Zoeygirl: I do not own Y-g-oh or my own work for that matter so it seems.

Alright first off I'd like to apologize to the people who were expecting a chapter. I'm deeply sorry you have no idea. I was sorry from the very beginning and let me tell ya what, I'm as deeply troubled with my work not getting on here as some who I think were expecting an update. The truth is, this story was getting removed too eventually.

I have no other way to put this because this is my last entry, my last comment concerning this site, and any others who follows such ridiculous rules. When I came to this site I thought it was an area for me to unleash my creativity, as I could say the same to the rest of you who wish to read or write. It's a place to unleash or sustain your imagination to the fullest, or that's at least what fanfiction promotes. Well....I'm sorry to say they have lost site of what their slogan says....


These words this site promotes no longer has any meaning. Their slogan has lost the feeling in which was to be meant, to allow anyone to free their souls with whatever and whichever way they chose. Never have I come across a free writing site where the word "free" was as meaningless as the words I am typing. To some this may be an oxymoron while to others you too may know what I mean. I've seen and gotten to many E-mails after the elimination of my own story, about how they are losing their stories without word or notice, because of the style the story is written or because of a complaint from another reader or writer who has no reason to read it if it bothers he or she. No one has forced that person so that is the only comment I'll make on the people who have reported others. To the one who has reported my stories and has e-mailed me, I'm unsure what your intentions are but I am going to have the last word here and there's not a darn thing you can do about it, even if this removed 30 min after it is posted, because I am finished with fanfiction and for good. I don't have to worry about saving my stories thanks to kind people who have sent me an extra copy. I don't have to worry about the viewers seeing them because I feel they were basically for my own enjoyment if not, then what reason were they put up on this site for? Only to say this: It is because I wanted to see how many others I could relate with, how many others have the same passion to write, and how many others wish to share their inspiration with one another. That is and was the only reason. If someone wishes to get a copy I will try and e-mail it to you if I can, but I don't have every chapter of every story. ;;;

My work isn't ruined and it will never be, for while I may give up writing for the mean time I don't intend to stop. To that person which I will not name so as not to hurt your reputation as a writer, seeing as your stories still exist strong, I can only laugh at your attempt to bury others who enjoy their love of writing. You haven't done anything but feed your own hate and cursed at the words I am explaining to you now. If you wish to continue e-mailing me, it would be a waste of time because I don't intend to read another one. They instantly go into my pile of trash as a result of the extra time you took to write such an idiotic letter, finishing with the words "I'm sorry but I had to."

As for the site itself, I know this and everything I have left including my account will be removed instantly, I have no regrets, but I felt I wasn't going down without a fight. I just wanted to tell everyone else who has suffered their loss of hours and hours of writing, to fluctuate their stressful life, do not give up hope. I wish ya the best of luck and if someone doesn't make their point stand then it never will. I'm moving on, whether it is to another site or out of fiction writing for good. My advice to everyone is, if you feel something is wrong then you need to voice your opinion. Life is going to be a lot like the unfair way this site runs the free minded readers and writers out there. Only you guys have the power to change that. Well...I have the person who got me into writing to thank for, the first story I ever read from a fiction writer no older then me, so to you I thank ya. I have nothing else to say really. I have voiced my opinion and I'm ready to be removed. Good luck to all of ya I'll be backing you up. This is my last note to the people of fanfiction though. I will not be reviewing under my account name or writing although I may read your story and review it under a non-account name so look out. -. I hope to stay in touch with ya guys longer though, just e-mail me.

Welps.....as they say during the most meaningless time-ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO PURSUE IT. You guys do the same. See ya for the last time. -.