Strip Slap Jack part II: Characters, not mine! Don't sue! No money!!!!

A few people had asked for more, so...I decided to make a Part II! :D Very odd, doesn't require any brain work, just like part I, you can just relax and read... har har har Ok, enough of me, here we go! Strip Slap-Jack Part II


Norrington was sitting in his office again, being buried by loads of unread documents and thousands of papers to sign.

'My life sucks' he yawned and scratched his head and rubbed his eyes. 'I don't get a word these stuff says....what the heck is '3 loads of 23 and a half dozen of unbaked peacocks?!' how am I suppose to ship that?!"

"Well, you'll manage it some how. Last Saturday, I saw you loading a polar bear onto the Dauntless." said a wavy voice from a corner.

"Well, that was another story, the bear..." Norrington sized up, and twirled around to see whose talking to him.

"YOU!!!" Standing up immediately and knocking over his chair, "You didn't knock!!"

"I did, mate! You were busy singing, luv! You were singing something like 'ding dong ding dong, a navy life for me....' "By doing a little dance, the man walked over to Norrington's desk and pushed the mountain of papers onto the floor.

"Opps," a very naughty smile appeared on the pirate's face, "Sparrow! That's enough! What do you want from me?!" Norrington began to whimper and crossing his arms across his chest.

"Nothing, Willy boy's woman is looking for another game of Strip-slap jack." "Fine! Then go play! It's not like its any of my business!" Norrington was literally crawling around the floor picking up all the mess that the pirate made. "Are you sure Mr. Commodore?" "What you do you mean? Mr. Pirate!" Jack sighed and kneels down, "We're looking for the game mate, in here." and smiled.

Norrington's eyes widen. "In here?! Are you mad?!"

"Prove me not!"

"Well....actually. That's quite hard..."

"Well, there you go!"

"But why MY office?!"

"To tell you the truth mate, this really isn't my idea." Sparrow straightened up, trying to straighten some of the horrible creases from his vest. "It was the woman's idea."

"Elizabeth! I should've known! She's getting so obsessed with the game! I told Mr. Gibbs not to teach her 10 years ago!" also straightening up.

"Well, James. It's too late."

Both Norrington and Jack turned around at the door and faced Elizabeth Swann. At the back, you can see Will and BARBOSSA tottering along.

"We all want another round, James" Elizabeth walked in and made herself comfortable in Norrington's chair.

"dadada-dada, I didn't vote for it" Looking across the ceiling, Jack speaking more to himself than to anyone.

"ARRRRR!!!!!" exploded Barbossa once he reached the door way. "YO HO YO HO YO HO, ARRR WHO LIVES IN THE PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA? Lets go for another round me mates! YARHAR HAR HAR HARHAR!"

Everyone narrowed their eyes at him, except for Elizabeth, who gave him a very warm smile. "You see, Captain Barbossa can see the beauty of the game..."

Then it was dead silence for over 5 minutes....

"Okay then, enjoy your game gentlemen." Norrington started to head for the door and tried to escape this living nightmare of his. But he was caught with a female hand on his shoulder. He was only one step from his freedom.

"Well gentlemen, you'll always remember this as the day that Commodore Norrington ALMOST escaped. You're in navy boy"

They all gathered around the office desk in the hot, sweaty summer room of Commodore Norrington. Norrington regretted for wearing so little. He felt very uncomfortable playing strip-slap jack with only a wig, a simple shirt, pants, stockings and a pair of shoes to start with. He looked around. Jack was in his normal everything. Barbossa in his everything too and the hat- yes, the hat, Elizabeth only in her bodice (well, of course, she did that on purpose.) and young Mr. Turner in his normal, but for a reason he has a hat on; which didn't match any of the cloths he's wearing today.

"Ok, lets start with our lovely Captain" said Elizabeth in her sweetest of the sweet sweet voice.

"Aye," Jack began to say "Ouu-waa" but then was cut off.

"What are you doing Jack?!" The woman stood up and stopped the sexy ohmygoshy holly WOW pirate.


"I said the lovely captain! What do you think you're doing?"


Elizabeth sighed. "Ok, Captain Barbossa, please start." Jack glared at Elizabeth and made a pout face for the rest of the game.

"HAHAHHAHHHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! HAHHAHAHAHA O-N-E!!!!!!!!" Barbossa had banged the first card on the table so hard that some of the drawers from the desk opened.

"BANANAS!!!!!" Will scrambled away from the desk immediately as one of the drawer peaked open. "THERES AT LEAST A DOZEN OF THEM!!! BANANAS!!!!!" Will was white to the face. "WhY ARE THERE SO MANY BANANAS IN THE DRAWER?!!??!?!" Will looked as if his eye balls' going to pop if any of people doesn't give him an answer. Norrington kicked the drawer close and stared at Will, who began to calm down with the yellow stuff gone. Norrington cleared his throat and opened his mouth "....Whoes next?"

"Jack is" Elizabeth continued as if nothing had happened. Jack glared at Elizabeth but just went with it, "Tw-o"

Then its Elizabeth's turn "Tu-ree,"

Will's "four..."

Norrie's "five"

Barbossa's "HHHHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHHHHHAHAHAHA SEX!!!" Every body stared at Barbossa but Elizabeth explained "He means 'six'"

Then it was Jack's turn again "seven..."



Within a second, all 5 hands were on it. Everybody stared at the stack of hands on that on little eight of diamond. "Will my boy, Will Will didn't improve one bit luv!" Jack chuckled, showing his glimmering gold teeth. "Take them off!"

Will had no choice and took of his ugly looking hat and threw it to the side. Then kind of stretched in a way and grinned "Its all over Jack, I'm warmed up." Jack grinned and scratched his head but said nothing. Will then puts down a card "Ouwa-n"


"AUGH!!!!!" cried Will when he noticed all of the hands are on top before he even realized it. "IT'S NOT FAIR!!" "NAHAHAHAHHAAHHHAHAHA!!!!!!!" Jack stood up and pointed at Will "I GUESS YOU'RE STILL NOT WARM ENOUGH!!!!!!! HAHHHAHAHAHAHA"


Jack shoved his chair and sat closer to Elizabeth "What got into him?" Elizabeth leaned closer and whispered, "remember last game? We were fighting at the end right?" "Aye" "And Will was around...three forth naked?" "Aye" "Will got embarrassed and started wacking people, and Barbossa was there with his hat on....and it just, fell off."

"His hat fell off" Jack echoed.

"His hat fell off....that's what happened."

Jack clapped his hands together and raised one eyebrow, "That's very interesting..." and looked toward Barboossa.


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