TITLE: An Icy Paradise

GENRE: Romance/Drama

Rating: PG-13 for some swearing in some chapters. Nothing bad, though.

Pairings: Kaori/Mac (Kaori/Psymon? Ooh! I dunno! You're gonna have to read and find out!!)

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Chapter I(!) --heh! I'm a dork!

Kaori stepped of the plane and gingerly touched her neck. She had fallen asleep and the seats had been unbearably uncomfortable, and her neck was sore and tense. There was a limo waiting outside of the airport, and Kaori soon found herself dozing once again in the limo, resting against Elise's shoulder. The one limousine was for Kaori, Elise, Eddie, and Brodi, while the other limo held Psymon and Zoe. Seeiah was supposed to be on the limo as well, but, according to Rahzel, she had been unable to attend for some odd reason...

The limo pulled into the hotel a little too soon for the young Japanese boarder. She sighed as she rubbed her eyes and pulled her bear backpack to her chest.

"Tired, are we?" Elise smiled.

Eddie groaned dramatically, "Thank God she's awake! All the snoring!" Brodi chuckled as Eddie began to snore loudly.

Kaori yawned, "I wasn't that loud, was I?"

Elise laughed, "Don't worry about it, honey, you weren't THAT loud,"


The hotel lobby was breathtaking. It had marble flooring with a small restaurant set in the corner of the main floor. The landscaping was gorgeous, with oriental inspired bridges that were built over small little ponds filled with beautiful vibrant fish. The Christmas lights that were draped around the hotel lobby only added to beauty of the hotel. The oriental trees around the ponds were sparkling with Christmas lights and ornaments. Garland was draped around the railings and banisters, along with little mistletoes hanging in various places. Soft Christmas music was playing in the background, and it was funny to see all the hotel workers walking around in Santa hats and elf shoes.

Kaori immediately explored the main floor, dragging her suitcase with her. Rahzel and the new DJ Atomika were busy checking in, which left all of the boarders unoccupied.

Kaori smiled as one of the orange and white colored fish danced around in the water, following her every move. Elise was watching her intently.

"Look at her, Edster," she said, nudging Eddie in the side and motioning towards Kaori. "She's so adorable. Like a child."

Eddie rolled his eyes, "Whatever you say, Ellie,"

"Ellie?" Elise raised her eyebrows, "That's a new one. Better than 'Elsie', I have to admit."

Kaori stood up and turned around. Almost immediately afterwards, she caught Psymon's eye. At first, she was a little startled that he had been staring at her, but smiled nonetheless. She waved and he nodded back to acknowledge her wave. He was leaning on his elbows in one of the benches near the pond next to Zoe, who was talking animatedly.

Psymon really wasn't paying attention to a damn thing she was saying. He was staring at Kaori, who was busy giggling at the fish.

Such a little child. So innocent.

"Well? What do you think?" Zoe asked.


"The new DJ! Didn't you see the tension between him and Rahzel?"

"Yeah, yeah," Psymon mumbled. Right...tension...new DJ...


"Alright, guys," Rahzel sighed, "We finally got everything settled with the manager. Welcome to Hawaii."

Kaori smiled. Hawaii. This is what she had been waiting for.

Elise began cheering as did most of the other boarders.

Rahzel waved a hand to settle them down, "Okay, okay, that's enough. Tonight at 6 o'clock, we will have a meeting to reacquaint you with the rules here. We'll meet here. Understood?"

Psymon grunted. More rules....

Rahzel chose to ignore him and continued, "Just to let you know, you will not be able to practice on Aloha Ice Jam. They are still working on some last minute minor preparations. It is a big course, after all. Good luck to all of you in the upcoming races. Also, please don't embarrass me."

Atomika, who was standing right behind Rahzel, raised his hand to get everyone's attention. "Hey, ladies and gents," he said, "I'm DJ Atomika, and I'll be staying with you guys in Hawaii to get to know you a little, okay? I'll be announcing some of the races since old man Rahzel over here can't be doing all the work,"

Rahzel snorted. Apparently, he wasn't all too happy about the "old man" remark.

"Alright, shove off, you guys. Go jump in the pool or something. Just don't embarrass me or get out kicked out of the hotel. Understand, Stark?" Rahzel glared at Psymon, who seemed to have lost all sense of hearing.


Kaori watched the bellboy unload all of her snowboarding gear in the room. It was large and spacious, just like the last hotel room had been, but this was most definitely the nicest hotel room any of the SSX league stars had ever stayed in.

Kaori smiled at the bellboy and bowed slightly as she murmured, "Arigato,"

He returned her smile, "Good luck, Miss Nishidake,"

Kaori looked at her belongings after the bellboy had left. First things first...

She began unpacking her clothes and put them into the dresser. She kept all of her boarding gear by the desk which was by a fairly huge window. Unpacking all her makeup and bathroom items was the real problem. That and hooking up the laptop. To be honest, Kaori wasn't a computer whiz. Sure, she played video games here and there and liked to surf the web on occasion, but she didn't know how to hook up a laptop. Mac knew how to-


Wasn't here.

Kaori tried to think of anything. Anything other than Mac's embrace. His smile. His laugh. Even his smirk.

It made her sick with want.


Six o'clock came when Kaori was busy immersing herself in a new copy of Tokyo Pop's latest manga series.

Kaori glanced at the clock and noticed it was 5:48 exactly. She sighed and pulled her boots on and opened her door.

Kaori let out a small squeak when she saw who was standing at her door.

"Hello, Kaori."