Hello there!!! I'm a fan fic writer with a lot of unfinished fics. Anywayz, this is the first fic that I am going to publish and I hope that I could finish it. Hehehe. c",) Umm. this is a Ranma x Ryoga fic. It's yaoi. But, don't worry. It's the cheesy type of yaoi. There is no s** scenes involved. (*o*). I really find these two a cute couple. They may be rivals but they're cute as a couple. Anywayz, the one that inspired me to write this fic is WolverGrim. If you have time, please read his Ranma x Ryoga fic too. I'll only say this once. All the characters in my fic are borrowed. They are not mine. Anywayz, enjoy reading and please R&R. c",)


"I love you."

"But. but we can't."

"You know, it doesn't matter. What matters is I love you."

Two figures are standing beneath a sakura.

"But what will they think of us?"

"I don't care, Ryoga. I don't care."

"But I care, Ranma!"

"But, I love you, Ryoga! Isn't that enough?" Ranma held Ryoga tightly. "I love you with all my heart. I'll give up my life for you. I'll. I'll."

"No Ranma." Ryoga pushed Ranma away. "Ranma, I love you."

"Then why can't we?"

"I love you as a friend, Ranma."

Water droplets started to accumulate in Ranma's eyes. "But. but Ryoga, I'll do anything for you. Isn't there anything I can do for you to love me? I'll. I'll do anything."

Tears started to fall from Ranma's eyes when he heard Ryoga's reply. "We're friends and nothing could change that, Ranma."

"But, Ryoga, is someone better than me?" Ranma asked.

"Akane. Akane Tendo."

"But. but."

"You knew it, Ranma, from the very start that I love Akane. Akane is my world. Ranma, I was jealous of you, dead jealous when I knew that you were engaged with Akane. That's why I hated you," tears started to roll in Ryoga's cheeks. "That's why I hated you more and challenged you even more."

"Ryoga, that's when I realized that I love you," More tears fell from Ranma's eyes.

"Ranma, we're friends and I want to keep it like that," Ryoga said, "Umm. I need to go now. I still have an errand to run. Bye, friend." Ryoga tried to smile but tears are still flowing down his face.

Ranma watched until Ryoga's figure was gone. Ranma fell to the ground and the wind blew. Cherry blossom petals started to fall. The cherry blossom was responding to Ranma's hurt feelings.