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Hello there, special friends! This is my first ever Teen Titans story and I am very excited for the journey I am about to embark on very much holds examples of bonding with the reviewers!

*clears throat* Greetings, people. That was my little snippet of Starfire-talking. I absolutely adore the way she speaks. She is sooo clueless! Well, as I said, this is my first ever Titans story and I decided to write it ever since my sister made me watch Teen Titans and me having fallen completely wacko over it *sniggers* Wacko... ahh moving on now.

Okay, so Robin's in love with Starfire but she doesn't know! Let's see if we can get these two troublemakers together, yes? Along the way there's sure to be 'obstacles'? What's a Krystal Dolphin production without obstacles?? *laughs* I hope you shall all very much enjoy this as much as I enjoy constructing the toys from the Kinder Surprises ::ahem:: swiftly changing the subject now, please.

This chapter is in narrative speech. But I must tell you beforehand that occasionally, there will be various viewpoints in the story. I have tried my bestest to make it very easy for you all to read seeing as some first person stories have had my brains in a muddle. HA!!! Puddle of Muddle!

Now, shall we get on with the story?

I think so!!


I do not own the troublemakers- I mean- characters from Teen Titans.

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The wind softly tugged at her auburn hair and the mid-noon sun brightened her appearance as her upper body rose to meet the full height of the rails. The metal pole gently swayed in the breeze atop the Titans tower. Picking up the piece of fabric, Starfire gingerly draped it over the nylon wire.

Hmm, Robin's cape. It even smells like him. I wonder how he adapts it to his aroma even when it is not on his person. How strange, I must remind myself to ask him.

Brushing the simple thought aside, she continued her daily chore and began to absent-mindedly hum while picking up the shriveled pieces of damp cloth and wrapping their form around the grey string. To Starfire, this was known as the 'hanging of the wash clothes'. Raven- her unemotive friend- equipped her with the job after she broke the washing machine.

As soon as she completed her task, the small yellow basket- which had previously been filled with battle costumes and pajamas- accompanied her back to the tower's living quarters. Once she put it away in the storage cupboard, Starfire's eyes scanned the room in hope of finding some company. Raven was sitting on the couch with an unusual object in her hand. She seemed to be deeply concentrating on it as one of her eyes had slightly squinted. Cyborg could be heard with the lifting of the weights in the metallic themed gym. The clanking metal made a chinking sound whenever he released grip on the large bicep development device. Robin was too situated in the gym but he wasn't training. He was looking at the wall in frustration, engaged in deep thought over 'Slade' again.

That left her only one option- Beast Boy was a few feet away being harassed by the blue furry animals (Super Furry Animals hahaaaa ::ahem::- KD) taking residence in the refrigerator. He was as busy as a pigeon on a rooftop so she went over to where he was currently standing.

'Hello, BB.' Star grinned brightly, baring her teeth.

'Rrrreero Rrrarrrriireee....' he gulped and savagely wiped his whole arm across his mouth like a frenzied hooligan. ''Sup, Star?'

'Oh... what is up? Why is it that people always ask me what is up?' she furrowed her brow in mild desperation. 'When in fact, there is nothing up!' she shrieked shrilly.

'Chill, Star- it's a way of saying 'how are you?'.' Beast Boy almost cowered in fright of the auburn haired beauty.

Her expression lightened unnaturally fast and she beamed. 'Oh, I am absolutely delightful, BB! I shall remember this technique of concern for one's well being!'

Beast Boy stared back at her with one eyebrow raised and subconsciously shook his head. Although he quickly forgot about it and carried on as normal, 'So whatcha doing today, Star?'

She loosened her smile a little and began to ponder. 'Well, I have completed my tasks of the hanging of the wash clothes. This morning I ate some tofu... umm, and tonight I shall sleep!' she told him, reminiscing her day so far. 'How about you, Beast Boy?'

'Oh... well,' he started, ignoring Starfire's outrageous but expected answer. I'm gonna see a movie later, wanna come with?' he casually asked.

'Why, sure! I would love to accompany you. After all- as people say- two's a crowd!' she squealed happily.

'I think it's three, Star...' Beast Boy trailed off.

'Oh... then shall we invite another? Perhaps Raven?'

Beast Boy's face turned a sudden shade of maroon and he goofily frowned. 'W-Well, yeah...' he stammered.

'Then it is decided! Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire is a crowd!' she declared.

'Yeah...' Beast Boy ineptly confirmed. 'We sure a-are.' He mentally slapped himself for bringing it up.

Beast Boy looked a bit sweat stricken so she decided to ask him what was 'unbalanced in his being' but he only told her that he needed to go and then vanished. So then she decided to perhaps take a chance at trying to 'hang' with Raven. Starfire sauntered over to the back of the couch and peered over Raven's shoulder at the contraption in her hands. Raven was unmoved.

'Good afternoon, Raven. May I ask what is it that you are occupying yourself with?' she cheerfully requested.

'Rubik's cube. A black Rubik's cube.' Raven neutrally stated.

'I see, shall I help you? What is the objective of the device?' Starfire inquired.

'No, your help is not required.' Raven took a breath and involuntarily shifted to face Starfire. 'And I have to match all the faces to form six... sides.' she said, glancing at Starfire.

