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Notes: This was a holiday fanfic I completed a very long time ago. I updated it a few years ago and decided to upload it here. Dee & Ryo fluff. Enjoy!


Part One: "Heartfelt"

The doors to the station burst open, letting in a chill blast of air and a snow-covered Dee. He sneezed and the unexpected force behind it caught him off-guard, causing him to drop his case files onto the wet tiled floor. Grimacing, he snatched the damp folders from the ground and continued through a narrow corridor in the 27th Precinct.


'Shit,' he thought. 'This night just can't get any worse.' His eyes darted around the area for a possible escape route before JJ caught up to him. He dashed around a corner only to be caught in a dead end. Trapped.

"Merry Christmas!" Dee cringed as he felt the weight of the younger detective pounce on him from behind. Infuriated, he clenched his teeth as he began one of his mundane tasks of peeling JJ away from his body.

"That's tomorrow, JJ. Now get the hell of me!"

"I got you a present, Sempai." JJ squeezed Dee even harder, ignoring the shouts and curse words coming from the man in his arms. "Please, you gotta let me give it to you!"

The struggle continued on, JJ refusing to let go of a disgruntled Dee unless the man accepted his gift. Dee pushed and pulled, kicked and yelled, but his efforts were fruitless when matched against a grasping, energetic JJ. Deciding nothing short of a crowbar would release the death-like grip around his waist, Dee grudgingly willed himself to calm down and accept the gift.

"Fine! What the hell is it?"

JJ smiled, his grin spreading from ear to ear and his eyes sparkling with adoration. When he took an odd looking plant from the pocket of his jacket and raised it above Dee's head, Dee stared in confusion.

"It's a mistletoe." And before Dee knew what was happening, JJ flung his arms around Dee's neck, crushing his lips against his own. Dee's eyes widened in resolute terror when he felt a tongue probing its way past his lips, and began struggling wildly in JJ's grasp. He grabbed a handful of platinum silver-blond hair and tugged on it forcefully.

"Ow!" JJ wailed, finally releasing the startled man as both of his hands reached to soothe the spot where his hair had been pulled. A few strands of Dee's own hair stood on end as he pointed an accusing finger at JJ.

"Why you sneaking little bastard! How many times have I told you — these lips are reserved for only one guy only. And it isn't you!" JJ folded his arms and tilted his head thoughtfully.

"No need to be Mr. Scrooge, Dee. It was just my gift." A mischievous smile unfurled across his handsome face on his next words, "I know you liked it, but don't worry I won't tell Ryo. Merry Christmas!" And with that, satisfied, JJ continued on his way, leaving a gaping Dee in the hallway.

'Liked it?' Dee was so taken back by the statement he couldn't even work his mouth at first. It took him a full five seconds to recover, by which time JJ had left. "I swear he must get his kicks out of pissing me off!"

Dee slammed the door to the office he now shared with Ryo and dumped the case folder in a nearby drawer. He sighed in disgust at the large stack of papers that sat on his desk waiting to be reviewed.

'First thing tomorrow,' he told himself before gathering up his things and calling it a night. He hated the nightshift with a passion and couldn't remember how he got stuck on one during Christmas Eve of all nights. Inwardly, he berated himself for not doing the smart thing, like Ryo, by booking the night off months in advance. The sudden thought of his partner put a smile on his face. Apparently, things were working out very much like the first time they had spent Christmas Eve together. Being split up, much like this night, Ryo had wound up alone in his apartment. Dee grinned at the fond memory of the short time they had spent together... before Ryo had fallen asleep. Dee snorted. Now that they were official together he would need to ensure the same thing does not happen again tonight.

"Working late, Laytner?"

The familiar low voice rattled on his nerve as he locked up and exited the office. Just when he thought the night couldn't get any worse than a run-in with JJ...

"Actually, I got off earlier than expected." Dee turned to meet the smirking eyes of the Commissioner. Berkeley gestured towards the pile of papers sitting on Dee's desk in the office.

"Seems you still have quite a lot to do."

"It's nothing I can't handle on my next shift, sir," Dee replied coolly. There was a sharp edge behind his voice. He couldn't help it; he just didn't like the guy. Not to mention he wasn't in the best of moods at the moment. Hearing the ice behind Dee's words, Berkeley chuckled softly.

"Easy, Laytner. I just wanted you to pass on this gift to Ryo." He handed a small gift-wrapped box to Dee who in turn looked at it quizzically.

