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Sun and Space:

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Version 1.1


~ 10,000 years ago ~

Pain…pain surrounded him…he knew that too well…his body felt like it was pierced over a hundred times over…perhaps it did…he looked to his side and saw her…she was in no better shape than he was. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea too rushed in without reinforcements…but it's too late for regrets now.

"I…I'm…sorry…Lithea…" the man, clad in armor (or at least it used to be an armor or what pass for it), said to his female companion. He was breathing hard. And judging from the pool of blood, he knew had little time.

"For…what…Arthel?" replied the girl donning a sailor fuku (in a shape no better than Arthel's armor).

"Seems…like…I won't…be…able to…take…you…to the…ball…as…I promised…" He said stammering. It was already getting very difficult for him to breathe, much less talk.

"Yes…quite…a shame…really…I wish…we…could…have danced…together…one last time…" she replied sadly.

"At least…those…Obsidian…Knights…will…no…longer…trouble Queen…Serenity…" he added thoughtfully.

"Yeah…*cough* *cough*…" With every ounce of strength left in her, turned her head to face her beloved. "Arthel?"

"What is it?" he asked while looking deep into her beautiful brown eyes.

"Know that…I will…always…love…you…always…"

"I know…Lithea…I too will…always love…you…I hope…someday…we…could be…together again…"


Arthel reached for Lithea's hand and both gave each other a gentle squeeze before the life flickered away from their eyes, their battered bodies finally giving in to the injuries they have sustained in the prior battle.

A few minutes after, Sailor Pluto arrived on the scene with a dozen Moon Guards.

"It can't be…we're…too late…" Sailor Pluto said with a trembling voice that matched by a sadden face that betrayed her usual stoic and emotionless face.

She cried a single tear, than ran down her cheeks, before her face resumed that cold uncaring mask.

Sailor Pluto motions for the guards to gather the fallen warriors. "Retrieve their bodies so that we can give them proper burial rights when we return to the Moon."

"Yes, ma'am!" replied the guards and immediately went about to do their task.

Sailor Pluto watched as the guards, almost reverently, picked up the battered, dead bodies of her best friends and carries them to their shuttle.

[Is this why my future self did not want to know what would happen in the immediate future?] She thought to herself and hated herself, literally, for it. She knew what would happen if she knew the future and attempted to change it. The implications would have been disastrous.

She collected herself and returned to the shuttle as well. The Sun Collective and Vesta Kingdom were not going to like the bad news she is going to bring.

~ Present Time, Nerima ~

"Move to Juuban?" asked a certain pig-tailed martial artist to his mother.

His mother looks at him calmly and said "Yes son. It could help you and Akane get away from all the hassle and bustle of the other fiancées and other people after you or Akane. And it should be far enough to get you away from that idiot of husband of mine!

The last words were pronounced with such venom that a certain panda in the room twitched and feared for his life.

It has been four days after the disastrous wedding attempt, and Nodoka felt that the two needed time to sort themselves out alone, far from all the distractions in Nerima.

"Auntie, are you certain that no one will find us?" Akane asked hopefully. She badly wanted to get away from all the madness that has happened in Nerima the past year, and specially to get the memories of that disastrous wedding out of her head.

Akane knew that Ranma had wanted to marry her that day. Judging from the way he looked at her in that wedding gown and especially to that little heart to heart talk they had after that failed wedding.

"I'm sure, Akane-chan. I've asked Nabiki _nicely_ and she eagerly agreed to help." Nodoka replied cheerfully.

Akane and Ranma looked at one another. The word _nicely_ meant either Nodoka paid Nabiki handsomely or shown her a glitter of the katana's blade. Either way is fine with them so long as they can get away from all these.

"When do we leave mom?" Ranma asked.

"As soon as you two are packed."

"I don't usually have too much to pack. So I'll be done in a minute." He looks at his fiancée. "Don't know about Akane though…"

"Well, I might take a little bit of time…since we are going away for a quite bit." She replied sheepishly.

"Take your time dear. Take your time." Nodoka said as she gently pats Akane's shoulder. "I'll be waiting in the main room." Nodoka then grabs Genma by his ear. "Come along dear."

With that said Nodoka pulled a fat panda along and left the two alone in the dojo.

Akane and Ranma were silent for a few minutes. Both were blushing slightly at the thought of the two of them to be finally alone and away from their usual admirers.

Akane decided to break the silence, "So…uh…Ranma…did auntie tell you where we're going to stay?

"Huh? Oh, she said we're staying at my cousin's place. Hikawa Shrine I think was the name…it has all sorts of wards to protect it against demons, so mom says that not even the old pervert could enter."

"We should try and put up some here as well."

"Yeah…come on tomboy we need to pack!" Ranma walked towards the exit, and was headed for the guest room to start packing his things.

Akane also began to exit the dojo when what Ranma said finally registered in her head. "RANMA! WHAT DID YOU CALL ME AGAIN?"

In matter of a few seconds, a loud crash from a mallet could be heard five blocks away from the Tendo dojo followed by a "RANMA NO BAKA!"

End Prologue

Author's Note:

Well I know that a couple of fanfics usually uses Nemesis as the planet that lies where the asteroid, and in version 1.0 I did used Nemesis but decided that I should use another name and I came up with Vesta, Roman goddess of the hearth of flame (I think), because I helps minimize the association with the Black Moon Family's Nemesis.

The Sun Collective as I have introduced earlier, is a collection of colonies orbiting near the sun, and much closer to it than Mercury is.

Yes, I edited the structure of this fanfic. I removed the script format most people seem to hate.

And yes, I know that a sailormoon/ranma crossover like this has been done enough times to fill out every volume of encyclopedia Britannica from front to cover, but even so each writer (unless he copied another's work word for word) has a unique approach and style and point of view to the story that no two will really be exactly the same.

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