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Chapter 4

The remainder of the week flew by filled with the usual social tedium that was the fate of a Country Club wife except, now as she sat listening to the women around her chatter about marriage arrangements for children, Hollywood gossip, and who was currently having an affair she felt guilty. For with every passing moment she longed to be somewhere else, with someone else to be exact. It had only been a kiss, and yet her very being ached for his touch, for the sound of his voice. It was driving her crazy with want, and yet she silently swore that she would not indulge herself. She had a good husband, and her life was what anyone would dream of, albeit a tad lonely from time to time though the hours of the club helped to ease that ache.

After her days at the club, she would return home late in the evenings, have a quick meeting with Mr Chiba as she forced herself to call him, before finally retiring to bed.

The meetings, oh lord, those meetings were so intense that the tension of their mutual desire was almost tangible. Almost, as desire as everyone knows is an abstract thing, though one that can be difficult to suppress.

When Tuesday came Serena was beyond thankful, as she was not sure how much longer she could stand the pattern of her days in Whistler. And so, with a quick call to Amy she left the Cabin a day early, and before the clock could announce that ten o'clock had arrived.

She did not say good-bye to Darien, only told Marie that she was going and that she would not be back until sometime the following week at the soonest, before she hopped into the taxi that took her to the local bus stop.

After all, despite the fact that she could easily afford the hundred or so dollars that the trip into town would cost her, the blonde preferred the bus. In all honesty it grounded her, being down among the "common" people as David jokingly referred to them as despite her many protests.

As usual on the rare occasions she used public transport, Serena settled herself near the rear on one of the side-ways facing seats. She had learned from experience that young people generally occupied the back, and many of them could be rather friendly and provide interesting entertainment.

That ride was no different, as she soon found herself surrounded by drifter-boarders, and others from both city and mountain alike either going home or heading to town to explore. Yet this time, instead of immediately immersing herself in a conversation, she found her eyes straying to a couple, about her age, where they sat at the back of the bus. The woman had her head against her partners shoulder, and he had his arm about her. They spoke to one another in whispers, and as she watched them Serena's heart ached for their closeness. It was silly really, but they sent her mind reeling back in time, and in the face of their obvious affection she found herself scrutinizing her relationship and subsequent marriage, until drained of energy her eyes drifted shut as she fell into a troubled sleep.

She awoke much later with a start as the bus lurched to a halt at the station.

Blinking sleepily as she yawned, Serena managed to get to her feet and stumble down the isle to the doors.

Once off, she glanced around for her luggage, nearly falling as someone hurtled into her from behind.

"Oh my gosh! Serena!!! I can't believe you're here" the person gushed breaking her embrace long enough to allow the blonde to turn.

The pair stared at each other for a moment grinning like complete idiots before they broke down laughing.

"You haven't changed a bit" Serena commented as she took in her friend's slender figure and ever-short hair.

"yea yea, whatever you say hun, now tell me what you've been doing, and why you are here early"

Serena just sighed demanding, "Oh, so now I need a reason to visit?"

Amy didn't reply, just gave her a penetrating stare before gathering her friend's bag into her arms and marching off towards where she'd parked.

As they drove back to Amy's house, Serena felt herself slowly relax. It was a relief to be away from the tension filled cabin and more importantly Darien, not to mention she really was excited to be seeing Amy.

As expected her friend's house was in the ritzy west end of the city. To get to the house itself, one had to drive down a long driveway, through a gate and past the tall privacy trees. When the house was finally in view it was like a trip back in time, as it was a rather large yellow building built in Mexican Hacienda style, with large archways all filled in with glass, and terra-cotta roof shingles. It was a beautiful house, and the inside was just as amazing. The entrance way has vaulted ceilings and a curved staircase leading to the second floor.

"Wow Amy, your house is beautiful" the blonde remarked as she took in her surroundings. 

Amy distractedly nodded her acknowledgment as she told the maid where to take Serena's belongings.

"well then, Serena, why don't you follow Sara here. She will take you to your room so that you can change, and then you and I can catch up."

"ok, I'll see you in a bit then"

Darien heaved a sigh as he stood up from his solitary dinner. When his employer hadn't shown up for breakfast, and then again for lunch he finally acknowledge the undeniable fact that she really and truly was no longer there, which could only mean she'd left for her trip into town early.

Alone, he returned to the drafts, surprised at his lack of motivation yet knowing he had to continue. The polished first drafts had to be finished before he went to Vancouver for the weekend, as David wanted to see them early the following week.

"damn it" he shocked himself by muttering, as a flare of jealousy surged through him.

Amazed at the intensity of the negative emotion he flopped down in a chair, one hand lifting to push dark raven bangs away from troubled eyes.

Darien, oh Darien, aren't you in for it now Mr. Chiba. You have a job to do, but are finding it hard... he thought nibbling at his lower lip as he reverted his gaze back to the building plans heh such a fool you are, this place, you really aren't making it for him are you?

"it's for her, it's all for her." He whispered as the image of a slender blonde laughing as she raced through the snow filled the insides of his closed eye-lids.

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