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Build My Heart

Even now, in this modern era, it is possible to be in a loveless marriage, as she, a member of the upper crust, the icing on the societal cake so to speak knew well.

She had married young, when she was foolish, and reckless, thinking she was in love because everyone else seemed to think so. He was of course, handsome and charming, with a million dollar smile, and over a billion in the bank and she, though not quite as well off, was beautiful.

She was beautiful even now, after five years of marriage, as she sat lounging on a reclining pool-side chair with her long blonde hair loose about her shoulders, and her wide crystal blue eyes focused upon the words of her novel.

And he took her into his arms and kissed her, as she had never been kissed before. It was like a homecoming, two souls melding into one she read her heart fluttering as the lowly thief finally told the Lady how he felt.

Slipping her book mark between the pages, she closed the novel and placed it on the pool-deck. Her eyes had taken a distinctly dreamy glow, as she sighed, lost in a day dream.

"Maybe some-day" she whispered to the afternoon

"Serena, are you out there?" the voice of her husband's calling broke through the stillness of the afternoon.

"I'm by the pool" the blonde called in reply, watching as he walked towards her.

"Ah there you are!" he joked, as he leaned over to kiss her forehead.

"So… what's on your mind?" Serena questioned, as she looked into her husbands warm hazel eyes

"Well, darling, remember how I was thinking of building a home on the property I bought in Whistler?"

"That's that skiing village near Vancouver correct?"

"Yes, dear…well, I want you to go there, and watch over it for me." He stated

"Me?" she asked in shock

"Yes, I have already hired the architect, and seen if you agree I will phone James to let him know that I would like to rent his cabin …"

"But... I don't know David, I mean; I'll be all alone up there"

"Now when has that ever stopped you? Besides, I'm sure once you have it arranged you can go stay in the city. You're old friend from high school moved there didn't she?"

"Yes, Amy did move their when she married Greg…well, can I think about it?"

"Of course dear, just let me know… but just think of it this way, you will have the final say in everything, just as long as it doesn't cost us over two-million to build."  David then stood up, and began walking back into the house. He knew his wife, if would be anywhere from five minutes to a couple weeks before she made up her mind, and she always wanted to be left alone for half-an-hour after he posed any major decision.

Serena smiled slightly, it did sound like a bit of an adventure… and if she was in Canada that was a very good reason not to have to sleep with David. He wanted children, and she did not but had recently gone off the pill to end their arguments.

Sighing, she tapped out a little rhythm with her fingers as she pondered, her eyes drifting about, until they landed upon the cover of her novel…

I should go, it will be an adventure she thought… and that was it, she had made up her mind.

 "David" she called, waiting until he had turned around before continuing, "Let James know that we'll need the cabin."

"Sure thing sweet-pea… how does a flight for this week-end sound?"

"Marvellous" Serena replied

"Great, then I'll book our flight, and we'll be in Vancouver on Saturday."

That settled, Serena decided to go for a swim.


They arrived as planned on a typically warm but rainy late-winter afternoon at the beautiful Vancouver international air-port, and were greeted by none other than James and a beautiful raven haired woman, whom Serena had never met.

"James!" David exclaimed on spotting his old friend "how are you"

"I'm doing well, you?"

"Just fine"

"And you Serena?" James asked 

"I'm great, thanks" she replied smiling even as her eyes flicked to his companion.

"Oh! Yes, David, Serena, this is Natalie my Girlfriend"

"It's so nice to finally meet you both" Natalie gushed, "James has been talking about you all week" 

"Yes, well... shall we be off?"

The quartet left the airport, piling into James's SUV for the long drive up the sea-to-sky to whistler.

"So David how long are you in town for?" James questioned, knowing that it wouldn't' be too long.

"Just until Tuesday. Long enough to introduce Serena to the architect, and to ensure that she likes the place."


When Monday rolled around, Serena was very thankful. David had been wanting to have sex whenever possible. Yes, sex, as to her it was no longer making love. It was still enjoyable, and she did enjoy the feel of his hands upon her, but the old spark just wasn't there. In fact, as far as she was concerned most of the passion and romance which had marked their courtship and first three years of marriage had begun to fade away over the last two years, and whenever she had brought it up with him, David had simply shrugged and asked her what she expected after knowing each other so long.

Serena of course did not agree, she had seen Rei and Chad, they had been married for seven years, and they were still so very much in love. It was painfully obvious in the way they spoke to one another, touched one another, everything about them just at least in Serena's eyes ooze with their feelings.

And so Monday, the day she would be meeting the architect had arrived. In her mind, Serena pictured a middle aged man, not bad looking, but not handsome either, with hair just beginning to go grey, and a belly beginning to bulge. But of course, this image could not at all describe the man who walked into the study at 9am. No, first off, he was young no more than twenty-five, secondly his hair was dark ebony, with not a trace of grey and in no danger of thinning, and thirdly he was in excellent shape…

Serena gulped, as she felt her heart pound in her chest. This was not good, not good at all.

"Good morning Mr. Chiba" she heard David greet him as if from a distance as they shook hands

"Good morning Sir" he replied, "I have all the plans with me, would you care to see them?"

David laughed lightly, "no, I really know nothing about architecture that is why my wife will be taking care of everything."

It was then that she realized he hadn't seen her, and so getting up from where she had been seated at the far side of the room she walked towards the two men, with butterflies in her stomach as she told her self to just breathe.

"Good morning Mr. Chiba" she greeted, with a smile. He turned his full attention to her then, and she found herself looking up slightly and into his twin pools of ocean blue. They are eyes a girl could drown herself in she thought as he took her pro-offered hand and brought it to his lips

"It is a pleasure meeting you Ms. Mitchell"

"Serena…" she corrected, wanting to hear her name spoken in his rich deep voice

"Serena" he repeated, releasing her hand.

 "Mr. Chiba, I'd like to see the plans" she stated trying to get her body's reaction to his masculinity under control

"of course, and it's Darien… if we are going to be working on this project for a couple of months, we might as well get all formality out of the way, don't you agree?"

She gulped,

"It does provide a better work-atmosphere" David agreed, reminding the pair that he was still in the room.

"I suppose so" Serena commented, as Darien set about unrolling the plans.

"Well darling, I'm going to go. I should finish reading that company report before I leave tomorrow, so best of luck you two, and remember… two million max."

When he finally left the room, the dark haired architect, and his blonde-haired employer set to work.

"I haven't actually started anything" Darien admitted making Serena laugh

"Why-ever not?"

"Well, your husband told me you studied a bit of architecture… so I thought you might like to have a hand in everything, top to bottom, beginning to end."

She smiled a smile of pure joy, causing the architects breath to catch in his throat.

"I would love to help, but I don't really remember much about what the site looks like. David was too busy making me look here and there, and telling me things to let me have a really good look around."

"He is excited" Darien commented thinking I would be too if I was building a vacation home to share with her

"Yes, well… he is determined to keep me happy" Serena remarked with a wistful sigh

Darien frowned slightly unsure what to make of this statement, "why don't we go look at the sight now? Then tomorrow we can try to think up some brilliant floor plan"

"All right" she agreed, and so after putting on coats, boots, and other winter gear they headed outside, into the lightly falling snow down the road to where the empty lot upon which the house they were designing would stand.


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