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Chapter 11

"Please, Mac," Brodi said quietly, gazing sternly at the younger boarder, "I just want you to stay here in the hotel,"

"But Kaori—"

"Kaori is staying, too. She'll be fine," Brodi put a reassuring hand on his shoulder and offered a weak smile. "It would be for the best. The hospital would be asking questions and—"

"If Rahzel found out," Elise said darkly, "You'd be done for,"

Mac narrowed his eyes as he eyes darted to the ground. "Fine."

"Mac, I can't believe you'd lose your temper like that," Brodi said disapprovingly, his eyes no longer the warm, caring eyes Mac was used to, "I want you to stay with Kaori in her room and just stay with her when she wakes. If you can, just try and get past Rahzel, okay? Don't make a scene and don't answer any questions,"

"I can't...I can't just avoid Razz," Mac said slowly, "He'll find me. And he'll ask questions,"

Brodi frowned and sighed. "This goes against all my morals...but please, just don't answer his questions. Steer clear of any attention, alright Mackenzie?"

Mac nodded. He felt like a child.

"I need you to watch her for me. Please. Take care of Kaori. She's been going through a lot lately, Mac,"

Brodi whispered, "I've been worrying about her,"

"C'mon, Mac," Elise said wearily, "The lift stopped. We're at the hotel. Help me get Kaori, would you?"

Brodi took one last look at Mac and nodded.

Dr. Norilyn Laurio frowned as her eyes traveled over her clipboard, her pen occasionally scratching notes on the side of the document.

Brodi stood in front of her, his hands trembling slightly. He tried to keep himself from asking questions, but he didn't know how long this silent treatment was going to last...

"Miss Laurio?" Brodi asked timidly, "Nori?"

The Doctor only sighed wearily and placed her clipboard down on a nearby counter. "This isn't looking good, Brodi." She said quietly, "Psymon needs three stitches in his left cheek with excessive bleeding..." Her voice trailed off, another sigh leaving her.

"I can explain!" Brodi started, but his frown only deepened. He realized he couldn't explain. That no matter how long Dr. Laurio had been working with them, he couldn't afford to tell her what was happening... The media and the accusations...Brodi just didn't want to deal with it.

"Psymon Stark may be known for his little—erm—accidents, but...this doesn't look like your average snowboarding accident, Brodi."


"Normally, I don't interfere with personal affairs, Brodi, but I know this isn't just a snowboarding accident. I'm afraid I must incline to ask who did this..."

"But you don't understand what's—"

"Brodi," She stepped forward, closing the space between them in one quick movement and reached for his hand, taking his large shaking ones in her own small gentle hands, "You can tell me what happened. It won't go in his records and Rahzel will not be supervising him. He won't have to sign him in or know anything about his injuries, for that matter,"

Brodi took a deep breath. "It''s a long story. Mac...he attacked him."

Dr. Laurio let out a small gasp. "Is it because Kaori? Has Psymon been harassing her again? Oh, I told her he was going to cause problems..."

" could say Psymon's been bothering her," Brodi mumbled, his eyes downcast, "But...then again, I think she wanted to be bothered,"

Not only had Dr. Norilyn Laurio been working hard as the Head Doctor for the SSX Medical Staff, but she also became very close with many of the boarders.

Especially Brodi.

And she knew him all too well.

"What do you mean, Brodi?" She asked quietly, "What's going on?"

Brodi ran an exhausted hand through his hair. "I don't know... Everything has gone wrong since we arrived in Hawaii,"

"Hmm... What an icy paradise it is, hm?"

"Yes, an icy paradise it is..."

Kaori's moaned and shifted uncomfortably, burying her face into a nearby pillow. Her legs entangled themselves into the soft blanket as she brought her hand up to her forehead, wiping away the sweat from her brow.


Kaori's eye snapped open and she sat up almost suddenly, startling Mac.

She glanced frantically around, registering that she was resting on a small loveseat…

"Kaori? Are you alright?"

Kaori blinked and turned to see Mac crouching beside the couch, gazing at her intently.

"Are you okay?"

Kaori nodded blankly, "Hai…"

Mac grinned and took her shaking hand in his own, "I just…I just wanted to say that I love you."

Kaori frowned and bit the inside of her cheek. "Where's Psymon-san?"

"Psymon," Dr. Laurio said quietly, lightly tapping his cheek, "Psymon, wake up, please. You have a visitor."

Psymon groaned and opened one eye slowly. His head was throbbing ruthlessly, his heart beating a mile a minute. "Hunh?"

Dr. Laurio only smiled warmly, "I'm sorry to disturb you, Mr. Stark."

"Oh..." Psymon mumbled, "Uh...yeah..."

