to
understand part.

RATING: R – Warning: Sexual situation ahead

SPOILERS: General spoilers for seasons 1 through 7 for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and for seasons 1 through 4 of Angel. Everything else is of my own invention.

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AUTHOR'S NOTES: This takes place roughly three years after the end of season seven, but in my version Sunnydale didn't go all cratery. The Sunnydale Hellmouth is gone though.

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Now, onto the show.

Episode 2-20 Part 4 – The Prodigal Sons

Xander wasn't even remotely hurt from the fight, but the fact remained that he still had to press upon this young woman—Miranda—that he was gravely injured. So he had to fake that every step was an utter struggle, and despite his injuries that he would not go to the hospital under any circumstances.

It made for annoyingly slow going, but Xander couldn't help but be very excited by the possibilities of this particular game. He made a mental note to try it again sometime in the future if everything turned out well.

Playing the wounded hero was just full of too many hilarious ironies not to be



"You don't know what he's capable of," Xander desperately tried to convey to them. "The evil... It's all just a game to him. He doesn't just kill to eat; he likes to play with his food. He's ruthless, relentless and ME for crying out loud! He didn't just come to Sunnydale on a whim. He's here to hurt every single one of because I care about you!"

None of the Scoobies, save for Willow and Dawn looked even vaguely worried. As far as they were concerned, he may have Xander's face, but he was still just another vampire.

Xander was aware of that. He was also aware of how dead wrong they were.

Damn them, he thought bitterly.

Buffy explained to them all how his darker half had told her that they were linked. Kill one, kill the other. Buffy, Dawn and Willow all cared for Xander too much to risk such a thing, so the decision was made to contain the demon somehow and then research vigorously to find a solution that wouldn't kill Xander.

Xander cursed loudly at them, condemning them for what he knew was their stupidity. This only prompted Angel to place a piece of tape on his face to shut him up, and then later moved him to the training room in the back when his glowering at them had become too distracting.

Nothing is ever easy for me, he thought glumly.


Oh, this was just too easy! Xander thought, doing all that he could not to break out in laughter.

They were standing outside of Miranda's dorm room and she was offering to tend to his wounds for him in lieu of a hospital. He had been feeding her lies about him being some superhero sworn to protect the world from demons and vampires.

Hook, line and sinker, he thought.

Miranda stepped over the threshold into her dorm.

"The polite thing to do is invite me in," Xander told her.

"Oh, sure. Please, come in."

Xander stepped into the dorm room looking at her disapprovingly, but inwardly he was celebrating.

"Tsk, tsk," he admonished her. "You shouldn't verbally invite people into your home. If I had been a vampire you would have just removed your last defense."

Miranda gasped. "Oh, yeah, I heard about that. Vampires can't come in your home unless you invite them in, right?"

Xander nodded.

Miranda's expression turned lascivious. "And how do I know you're not a vampire now?"

"Well," Xander replied humorously, "my lack of sucking on your blood is kind of a good sign."

Miranda blushed and laughed nervously.


After a while, Kennedy came back in with some water.

"Now, if I un-gag you, you're going to behave, right? No yelling?"

Xander rolled his eyes, but nodded. He'd been tied up enough over the years to know when to play nice. She took the duct tape off of Xander's face carefully, trying not to hurt him.


Miranda panted and moaned with each passing moment of pleasure. One particularly long thrust, and a long, guttural moan was broken by a hitching gasp, her finger nails digging into Xander's back. The clacking of the picture frames, the pounding of her body against the wall as she counterthrusted and the wet slap where their bodies joined, made her wonder cattily if the girls in the next dorm were enjoying the show.

Another long thrust, and Miranda shrieked in a sweet mixture of pleasure and pain.

Dear God, she wondered, how long had they been doing this?

"Look at me," he demanded. She complied.

Another series of long thrusts, each faster than the one before. Oh, God.

She was close, so very close to another release. Her eyes drooped.

"I said, 'Look at me!'" he growled. And she did.

And then... she felt her insides begin to explode in heavenly release.

Miranda stayed with him, looked at him. She saw the wicked expression on his face and smiled wickedly herself as her body clenched and clenched around him.

Then his face changed and his mouth clamped around her throat.


Oh, God, no!

Xander sputtered and he nearly choked on the water Kennedy had been serving him.

"Hey! What the hell's the matter with you?!?"

"Oh, God!" he moaned pitifully, sounding as if moments from tears. "He just killed someone," he whimpered in broken syllables. Xander took one long, shuddering breath gathering his anger. "Untie me," he demanded in a menacingly quiet voice. "Now!" he growled when she didn't respond immediately.

"What makes you think he killed someone?"

"Well, unfortunately for me, my better half likes to share. I can feel him, especially, when he does something particularly nasty."

"My god," she whispered in horror.

