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This is a continuation of sorts, of the first part.  Thought this might be fun...

[Scene:  Conference Room.  Inuyasha, Kagome, Sesshoumaru, Jaken, Narita Ken.  Inuyasha is sulking in his chair, and Narita Ken is held at swordpoint by Sesshoumaru]

Kagome:  You guys need to calm down.  I've already sent Shippou for a rosary, Sesshoumaru, so you need to calm down too.  Don't give me that look!  I've had it with your icy glares.  We're not in the anime right now, remember?

Sesshoumaru:  ... [unsheathes Toukijin]  The threat of a rosary does not intimidate I, Sesshoumaru.

Kagome:  Honestly... you can drop the ego trip.  Everyone KNOWS you're Sesshoumaru.  Lording it over us doesn't do anything but make you look like a too-proud child.

Sesshoumaru:  Do you dare call me an infant, wench?

Kagome:  Hey!  You really are like Inuyasha.  Call me by name!  Ka – go – me.  It's not that hard!

Sesshoumaru:  You insult me, wench.  And where is your short skirt?

Kagome:  I'm not being filmed right now, I can wear whatever I want!  And I happen to like jeans when I'm around perverts like Miroku-sama!

Jaken:  Pathetic humans, worrying about such things... and wearing such indecent clothing!

Kagome:  [annoyed sigh]  Really, you guys can stop the Sengoku Jidai act.  Jaken, you know your wife wears jeans all the time.  I know who makes them for her!

Jaken:  Hey!  Stay away from my wife, you disgusting—

Narita:  Jaken.

Jaken:  Hai, Sesshoumaru-sa—STOP DOING THAT!

Sesshoumaru: ...

[Jaken looks momentarily uncertain, then smirks smugly when Sesshoumaru doesn't call his name.]

Jaken:  Hah!  This Jaken will no longer be fooled by—

Sesshoumaru:  Jaken.

Jaken:  Your worthless tricks—

Sesshoumaru:  Jaken.

Jaken:  Because I know when Sesshoumaru-sama is truly speaking to me—

SesshoumaruJaken.  [wealth of annoyance in his voice]

Jaken:  For he sounds much more confident, much more like the taiyoukai he—


Jaken:  [against the table]  Please forgive this lowly Jaken, my lord...

Sesshoumaru:  You seem enamored of your own voice.

Jaken:  Please forgive me, Sesshoumaru-sama.

Sesshoumaru: ...

Narita:  Shut up, Jaken.

Jaken:  Hai, Sesshoumaru-sama.

Narita:  Go throw yourself off a bridge.  It's annoying seeing someone as ugly as you every day.

Jaken:  Hai, Sesshoumaru-sama.  [walks to the door before realizing what's going on]  Why you...! [brandishes the Staff of Heads menacingly]


Kagome:  Honestly, I'm going to need to tell your wife about how annoying you've been lately.

Inuyasha:  Yeah, really.  He was starting to get on my nerves.

Kagome:  Inuyasha... he did get on your nerves.  You're the one that hit him.

Jaken:  [voice muffled, as he's plastered against the floor]  Please forgive this lowly Jaken, Sesshoumaru-sama... and don't tell my wife.  She uses the staff better than I do!

Kagome:  [laughter]  She's also shorter than you.  But at least she's a lot cuter!

*knock, knock*

[Kagome opens the door curiously.]

Kagome:  Ah!  Shippou-chan!  Thank you!  [holds a box in her hand]

Shippou:  Just like you asked, Kagome!  And look!  I found a new friend!

Watanabe Kumiko:  Hello!  I'm Watanabe Kumiko, the seiyuu for Shippou—

Inuyasha and Jaken:  [raucous laughter]

Inuyasha:  Wha?  Go figure the brat has a girl to be his voice!

Kagome:  [sweetly] Inuyasha...

Inuyasha:  [ears twitch violently]  Wh-what's with that face, Kagome?

Kagome:  SIT!


Inuyasha:  Owww, yoo~oooooooou—

Kumiko:  [speaks loudly]  Please call me Kumiko!

Kagome:  Ah, Kumiko-chan!  Here, there's an empty seat by Narita-san.

Narita:  It is good to see you again, Watanabe-san.

Kumiko:  And you, Narita-san.  Shippou, what's wrong?

Shippou:  [in tears]  It's n-not m-my f-fault y-you're a gi-g-girl!

Kagome:  Oh, Shippou-chan, don't you listen to that stupid man...

Inuyasha:  HEY!

Kagome:  SIT!


Sesshoumaru:  Hmph.  As foolish as ever, half-breed.

Inuyasha:  Ooooh... as soon as this wears off, you're going to regret thaa~aat!

Sesshoumaru:  As if a lowly hanyou like yourself could ever touch I, Sesshoumaru!

Kagome:  [sweetly]  Oh, Sesshoumaru-sama?