"What the hell are you doing giving gifts to my partner?" Dee blurted out. Berkeley gave a snort of amusement.

"Contrary to what you may think, I do consider Ryo as a friend. Although I'm still not sure what to make of you."

"The feeling's mutual." Dee stared at the small gift-wrapped box and could not help wondering what Berkeley would possibly want to give Ryo. The very fact that Rose seemed so at ease with buying gifts for his lover while Dee himself still felt unsure of what to get the soft-spoken detective irritated him to no end. He felt a strong urge to toss the package in the trash.

"Just make sure that Ryo gets it, Laytner. I'd hate for it to wind up in the trash," Berkeley added as if reading Dee's mind. Sighing, the dark-haired man shoved the small package in the pocket of his trench coat and brushed past the Commissioner.

"Whatever," he murmured beneath his breath.

Dee was once again greeted by the snowfall on his way out of the precinct, adding to his annoyance. The combination of both encounters with JJ and Rose was enough to thoroughly irk him. Out of no where the sound of rather loud profanities tweaked his attention. Apparently, someone was as irritated as he was at the moment. The curse words resonated from the parking lot behind the station and Dee grinned amusingly. He made his way to the voice he recognized as Drake's, concluding by the sound of things the blond was not in the best of moods himself.

"What the hell do you mean you can't find him? He's got to be somewhere in the station!" Dee grinned as he watched his colleague stare at a cell phone with a menacing glare, almost as though he could see right through the thing to the person on the other end. He leaned against a nearby light-post and waited facetiously for him to finish up the conversation. After a few moments followed by a string of more profanity, Drake ended the call and shoved the phone in his pocket.

"Care to share what's the big emergency?" He nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of Dee's voice behind him. He turned to see the dark-haired detective propped against a lamppost, casually smoking a cigarette.

"How long have you been there?"

Dee shrugged. "Long enough. Need a light?" He fished out a lighter from his pocket and handed it to Drake who in turn seemed grateful.

"Yeah, thanks." Lighting his own cigarette, Drake took a long drag before letting it out slowly. Sighing appreciatively he leaned against his car.

"So what's the problem?" Dee asked out of genuine concern and curiosity. Drake eyed him, suspicious.

"Um well." He glanced inside the vehicle and then at Dee again. "I locked my keys in my car." Dee nearly choked on his own cigarette as he burst out laughing. Drake frowned. "Hey, it's not funny! It's Christmas Eve for a few more hours and I'm stuck here! The locksmith is no where to be found!"

"Don't you carry an extra pair?"

"Well, yeah but I don't have them with me today." Drake's frown deepened as Dee unsuccessfully tried to stifle his laughter. "It was a simple mistake, it's not that hilarious."

"I know. Can't help myself." Dee's amusement died all together at the sullen look on the blond's face. "Why do I get the feeling that something else is going on?" Drake blinked and smoothed his fingers through damp locks of hair.

"Well it's JJ." At the sound of the name Dee instinctively stiffened, as if the silver-haired sniper would jump out of a dark corner at any moment to 'glomp' him. Drake smiled at the reaction. "Don't worry, he's still inside the station."

"Yeah, I guess. Still I can't be too careful." In spite of his words Dee seemed to relax again. Drake shot him an odd look.

"You know he's not that bad once you get to know him." Dee stared at him in disbelief.

"That's easy for you to say! The guy isn't constantly pouncing on you and confessing his undying love." Drake opened his mouth as if he were about to admit something but thought against it and allowed Dee to continue. "I've known JJ throughout our Academy years. He irritated me to no end but I honestly don't have anything against him." Dee ruffled a hand through his hair, ridding it of the white snowflakes that were gathering there. "He's a good person. But for the love of God, don't tell him I said that or I'll never hear the end of it!"

Drake shrugged and took another drag at his cigarette. "I won't." It was Dee's turn to eye the detective suspiciously. In spite of Drake's casual demeanor, it was obvious the man wasn't telling him something. He decided not to waste any more time and cut right to the point.

"You're falling for him, aren't you?"

Drake nearly swallowed his cigarette and began coughing frantically. "What? No!"

Dee shook his head with a disbelieving smirk. "You know, Drake. Denial isn't very healthy. Especially for someone who walks around with that love-sick look all the time." Drake's eyes narrowed defensively.