"Next time, it's not going to be some random Sunnydaler. Next time, it's going to be someone I care about. Someone you care about too. It's only a matter of time before he goes after Willow," he seethed. "And believe me, he won't just kill her...No, no, no. She means way too much to me for that. He'll absolutely destroy everything you and I have ever loved about her first."

Kennedy looked disturbed by Xander's pleading for a moment, but then her face hardened. "I'd like to see him try. Willow's too strong for that. She'd annihilate you...him."

"Would she?" Xander taunted. "Wanna bet her soul on that?"

Kennedy slugged him in the stomach, not too hard, but hard enough to make his chair skid backwards a couple feet. Xander cough painfully, but brought his head back up to glare menacingly at her.

"You could help me. Together, we can take him. And no one else has to die."

"Why would I do that? You said it yourself, you're linked. What if killing him kills you too?"

"Then I'm already dead. I just haven't made it official yet."

The look of determination—no, obsession—in his eyes disturbed Kennedy and she shook her head. To hell with this, she thought and began to walk out of the training room.

"They're wrong, Kennedy, and it's going to get them all killed. If you ever loved Willow..." he pleaded, leaving the rest of the sentence unfinished.

Kennedy paused at his words for a few moments before growling and reaching for the knife in her boot. As she cut him loose, she warned him.

"If you die, I'll kill you."

Xander smiled.


Xander admired the ring on Miranda's finger for a moment before allowing her hand to fall to the floor with a smack. He grinned, appreciating the way he had laid her body on the bed: naked, her chest down, the sheets just stopping at the beginning of her back and her face carefully laid to the side.

She was beautiful, he thought, but weren't they all?

He gently caressed the small of her back.

"I wish I could stay, but I just can't. Believe me, it's not you, it's me—a very annoying do-gooder me. But don't think I don't care, and that I don't know that what we just shared was special because I do. I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't call me. I'll call you." Xander grinned wickedly at his own joke.

"Oh, and by the way," he said before bowing down to whisper into her ear, "Was it as good for you?" Xander's face broke out into a sadistic smile before he began laughing wickedly.

He slapped her rear and walked out of Miranda's dorm room, still laughing.


Xander tried to focus on his vampire twin, trying to read on where he was. It had worked a couple of times in the past and had lead to a few last second rescues. And the connection seemed to be growing stronger...He prayed that it would work this time as well. He needed it to work this time. To stake him, to end it once and for all.

Xander sighed, and gripped the axe in his hand.

He was feeling somewhat naked without his personal weapons, but those were back at the Magic Box and going back there was most definitely not an option. He had a better stash in his car, but they weren't going to be going anywhere near that and even if they were, time was an issue.

So for now he would have to make do with the stake and axe Kennedy had provided him with. He'd certainly fought more with less in the past. Besides he still had the modified bulletproof vest Rose had crafted...


Damn, he hadn't even checked to see if Rose or the Padre had survived the church's collapsing before he got in his car and went after his vampire twin. What was wrong with him?

Xander shook his head. It was all moot anyway. His other half was close. Soon it would all be over. All of his sins would be paid for.

In blood and ash.


Kennedy pulled over the car where Xander told her to. She grabbed her short sword just as Xander bolted from the car.

"Try to keep up, Slayer!" he called back.

"Oh, very funny," she grumbled, but soon she was right on his heels. After a few moments of running they cut into an alley and spotted their target.

He looked surprised, then amused.

"Felt that last one did you, Bro?" he mocked. "Did you get off on it as much as I did?"

Kennedy watched the two stare at each other and realized they were in their own universe. What was going on was hugely personal, she could certainly understand that, but she and Xander would still have to work together to beat his evil clone.

"Alright," she began, the rough outlines of a plan already taking shape, "here's what we do..."

Xander's growl stopped her cold. A moment later his growl transformed into a powerful, feral howl of pure, focused hatred and rage.

She was a Slayer, but damn if some distant part of her wasn't terrified of that inhuman sound.

Xander exploded into action a split second later. He threw his axe on the ground—instinct yelling at him that he didn't need it—then ran full tilt into his doppelganger, colliding with him in a flurry of kicks and punches.

For a moment, Kennedy hung back, watching as the vampire Xander fought with ease, calm and finesse while the human Xander fought with nothing but pure rage. She was absolutely entranced by the fight and the fact that the human Xander was holding his own against his faster, more powerful opponent.

It had been a few years, but Kennedy could still remember how Xander fought. He had no real style, just instinct that allowed him to react to whatever his enemy threw at him. There were dodges, feints, tackles, wild, powerful punches that seemed to rocket out of nowhere. And he wasn't above fighting dirty. It had been impressive, but ultimately hadn't been enough to protect him from Caleb gouging his eye.

Now, however, although she could see the desperation and rage clouding his every movement and countermovement she could see the practiced edge behind it all. Instinct still drove him, but it was an instinct honed by training, like a diamond: cut and polished to perfection.