Sesshoumaru:  What do you want, wench?

Kagome:  I have a gift for you—here!  [a rosary is quickly slipped over his head before he can react, having been staring at his brother]

Sesshoumaru:  ?!

Kagome:  SIT!



Sesshoumaru:  [against the table]  I now understand my brother's fear of such a thing...

Kagome:  The both of you, play nice!

Sesshoumaru:  For so daring to insult I, Sesshoumaru, you will pay!  [gets up and unsheathes Toukijin]

Inuyasha:  Hey!  Don't you lay a hand on Kagome!  [unsheathes Tetsusaiga]

[Cue Battle Music]

Kagome:  Ah—

Kumiko:  [stars sparkle around her]  My, Kagome-chan, they are fighting over you!

Kagome:  Yes, well, it's not exactly—

Shippou:  They're idiots.

Kagome:  Well, yes, I do—

Narita:  Jaken.

Jaken:  Hai, Sessho—why you!


Narita:  I was quite for too long.

Kagome:  Ah...

Sesshoumaru:  Enough with this pointless chatter!  Inuyasha, you will become rust on my Toukijin—

Kagome:  You said that already.

Sesshoumaru:  Did I?  Hmm.  I mustn't become repetitive.  It is not good for the Lord of the Western Lands.  Well, then, Inuyasha, wash your neck and wait for me!

Kagome:  You know... that means you can't fight right now.

Sesshoumaru:  Who's asking you, wench?

Inuyasha:  Shut up, Kagome!  Just let us fight!

[Cue funny thinking music]

Shippou:  I think Inuyasha's brain got squished out of him by all the sits.

Kagome:  Yes, but I haven't said 'sit'—



Kagome:  All that often, you know.

Sesshoumaru & Inuyasha:  Why you...

Jaken:  Ah!  My lord Sesshoumaru-sama, to be brought down by a filthy human's subduing spell!  I shall save—ack!  [rosaries are slipped over his head]

Kagome:  Narita-san, I give this one to you.

Narita:  Jaken.


Kagome:  An interesting choice...

Narita:  And suitable, don't you think?

Shippou:  Hey, how did two come out of that box?  I only brought one!

Kumiko:  Ah, Shippou, that's what I think is called artistic license.

Shippou:  Huh?

Kagome:  That means Cassidy-chan is messing with our heads again.

Cassidy Jewell:  Enough with that, get back to the conversation at hand!

Kagome, Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, Jaken, Narita, Shippou, Kumiko:  Yes, Cassidy Jewell-sama, oh greatest of writers and most revered person we know who is giving us an extremely lame line to—



Inuyasha:  [helium-effected voice against the table, a lamp in shards on his head]  I think we got her mad.

Sesshoumaru:  This was your fault.  Inuyasha.  Die.

Kagome:  SIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Narita:  Jaken.


Narita:  Sounds better with three, I think.

Kagome:  I believe so.  Hmm, I think I'm hungry.

Kumiko & Shippou:  Hey, let's go out for ice cream!

Sesshoumaru & Inuyasha:  Why you—huh?  Ice cream?

Sesshoumaru:  You will bring me back a triple scoop of black cherry.

Inuyasha:  No, you idiot!  Ramen-flavored!

Kagome:  There's no such THING as ramen-flavored, you idiot!

Inuyasha:  True.  Besides, I hate ramen.  I don't see why they had to put that in the anime and manga.  Keh, idiots.  Get me some chocolate.

Kagome:  I'm not your slave!

Inuyasha:  Do it, wench!

Jaken:  I will bring you back your ice cream, Sesshoumaru-sama!  [begins to run out the door]

Narita:  Jaken.


Narita:  I wish a triple scoot of mint and chocolate chip.

Kagome:  Ooh, I want some butterscotch.  A double and on a wafer cone!

Shippou:  CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!

Inuyasha:  I already chose that!

Shippou:  So?

Inuyasha:  Brat!  You can get your own favorite flavor!

Shippou:  Kagome, he's picking on me!

Kagome:  SIT!



Kagome:  Oops, sorry Sesshoumaru.  I didn't mean to say it for you to fall, too.

Sesshoumaru & Inuyasha:  Make that a quart of ice cream, Jaken...

Kumiko:  I'll have vanilla, please.

Jaken:  What?  Is this Jaken relegated to such lowly duties?!  Sesshoumaru-sama, you must not mean for me to—

Narita:  Jaken.


Jaken:  Why you...!

Sesshoumaru:  Jaken.  Get the ice cream.  NOW.

Jaken:  H-Hai, Sesshoumaru-samaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ [voice fades as he's kicked out of the room]

Sesshoumaru:  [turns to Narita]  Now, about my voice... Deeper!  More commanding!  Throw back your shoulders and sit up straight!

Narita:  Kagome, say it.

Kagome:  SIT!