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Her parents had given her the home for college, she had her friends and her life was now going the way she wanted it to. But why.why did she have to take that walk tonight? Of all the rainy nights why tonight? Was there something about the black dim night sky rumbling with thunder that captivated her? Did this night purposely lure her to the dripping golden haired boy huddled on the ground before her under this tree like a new born baby or a run away wet mutt in a loin cloth on purpose? Why!?

It wasn't fair it wasn't right at all! This wasn't what fate had in store for her! She didn't have any complaints, none at all. And there he was.with nothing on, except a worn out cloth covering his waist line that ran down to his knees.no jewelry, no power, no millennium rod, no life within those hateful orbs whatsoever. He just sat there in a fetal position, shielding his tan body from the icy wind and rain that scorched at it with every second that passed by. He stared at the ground emotionlessly, his wet yellow hair clinging to his back, his neck and his face as still as night.

He stood out like a lost little boy in that position compared to the huge Elm tree standing high and mighty, looking forewarn at the human being huddled next to one of its daunting roots that stretched out beyond the ground. Its huge branches stretched out and clawed at Tea's head mocking her, teasing her, encouraging her to try anything. It stood protectively over the golden haired boy both as a menace and guardian. The golden haired boy was not to be taken so innocently and Tea wasn't going to be persuaded not even by his current position. She recognized those particularly arched eyes that shun down at the ground as if he had lost the greatest battle of his life. It didn't even seem like he was despising anything it was just pure hatred.hatred and anguish mixed with defeat and pain.

At that moment Tea was convinced it was Malik sitting there looking halfway dead. But when he curled his head ΒΌ of an inch up to peer at her through the corner of his sharp eye slits, she knew right away this was not Malik. This was someone very different. She would never come to the conclusion that it was- No.How could he still be alive? It made no sense whatsoever. He was blasted away years ago! But how could Tea forget HIM. He was the cause of Malik's anguish.his hate and the symbol of pure evil, wasn't he? Anyone who had made an appearance during that scene could tell the difference between Malik Ishtar and his newly developed other half. But the question was how had he returned? Why here? Was this also Malik? Why was he in one big rag? Why did he look like nothing at all? Why was he sitting out here? Was she going to die? The questions could've gone on and on but Tea was too fear stricken to know.

"Are.you Malik?" Tea whispered quietly just slightly louder than the beating rain that pounded the ground into oblivion.

Only a crash of thunder answered her back, and a wave of panic traveled up her spine when a flash of lightening lit the face into shadow, revealing only those piercing evil eyes of defeat and power hungry temptation. Tea cringed slightly thoughtless to the fact that she had openly and noticeably gasped.

Never once during these couple of minutes did the figure's one slit eye that Tea was able to see, move. It locked onto her, his pupil dilating half its size. The white filled the interior, clasping rings of sagging skin around it. It was apparently easy to see he hadn't slept much.

Finally his curled frowning lips opened.

"You know who I am. You're either in denial or too stupid to admit the name of your worst fear to his face."

Tea almost dropped the umbrella. Her heart beat increased-No doubled! It couldn't be! Should she scream? Wait what was he still doing here?

"W-what are you doing here in the rain?" She stuttered backing up with each word.

The figure paid no attention to her nervousness. He merely reverted his gaze back to the muddy, wet rooted, grassy floor, his dark chest heaving in and out. My how he resembled Malik at that second! If Tea had caught him at this moment she'd be sure to run to his aid for help! But now she knew.she knew who it was. She too adopted the name given to him by all her friends and so on. They called him.Yami Malik.


The pitter-pat of water soaked against every square inch of the earth around him.

He had sworn to return. He wasn't going to stay dead or sealed away. He was too strong for that. The imprints on Malik's back would not be so easily removed. In order to remove him you would first have to recreate him.

Oh sure the ancient scriptures had been quietly removed from Malik's back but they only created a soul in return. The spirit created from those words combined with the power of the millennium rod and Malik's hatred and mix emotion was only strong enough to create a similar body. A replication if you may call it that. It wasn't anything special. No powers, no hidden memories unlocking the ancient past, nothing. A simple soul let loose, thrown into the world with not even a pair of clothes on his back, left to live the life of a human being.

And yet Yami Malik knew this. He was not about to take death over a mortal's life. Of course if he were somehow able to obtain the 7 millennium items once more perhaps one day he could achieve his only true motive.to rule the world and destroy any human that came before him. It now just seemed so much harder than that.