"I am not love-sick. I'm just confused." He shoved his hands in his pockets and sighed irritably. "JJ's made it clear that he's interested and I've thought about for awhile. I think I may be as well." He couldn't stop the colour from appearing on his face. Dee shrugged.

"That's great. So, what's the problem?" Drake shifted uncomfortably and regarded Dee with an aggravated expression.

"I don't know what that means for me. I don't know if I want my life to take this turn. But at the same time I don't want to abandon this feeling I'm getting if I do turn away." He blushed and avoided Dee's gaze. "This was a dumb idea. I shouldn't have told you anything!" Dee let out an exasperated sigh around his cigarette.

"Yeah right. Look, have you told JJ any of this?" Drake shook his head. "Well, you can start there."

"I'm not ready to do that yet, Dee. I can't."

"If you're not ready, you don't have to tell him in words yet. Give yourself more time to sort out your own feelings if you need to. There are other things you can do to let him know you care." Dee toyed with the small gift-wrapped box in the pocket of his trench coat and frowned. "I think it's only fair to at least give him a hint instead of keeping him in the dark."

Drake nodded absently, digesting Dee's advice. He crushed a small patch of ice with the toe of his boot in thought. "What do you mean, 'not tell him in words'?"

"Well, it is Christmas Eve. Get him a gift or something." Dee pulled out the small package and studied it for a moment, deep in thought. For the first time that evening Drake gave a genuine smile.

"That's not a bad idea, Dee. Thanks." He eyed the package in Dee's hand. "Is that Ryo's?"

Dee bristled suddenly and replied through clenched teeth. "Yes."

"What's in the box?" Drake peered over Dee's shoulder to get a better look.

"I don't know and I don't care. Rose failed to mention that."

"It's from the Commissioner?" Dee's frown deepened even more.

"Yeah," was all he said in return. Drake eyed him curiously.

"Didn't you get something for Ryo?" Dee sighed and closed his eyes, as if blocking out the doubts he's been having for weeks.

"To be honest, I don't know what to get the guy." Drake snickered and gave a light pat on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, Dee. I'm sure Ryo will appreciate it no matter what it is as long as you tried—"

"That's not the point," Dee interrupted. "Ryo's a romantic at heart. I wanted to give him something that is... well, heartfelt." Dee shifted uncomfortably and took another long drag at his cigarette. He wasn't used to talking to others about such things. It made him uneasy.

"Well, sometimes things like that can't be wrapped neatly in a little package," Drake said. "Sometimes it's spontaneous. You're one of the most spontaneous people I know, Dee."

Dee was silent for a while, thoughtful. The sudden change in his loud-mouthed friend unnerved Drake a little as he waited. Dee chose his next words carefully.

"Even as a kid, I wasn't used to giving and receiving gifts. Other than Penguin, Jess would sometimes drop by on birthdays. He wasn't much for presents either." He paused and glanced at his wrist, twirling the shiny object he wore there. "One of the few things I have left of Jess is this watch. He gave it to me one day shortly before the incident of his death. Since then it kinda served as a reminder of him and the good cop that he was." Dee gave a small laugh and ran a hand through his hair. "This damn thing is important to me. I just wish I could give Ryo something as meaningful to him."

Dee dared a glance at Drake who he found was staring at him with an odd astounded expression. His cigarette hung from his mouth in a comical manner and Dee wished for a moment that a bug would fly into the gapping orifice.

"Dee Laytner, the sentimentalist. Do my ears deceive me?"

"Shut up, Drake."

"Heh. Sorry. It's just not every day you talk about stuff like this." Out of nowhere Drake's cell phone rang, breaking the muffled silence in the parking lot and startling them both. He answered it with a hopeful gleam in his eye and spoke quickly. When he was done he turned towards Dee with a big grin on his face.

"That was my ticket out of here. JJ joined in the search and found the locksmith. He'll be here in a few minutes." Dee patted Drake on the back before turning to leave. "Hey! Where are you going? Don't you need a ride?"

"Nah. I'll walk. It'll give me time to think." Dee waved a hand over his shoulder without turning back. "See ya."

Drake crossed his arms and arched an eyebrow, puzzled why Dee didn't just accept the ride. "Oh well." The sound of water being sprayed on the surface caught his attention and he turned to see, to his horror, a small dog using his front tire as an outhouse.

"Argh! My car! You dumb mutt! Get the hell outta here!"


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