Give me a sign

Couples: Trunks/Pan, Ryanna/Bardock, and Bra/Goten

Author's note: I know I should be working on the other two stories I have written out but I'm in a bit of a writers block, so I decided to release this one out until I get the others updated! I'M SORRY FOR THE DELAY! Furthermore I decided to make the planet Vegeta-sei more like it was in the actual movie Bardock: the father of Goku To make it more compelling to the actual story line of DBZ.

Chapter 1: Pan's arrival

It was the early hours of the morning, and Vegeta-sei woke up to a new day. Its sun rose behind the many dusty red mountains. Pan Son, the new Demi saiyan trainee of Earth, arrived with great anticipation. "Wow it's beautiful, it almost looks like Mars from the Milky Way Galaxy." Her space ship landed in a large space-landing arena, and her grandfather Bardock, her uncle Raditz, and her brother Goten greeted her. Ack quick note, Pan is the daughter of Goku not Gohan! "Good morning everyone!" Her voice was high and peachy, and she smiled from ear to ear.

"Gee, you sure are perky this morning. Had a good night sleep?" Pan nodded. "Welcome then, let's head to the castle and we'll get you a room and have the meeting with the king."

Pan smiled perkily and her grandfather chuckled at it. His son had always said she was the one who brought the most joy back on Earth. This was because she was so full of life. "I'm actually quite excited to see what had happened in the past two years, since I had gotten your last letter." Raditz rolled his eyes and took off first. Goten whispered to her.

"Don't worry about him, he's always like that." Pan smiled and nodded following her brother into the skies with her grandfather slacking behind. As soon as they reached the palace and placed themselves inside Pan was immediately fascinated by everything around her. The tall mighty building was surrounded by wall to wall technology rooms, storage for weapons, training facilities, etc.

"Wow, this place could outmatch Capsule Corps." "What did you expect, the queen used to run Capsule remember?" Pan shrugged as Bardock chuckled.

"So when do I get to meet my grandma?"

Bardock suddenly froze, and turned to Pan. "You'll see her when you pass away little one." Pan's eyes widened.

"You mean she's..." Bardock nodded. "Even before you were born. I just haven't been bothered to tell anyone except these two." He pointed to Goten and Raditz. Pan bit her lip.

"So you're all alone?" Bardock laughed quietly and shook his head.

"I wouldn't say that. I have all I need right here. My king, my fellow warriors, a few relatives, and..."

"and Ryanna.." Goten added with a chuckle Raditz joined in with a snicker. Pan cocked an eyebrow.


"She's a female warrior, one of the best. Father has had his eyes on her for awhile."

Bardock rolled his eyes at Raditz's comment. "It's nothing like that. She's a good friend of mine. I'm just concerned about her." Pan turned her head back at her grandfather.

"Concerned? Why?" Bardock shook his head.

"I'll explain later." He opened two big brown doors, and as they entered the room they spotted the King and Queen. Queen Bulma, smart, beautiful, not to mention kind and sincere. She had the diplomatic power on the planet. King Vegeta, what a character. He was powerful physically and a great tactician. He was also handsome, courageous, and competitive. " Hello your majesties, allow me to introduce my granddaughter Pan." King Vegeta let a small smirk appear on his lips as he observed her from his throne. From what he could see she had dark blue almost black eyes,. She wore a tight black spandex suit, probably given to her for the journey. It's tightness showed her finely tones female muscles. Her hair was let down loose over her shoulders, but was still tied up in an orange bandana. Bulma smiled.

"Welcome to Vegeta-sei, Pan." Pan smiled graciously and bowed.

"Thank-you Queen Bulma. My father Go-er Kakarott has told me nothing but wonderful things about you." Bulma's smile widened.

"And how is the man these days?"

"Woman not now!" Vegeta rose from his seat to get a better look at the young woman. He circles her, eyeing her tail mostly. "Well you seem to be in good shape."

"Of course they all start that way, my king." A smoothe voice spok up from the side door. All heads turned to the side door where a young woman stood. Goten leaned into Pan's ear.

"That's her,"

"You mean that's Ryanna?" Goten nodded. "But she's so young."

"She sure does look the part doesn't she? Physically I would say she about twenty. No one really knows her true age actually." Pan's mouth dropped. ."I reckon though She's about the same age as the prince."

"Well King Vegeta are you going to say hello to me or am I just going to escort Miss Son without a how-do-you-do?" Vegeta snorted making Ryanna smirk. an took a good look at her then. She had very feminine and muscular body, from what she could tell with the tight blue saiyan armor she wore. Her eyes were a very beautiful shady hazel green, and her hair a dark chestnut brown.

Ryanna noticed the stare she was getting from Pan, and it made her smirk. Her smirk soon disappeared as her gaze turned to Bardock. Both were frozen in the stare and the tension seemed to expand in the room. Ryanna snapped out of the gaze and placed the smirk back on her face. "Well Miss Pan, shall we?" Pan smiled and jogged towards the female warrior. Everyone in the room watched them go, silence was the key word.

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