He was not expecting the life of a mortal to be so complicated. He wasn't only homeless but he had no friends he had no help, he didn't have money or a home or any powers for that matter, only the ancient inscriptions that was once on Malik's back but was now on his. He felt very weak, hungry, and possibly sick. His ribs ached with such pain it wasn't even humorous to the one who enjoyed such splendor.

When his body was reborn it was dumped into a random spot near a road. Paying no heed he stepped into the road coming in contact with a slow moving small car. For his fortune, he got lucky. He immediately stood up still shocked from the pain of the oncoming car.

No matter how loud the man screamed at him from the safety of his vehicle he would pay no attention. The man was tempted to call the police but if that was the case he might've faced awful charges. He couldn't risk it. So he asked once more if the boy was alright, but the boy said nothing, only continued to the other side and down the alley where Malik and Bakura had first met, the entire time staring faintly at the ground.

With only a few vulgar words, the man in the little blue car drove off, slightly disturbed by the tan boy in the raggedy cloth.

"Poor orphaned brats. Their all over the place." That was the last thing Yami Malik remembered from a human voice.

It wasn't until later that his ribs began to hurt with great pain. They had turned from a bright painful red to a blue that didn't look at all appealing to the eye.

This was all several hours ago. Now he was standing under this huge tree that seemed like the best place to go. He had to rethink all of his memories. He had no idea he would be so helpless so weak, so unprepared for this world. By being in Malik's body when he did, everything had been set at his feet. He had to make no effort of his own. But now..now it hurt and it hurt greatly. If he didn't think of a plan soon he would most likely die as he was now. But now what seemed even worst at the moment was the fact that one of the Pharaoh's little friends had discovered him. Of all the people it was her. The sniveling bitch who would most likely rat him out in a heart beat. How unrealistic did that seem? Whatever the situation, he'd have to play this part coolly.

"Stop trying to feel sorry for me. I don't need your sick pity." Yami Malik mumbled with little interest in her.

"Oh I'm not feeling pity for you! I'm calling the police!" Tea replied shakily as she nervously pressed the numbers on her cell phone. Good thing she never went anywhere without it! Crap why did this have to happen tonight!? She didn't have any time for this.

"Come on come on please get a signal!"

Yami Malik stared at her with just a hint of annoyance. She would call him in and only more impudent fools would arrive, questioning him. He could not afford that. Time was of the essence.

"You know if I could I would rise from this spot right now and cut off your air supplies to that little pale throat of yours." He sneered so low it was almost below Tea's hearing level.

Tea dropped the phone and rushed to pick it up never once removing her eyes upon the murky form. What did he mean by that? Well it was obvious he'd kill her if he was able to but why didn't he do anything earlier?

Her eyes decided to travel up at the hunched over, nearly naked figure sitting there, looking for any signs of chains or something in the manner. He almost looked like some lost slave the way he stood there without a worry in the world except to survive. And then she noticed it! At first it appeared to be a darker shadow upon his somewhat exposed belly, but the more it lightening the more it visibly seemed real. His ribs were almost a plum blue, patches of black spread out over a five inch area. It covered across the waist and nearly to the rim of the back.

She noticed he was trying hard to keep a steady breathing pace showing no signs of pain on his blank evil expression, but the way his chest and ribs moved in and out, she figured if he went to sleep he probably wouldn't wake up. He had to have had some damaged ribs.

By those dark bags under his eyes Tea also guessed that it had to be the reason why he was most likely not sleeping. The entire time she stood there in the rain observing him as she lifted her cell phone from the ground, Yami Malik's eyes drifted from the wet muddy ground to Tea's observing head.

"What the hell are you looking at?" He hissed turning his head to a 90 degree angle.

Tea jumped as she received her cell phone, moving back a few more feet. "You can't move." She whispered. "You're hurt."

"How would you know that? Would you risk the words you're speaking to me girl?" He challenged, his demon like eyes slitting down to almost nothing.

"I can tell. You're hurt or you would've already been up. You can't do anything can you?" She asked almost gently though she didn't mean to sound it that way.

Yami Malik only stared, his frowning face showing no hints of anger or ferocity. He merely stared sending cold waves of panic down Tea's spine. It occurred to her, what if he still had his ability to send people to the shadow realm? What if he had some sort of power? Should she risk talking to him like that? Perhaps her best reasoning was to run as fast her legs would carry her, call the police-No the SWAT, and then call Yugi. Maybe Yami could handle him then. It was a plan.well it was better than standing here talking to him as if he were some normal person. She hadn't forgotten what he had put she and her friends through.