"Are you feeling any better?"

Psymon grunted in an amused fashion, a lopsided grin playing along his lips, "Yeah...if you call having a hammer slammed into your skull multiple times then, yeah, I'm great. Just get me some medication, huh doc? Jack me up on the morphine stuff..."

Norilyn smiled half-heartedly, "Still the same Psymon...except with those open gashes on your cheeks you look even more menacing..."

Psymon chuckled as he shifted uncomfortably, "Yeah, yeah...what happened, anyway?"

"You remember Mac?"

Psymon snorted, "Do I? Huh."

"Alright then. Well, Brodi has offered to stay be your side until your fully recovered. I don't really expect any more visitors..."

"Hey," Psymon interrupted quickly, "Does...does, uh, Razzy know I'm here?"

Dr. Laurio smirked and folded her hands across her chest, "Perhaps."

"Aw, c'mon..."

"No. He doesn't. I'll let you and Brodi be alone for a while, alright? Just ask Brodi to get me if you need anything. I'm here, okay?"

"Yeah...yeah, sure..."

The doctor stepped towards the door briskly, but paused and turned around to face Psymon one last time for a brief moment, her brows furrowed. "Psymon...don't do this to Kaori."


"Don't hurt her."

Before Psymon could retort, Brodi appeared beside the small doctor and glanced at them both quickly. Dr. Laurio offered a weak smile and departed, the sound of her high heels echoing down the tiled hall.

Psymon frowned and stared at the white sheet that hung over the window, his view of the course completely blocked. He cursed himself inwardly for being such a fool...for being suspended in the first place. Psymon thought to himself whether or not Rahzel would ban him if he had found out he had been attacked. He had a good supporting case, he thought. Mac had been the one to attack him, and he himself hadn't even taken a shot. Even when provoked. Psymon clenched his fist as his jaw tightened. All in good time. All in good time, he'd get back at that little punk...


"Brodi." Psymon muttered without even looking at him. He felt so vulnerable sitting in these sheets. It wasn't like he needed to rest. It was more like he was just too damn tired to even stand up. He didn't feel any of his just just seemed like a hassle for him to even bother to move.

"I...I wanted to talk to you about—"

"Kaori." Psymon mumbled. "Yeah, I know..."

"No. Mac." Brodi said gently, "I am completely against what Mac has done to you. He had resorted into the senseless violence that has utterly corrupted many parts of the world. He gave in to the temptation. He had no self control and—"

"And I deserved it."

Brodi stopped his talking immediately and blinked blankly. Had Psymon just--? No, this was completely out of character for him...this wasn't the Psymon he knew!

"I deserved every punch," Psymon whispered fiercely. "I deserved every single blow."

"I just...I just wanted to let you know that I support you."

It was Psymon's turn to blink. "Support me?"

Brodi nodded solemnly, "I guess I have come to grip terms with this...age issue. I realize...I realize that any lecturing would be futile at this point. Seeing you there...on the ground...I guess you could say that I know that you do care for her."

Psymon heaved a sigh, "I dunno, Bro. I dunno if she cares for me anymore."

"I think she does." Brodi murmured, "But...if you want any chance at this, you have to fight for her."

Psymon sat up abruptly, staring at Brodi in complete shock. "Pardon me, sir, but did you fuckin' say fight? Jesus, I didn't even know you had that word in your vocabulary!"

Brodi shook his head in disapproval of Psymon's choice of words, "Fight as her that you will treat her better. Not fight as in...physically, as Mac had demonstrated this afternoon."

"I'd do anything for her..."

"Forgive me," Brodi said, "But...I must know. How long has it been since you developed this...feeling for Kaori? I mean...did all of that name-calling and teasing result in the same childish reaction little boys had when they felt attraction?"

Psymon shrugged, "Eh...dunno. I started...thinking about her more and more when I spent that night with her talking. I dunno...maybe it's because she was the only person on this circuit who actually appeared to give a damn. I mean...yeah, Zoe and I have our talks, but it's more like Zoe is only interested in the mouth instead of what the mouth is saying."

Brodi stiffened, "Zoe? But...I thought Moby..."

"Eh, that's what I though. But, what the hell. Life's a shithole. That's all I got to say." Psymon shifted slightly in his sheets, the little beads of sweat that formed along his forehead slipping down his head.

"Psymon, no one has really bothered to ask you this..." Brodi started, "But...are you alright?"

Psymon chuckled to himself, "Bro, when have I ever been alright?"

Brodi managed a half-hearted grin, "I suppose I owe you that much to at least ask,"


At that chosen moment in time, Rahzel had burst through the doors with Atomika on his heels and a very anxious young group of boarders...

Save for Kaori and Mac.