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Preserving the Roman Tradition

Was he that kind of jerk? The kind that'd steal another guy's girl, right from under his nose--a guy who trusted him, with his life, his freedom, his secrets? With his worthy-of-a-Shakespearean-tragedy love?

No. At least, he liked to think not. Maybe time and opportunity might eventually prove him wrong...

But until then: No. Any other number of kinds of jerk he might be--but not that kind.

Then why did people have such an easy time believing it? Why'd they clamber so quickly to the lie?

People? Who--Logan? Max? Right, those were a coupla unbiased opinions. Max never bothered to look past the cloud for the silver lining--or the transgenic for the man. Logan... was a fool. A fool in love, a transgression that could be forgiven, but a fool nonetheless.

But they were his friends, weren't they? And weren't friends supposed to give each other the benefit of the doubt?

Or maybe he'd just used up all his benefits. After all, there was a lot they'd already forgiven... maybe this was it. He was the boy who'd cried, "wolf" one too many times.

It didn't matter. He was going to set it right.

The truth, the truth will free you. Or some other shit like that. And he'd spent enough of his life lying as it was. Not that he had plans to stop anytime soon... but lies of this sort were just useless. And painful. And stupid.

They were stupid. Both of them--maybe all of them!

Here he was now, on his way to see Max's ex, who was under the distinct impression that he, Alec, was said Max's current. And it did not for a comfortable situation make.

If it were just Logan he was talking about, he might have passed it off on his status as an "ordinary". But there was Max to consider as well. Maybe this stupidity was just the result of too many years spent in the outside world. That might explain it.

Of course, this begged the question of just how long he had before the stupidity consumed him as well. Or maybe his jaded outlook on life would save him from that fate. One could always hope.

Then again, there was that old saying, "When in Rome..."

Maybe one day he would be forced to embrace the idiocy as a final solution to preserving his own sanity.

At any rate, he was here now, and he would sort things out with Logan. He would set him straight, clear his own name, and let Mr. Eyes Only know that his Lady Love was just that--his Lady Love. Max might be pissed, but eventually she'd get over it; and Logan, Logan--

--was breaking firewood with his foot?

Huh. This Rome was a hard place to find your way out of.