Finally Tea came to a decision. It was the only one she thought of that came to her. She ran! She dropped her umbrella and ran, ignoring the thunder and rain and the high speed winds trying desperately to tip her over. Yami Malik did nothing he made no attempt to cease her. He stood there patiently retuning his gaze to the ground as if she had never come. What was she to him? She was nothing but a bug that had to be squashed. She, like so many others were nothing. He was great, he was the superior! No one, not even the Pharaoh or the army or Seto Kaiba or the Tomb Robber or even Malik or Isis, not even that bastard Shadi would or could ever stop him! Anyone who posed such a threat would face the same punishment he was forced to contend to, and may they live like that for all eternity.

Tea ran! She ran down the hill as fast as she could, ignoring the sidewalk on her left. She allowed her blue sneakers to sink down in the squishy 3 inch mud. She actually could've cared less!

'I have to get to the game shop! I have to tell Yugi and the others! Ugh maybe I should've called the police instead? Well it isn't too late." Slowing down to a stop, Tea caught her breath for a second or two heaving in heavily. With shaky fingers Tea pressed in the numbers for 9 1 1. She could only pray they'd get here in time. Yami Malik was no laughing matter. This was one dangerous guy! More dangerous then any guy they had ever come across! At least the other villains she and her friends faced throughout their life had somewhat of a conscience and deep inside they weren't all bad, but Yami Malik was born from Malik's hate. There was nothing to be said about him.

"H-hello? Please someone pick up!" Tea cried to herself, staring around her in the dark of night scared that anytime now he'd jump out and that would be all.

"9 1 1 please state your emergency." The operator called politely.

"H-hello my name's Tea Gardener and there's a-

That's when Tea realized.what was she supposed to tell the police? That a great evil spirit was sitting under a big tree at the park, in the middle of a thunderstorm almost naked? (-_-) Okay obviously she had to rethink her words here for a second."

"Hello miss are you there? If your alive please give me a sign of some sort so I may send assistance."

((O))__((O)) Boy did she call the wrong station. 'No I'm dead lady.' Tea mumbled within her mind.

Tea wasn't really sure what to say. I mean technically Yami Malik hadn't wronged her in anyway YET. Actually she was the one who provoked him! Ugh well this wasn't going to sound good. But then again the evil spirit did threaten her and besides if she did decide to make up something it was in the best interest of the world. She'd be doing everyone a favor right? RIGHT?

'Here goes nothing.' Tea swallowed, steadying herself as she brought the phone back up to her ear.

"Um there's a nasty man that threatened me under a big old tree in Domino Park! Oh please help! He jumped and tried to attack..me!" Tea Gulped.

"Okay miss please stay calm! If you can return to your home, we will take care of the problem-


The woman gasped as the line went dead.uh.maybe the girl is dead.NOW.

"Um miss? Hello? Clap once if you can here me? Ugh I hate my job."

Tea had gone back and forth whether to return home or wait for the police. She started walking back for the 6th time but her conscience only lured her closer to the big tree shielding the spirit under its branches.

Her mind kept returning to his stomach as weird as that sounded to her. They were so bruised it seemed almost impossible that he'd still be conscious. His face seemed like the same evil being she had knew and loathed but deep in her heart being the mush that she was, she couldn't leave him like that. Besides.what if he killed the police. Oh boy then there'd be issues. (-)_(-)

Putting one foot in front of the other, Tea returned to where Yami Malik was still hunched over, sitting on the ground like a wild dog.

Yami Malik or Marik as he liked to call himself hadn't moved an inch since Tea left. Only then, when he heard the movement of mud and water mingled together, splashing to and fro did he turn his head.

IT.WAS THE GIRL AGAIN! His mind seemed to scream as she stomped back, her head facing the ground, the cell phone dangling from her right hand.

He couldn't help it.his narrow slit eyes snapping wide open, strands of his golden hair shooting up once more! He obviously hadn't scared her enough. Too bad there wasn't a rock anywhere or he would've chucked it at her a while ago.

Marik: Why are you here? It's in your best interest to leave while you still can! Or I WILL kill you!

Tea: You would've enjoyed it too but the fact of the matter is you're too hurt to even stand. (She mumbled, her knees shaking uncontrollably.)

Marik: True but I have my-

Tea: I don't believe you. I think you're powerless.

Marik: I think you better shut your dirty little mouth before I send you to a place worst then hell you miserable human being!

Tea: Well I think you're bluffing and it seems to me that you're a miserable human being just like the rest of us. (She retorted proudly, beginning to lose fear.)

His life was now in her hands, and he couldn't do a thing about it.

Marik: HOW DARE YOU! I'll slash your-

Marik jumped from his position in rage, only falling back down again in utter pain. He couldn't hold it in anymore. It hurt too greatly for him to hide it! He had never truly known physical pain, of course he was never human before. But now he knew every aspect of it.

