This was some pointless fun, yeah, I have no life at all ( Characters not mine, all own by the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean." So no sueing. Well, pls R&R lmao. Well, theres actually no point to do that anyway. Anyways, here we go!






WAMPP!!!! All 5 of them slammed the card so hard that the small table almost tipped over.

"Looks like its little Willy boy who's the slowest, again!" Teased Jack as he studied all the hands on the 4 of hearts. "You know what to do matey!"

"You cheated! I saw you peaking at your card!" wined Will as he pull off his stockings and placing them on the side with other of his clothing, the scarf around his neck, his vest, and his shoes. There were only Will's clothing and none of the others. Will always sucks at Slap Jacks, especially strip-slap jack.

"Pirate." sniggered Jack as he lean backs his chair.

"Next time, next time.I won't be the one again!"

"Stop your bluffing Mr. Turner. You said the same thing at the beginning of the game." Norrington finally opened his mouth and spoke, giving a lame expression. He has been quite all through the game

"Well, well, well.the Commodore finally spoke" said the pirate at the right side of the Commodore, Barbossa.

"Well, excuse me! I didn't even want to join in this inappropriate game in the first place anyway! Ms. Swann asked me to! Well, forced is more likely the word, She was cornering me! Said something like 'If you don't join the game, I'll tell my dad to rape you!' and. " Norrington shut up as soon as he found out he had said too much.

". . ."

"sdflshj, Anyways! Barbossa! You're supposed to be dead! Why are you still here?" Norrington decided to change the subject.

"Glad you ask me boy, well. I stole Frodo's fancy looking underwear that his old uncle, whats his name again? Filbo or something, anyways, yeah, that one he gave him. So, when Jack shot me, the bullet didn't even touch me. BAHAHAHHAHAHA"

"What?! Then what about the blood?" Jack stood up.

"Oh, those were ketchup. I like to take a lot of those little pocket ketchup from McDonald and keep them for future use. I was going to tell you guys but you guys already left. Ten years your carry that pistol and now you wasted your shot, Jack."

Elizabeth had had it, she was getting tired of this conversation, and she slammed the table. "Ok, ok, who cares? Let's get on with the game! Or I won't even get to strip at all!" She seat back down.

"Fine, fine, It's your turn to start, Norrie" Jack looked toward Norrington.


"Fine, Jamesy."

"Commodore Norrington."

"Same thing."

"No its not."

"Who cares."

"I care"


Jack rolled his eyes "Cap'n, cap'n Jack."

Norrington sighed and put his first card down.."One.."

Barbossa then put the second card down."Tw-wo."

Then Will puts the third card down carefully and slowly."Thu-ra- eeeeeeeeeee.."

Elizabeth's turn "Four."

Jack's turn "Fu-i-ve.."

Commodore's turn again "Six."

Barbossa's "Se-vin.."


"MUWAHHAH!!! BARBOSSA'S TRUN TO STRIP!!!" Laughed Jack LOUDLY. He seems happier then ever, probably wanted to get revenge of wasting his one shot on nothing.

"Fine, I'll take off my belt"

"Why not the hat?" Will asked curiously

"You touch my hat, you die." Was his answer.

Then Blah blah blah, the game went on. Author got lazy, they argued, standing on chairs, flipping over the table, bonking each other on the head with wine bottle. Commdore drew his sword out, Barbossa drew his gun, Will drew his donkey, Elizabeth drew her corset, and Jack drew his boots. So, they were fighting most of the time, insulting each other. There's really nothing wrong with the scene since they don't really go together anyway. But the wrongness was everyone was half naked. Well, 3 of them were ¾ naked.