And his vampire-self was the shadow to his light. There was no back-and- fourth, no rise-and-fall. Everything Xander put into the fight, his darker half took easily and responded in kind.

Kennedy shook herself from her reverie. She was a Slayer, damn it!

Xander spun, dodging a half-hearted punch from his twin.

"Fight me, you bastard!" His fist exploded toward him in a jab.

The vampire caught the blow with one hand. "You're not ready yet, Bro," he retorted. A dark blur, and Xander was flying away from the vampire's palm strike. He collided against a window and crashed through it, landing inside the building, shards of glass falling on and about him.

"You got the conviction," the vampire added quietly, "just not the heart."

Then Kennedy crashed into him with a flying kick, sending him into the chain-link fence at the end of the alleyway, which he bounced off of awkwardly before falling to his knees.

He looked at the Slayer and groaned. "Hey, can we do this some other time?" he pleaded. "I just ate and I'm pretty sore from all the sex." Kennedy pulled out her stake. Xander grinned. "Well, that's a 'no,'" he replied flippantly as his face changed.

He leapt up to his feet and leered at her. "You know, you're pretty hot when you're trying to kill me. How sure are you about this whole 'gay- thing'?"

"Sorry, you got the wrong Slayer. I don't do vampires."



Dawn opened the door to the training room.

"Hey, Kennedy, what's taking so..." The words died in her mouth as she saw the cut ropes lying on the floor next to the empty chair.

"Buffy! Willow!" Kennedy fought the vampire with a sword in one hand and a stake in the other. She would swing her sword, keeping the vampire at bay, and attempt to stab him with the stake when he managed to get too close. For Xander's part, he basically bounced around on the balls of his feet, dancing around her and occasionally getting close to her to try to tempt her into making a mistake.

And it was working.

She was getting frustrated little by little and it was only a matter of time. And Xander was very patient.

Then Xander ducked under a swipe of Kennedy's sword and rolled past her. Tapping into his vampiric speed he made a break for the axe. When he got near it a foot kicked it away from him. He looked up to see his human self scowling back at him.

"Damn," he muttered before being kicked squarely in the face.

He fell backwards, using the momentum to roll over and back onto his feet in a crouching position. He stood up then turned himself so that he had Kennedy to his right and his human twin to his left.

"Now things are starting to get interesting," the vampire said with a smirk.

Kennedy and Xander came at him at the same time. He dodged, danced, feinted, shifted stances; basically, he did all he could to keep his opponents at bay, something his human self had perfected long before he was created. But he had a dilemma. He had dropped his stakes back at the Bronze and without a weapon, he couldn't dispatch of Kennedy quickly and killing his human half was out of the question entirely. Unfortunately for him, his opponents had no such qualms about himself. He needed to knock Xander out of the fight long enough for him to finish the Slayer and soon.

He dove at his human self, tackling him at his midsection. He rolled over the demon hunter, dexterously flipping to his feet before leaping an awe- inspiring distance to the wall, hoping he had timed this all correctly. His body twisted itself in the air before he bounced off from the wall with his opposite leg, and with the new momentum he performed a flying snap kick that nailed Kennedy, sending her a dozen feet away, her weapons flying from her as well.

He landed deftly with a roll, spun around and grabbed his human half by his jacket, standing him up none too gently. He then proceeded to spin him around then hurl him toward the wall where he collided against the brick and mortar of the building, his body crashing awkwardly on top of a steel garbage can.

The human Xander wasn't unconscious, but he was in a lot of pain. He would've moaned but the air had been knocked out of his lungs and he was sure a few of his ribs had been broken. So instead his mouth hung open in a silent, breathless scream of anguish.

The vampire switched his focus over to the recovering Slayer. Just as she was getting to her feet, he hit her with a nasty uppercut, sending her back to the ground. She recovered even quicker this time and even managed to block a few of Xander's punches before he grabbed her arm and leveraged it painfully. As Kennedy was screaming, Xander grabbed her throat and began squeezing.

"If I'm being too rough for you, let me know. I promise to be more gentle," he mocked her while sporting a wickedly gleeful grin.

She tried to claw at his hand while multicolored dots danced in her vision. Xander snarled at her then threw her into the chain-linked fence with such force that her body broke through to the other side. Her body continued rolling grotesquely until it crashed into a wooden crate.

"What's that? I didn't quite hear you?" he mocked her from afar.

Just as she regained her balance and adopted a fighting stance, Xander ran past her.

"Try to keep up, Slayer!" he taunted her from over his shoulder.

She followed him. Past broken glass, wooden crates and steel dumpsters she followed him for what might as well have been forever. She leaped over fences, ran through an empty parking lot and passed buildings of varying shapes and sizes.

She was a Slayer, damn it! And she was going to end this.


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