Dropping to his knees, he cried out in pain, a drop of blood from his mouth mixing with the rain water streaming down his face and onto his ragged cloth slipping, sticking down onto his knees.

"AWW!! UGH.Dammit."

Tea gasped slightly, stepping back in some surprise. She didn't expect him to actually make a move on her like that. He was really going to kill her!

Jeez either she was really brave or just plain stupid.

Tea: Y-you w-were going to kill me! (She practically screamed.)

Marik: Cough, cough, I still would if I could, I promise you that! (He snapped, staring at her with the darkest of hatred.)

Tea took a deep breath. She was just going to have to deal with his nasty personality.well only until Yugi and the others could figure out a way to deal with him. Maybe Malik or Isis would know.

Nervously she stared down seeming this was the only way she could talk so boldly to him. "Okay here's the deal Yami Malik.the police will be here in about 15 minutes. You're powerless, weak, injured, possibly sick, and you're like practically nude so you can do this of one of two different ways. One, you can wait here for the police to tend to you and maybe spend a good deal of your life locked away, or two, you can come back with me to my house, we can get you treated and Yugi or Isis can figure out a way to deal with you. Now what will it be?"

Was Tea really negotiating with him or did she just make the biggest mistake of her life?

Marik scoffed, pushing himself up with his hands and laying himself back in the position he started out in. It seemed the most comfortable way at the moment.

Marik: I don't negotiate.

Tea: Well your ribs are damaged and if you don't get some help soon you're going to most likely die. Then you'd be doing me a favor so why don't you drop the act and just accept my help and make this so much harder on me.

Marik raised an eye surprised that she just came out and said she hated him just like that. As long as she wasn't the type to have those strong feelings this maybe could work to his advantage.

Marik: I see.well I'm left with no other choice wench. (He grimaced, narrowing his eyes at her.)

Tea nodded in agreement getting the feeling that he definitely had something nasty up his sleeves.

Tea: Well?

Marik: Well what you worthless ape?

Tea: (Wincing.) Get up. Come on.

Marik: Let's make this very clear girl.VERY clear. I am no one's slave and believe me if you don't start showing some fear soon, I'd rather die right here. I am ordered around by no one.

'My gosh! He sounds more like Joey then an evil spirit.' Tea thought, rolling her eyes.

Tea: If we don't move we're both going to be in trouble. (She said nervously glancing around for a police car.)

Marik: Humph, besides I can't stand.

Tea froze. He was right. His condition didn't look too good. She'd have to support him the majority of the way, and that meant actually getting closer than where she already stood.

Tea: Um so that means.that um you want me to support you?

Marik: It would look that way. (He mocked.)

Tea: I don't know.

Marik: You're right you don't know but I do. If you don't help me up then you and I will be in a great deal of trouble and I promise if I go down you're coming with me. Besides you're my only way out of here.for the moment so I'm going to need you're assistance for the time being.

Marik's words didn't hit home for Tea at all, but what else could she do? She was soaked and she saw no sight of her umbrella. It must've flown away. She could get a cold anytime now and become as sick as the buffoon on the ground. Besides he was right about one thing.he needed her.

She watched skeptically as Marik coughed again, a couple splatters of blood rolling down whatever dry skin remained on his chin. He wasn't putting on an act right there. Besides, as soon as she got him to her house, she could give the others a call, maybe even tie him up and then if he were nice enough, No, she wouldn't tend to his wounds. This guy before her felt nothing but hate.

A siren sounded in the distance. Tea was left with no other option.

Tea: Sigh, fine. But if you try anything now you know that you're only chance of survival or whatever you want to do will be ruined. She gulped nervously.)

Marik nodded, glaring up at her with dark orbs, so dark it would scare the skin off a cobra. "Understand this, as soon as I am better somewhat, first chance I get you will die or become a victim at my disposal."

Tea shivered slightly at his words. She would have to remember as soon as she got into her home, arm herself, and call Yugi, no delays.

Tea: Yeah I know. (She grimaced, rubbing her arm.)

Marik: Humph, very well then. You have m word.

'How good was that?' Tea thought to herself, as she reached around his should and fully supported him up.

Marik: OW!! Watch it bitch!

Tea dropped him where he stood.

"You can rot here then if you don't like what I'm doing." She stuttered, backing away from the body that laid sprawled out on all fours.

Marik peered from the corner of his eyes, a growl emitting from the back of his throat.

Tea: Well?

Marik: I have nothing else to say.

With that said, Tea stepped forward again, trying her best to lift the Egyptian boy to his feet.

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