Starfire beamed and nodded, not fully understanding the intentions of the game but she saw that Raven was content with what she was doing.

'Well, I shall see you at a later time, Raven.' Star bid her a small farewell. 'Oh, that reminds me, would you like to go to the movie theatre with Beast Boy and I later on today?' she added, nearly forgetting her duty of invitation.

'Yeah.' a reply justified immediately but unenthusiastically.

'Really? How great! Beast Boy will be delighted.' Starfire beamed, stating the obvious truth in more ways than one- obvious.

'He...? Never mind.' Raven shunned nonchalantly, and resumed her attention and body to the cube. Star couldn't help but wonder what Raven was about to say, but happier thoughts of fluffy happiness distracted her a few seconds later.

Starfire sighed as then she felt very bored, she was posted opposite a large window which overlooked the town. The view was breathtaking- but that couldn't surpass her loneliness. All the other Titans had things to do that didn't involve her and there was nothing she could do that involved them. So she wandered off to her room to write in her journal and also to get ready for the outing with Raven and Beast Boy later on. On the way to her room though, she could not help but notice a strange struggling noise emitting from behind one of the metallic doors. So she decided to check it out before anything bad happened. Strangely enough, it was only an empty room. But that was until Robin fell from a platform above with a hard thump to the stone floor.

'My goodness, Robin are you alright?' Starfire asked with a rush of concern running through her body.

'Star... I'm, fine.' he answered, wincing, and clutching his sides. Not hesitating, she brushed his hands aside and gently rested her own palms on the place where he had his.

'Good, I cannot feel any broken bones.' she beamed, brushing her hands over his waist.

Robin's face went beet red and his body tensed.

'Err... thanks! Star! But I was fine anyway.' Robin assured but in ill time produced a stifled cough. Starfire giggled warmly and raised both brows at him.

'Of course you are.'

If it was possible, Robin blushed even more and excused himself hurriedly from the room for no apparent reason. Only then did Star finally let out a tiny sigh. Robin was, to her, special, and she'd always told him that but he never took it in the way she wanted him to. He was always so preoccupied with everything else. She didn't think he listened to her ranting much. The reason why Robin was so special to her was because the first time she came from Tamaran- he was the first person to make her feel wanted. Robin had a good heart, and everybody knew. He showed her how everything worked and even now he always corrected her when she made her mistakes from the lack of Earth knowledge she possessed. Starfire remembered how Beast Boy occasionally told her that she has a 'crush' on Robin. I think that it is most likely that he is referring to the feeling I am describing for Robin. But if that is correct, Beast Boy has a 'crush' on Raven. Starfire had found the funniest friend ever in Beast Boy, they talked about candy and fairgrounds. (And he sometimes borrows my money.)

After the strange scenario with Robin, she hopped to her room. It was a fuchsia themed boudoir and in the middle sat a circular shaped bed. Starfire had collected many things since her arrival on Earth and the many things had ended up in her room. In the corner on the dressing table lay a plant pot with grass. She smiled dreamily at it. It had been a gift from Robin- the plant pot that is. It was her own clever plan to fill the container with soil and grass. Against the wall adjoining the door were her collection of glass bottles. The five of them drank a lot of fizzy liquids and they usually arrive in glass bottles. Against another pink wall there was a big playden that was usually used for young babies who needed to be protected. In it, resided Starfire's many soft toys. There were blue bunnies, pink teddies, white kangaroos and so many more. A local toyshop had given them to her after the Titans rescued the owner from a snake fiend. Starfire's favourite was a green alligator because it made a squeaky noise when you pushed its stomach.

The walls were pale pinks and there were pieces of shiny coloured paper on it. After she once saw that Cyborg's room had many pieces of paper with images on them plastered on his wall, she remembered thinking they were pretty and had to imitate the colourful scene. They were of his favourite music bands. Her pieces of paper, however, were of her favourite sweet wrappers. The shiniest one was of a Dairy Milk foil wrapper. She loved the way it glistened in the natural sunlight. Her bed had fuchsia coloured sheets and was immaculately made. At the top of the bed there was a single flat pillow that was ever so comfortable. Her bedside table held up a small vase with single cacti in it. That had been a gift from Raven, I have many a cactus in my room, Starfire reminisced her friend's words.

She grabbed her journal from her desk and went to sit cross-legged on her sturdy bed. She slowly opened the book and retrieved the pen, which nested inside perfectly it. On the first A4 page was a picture of the other four Titans, posing very pathetically. Starfire had caught them off guard because they had shouted at her afterwards and said that she could not usually just take pictures of people without their consent. She turned to the next available blank page and wrote down the date.

Dear Journal,

This morning I went to hang the wash clothes, which went very well. I did not break anything. And then after that, Beast Boy was in the kitchen when I went to put the basket away- he taught me a new way of greeting someone on Earth. And then he asked me to go to the cinema with him and Raven! So I will be going to that place soon. A few moments later, I went to the room with lots of platforms and then Robin fell from one of them! How peculiar. He looked slightly worn but then he did not tell me what he was doing so I was a little disappointed he didn't include me in his plans. But nevertheless, I shall have to go and get ready for the theatre now. Goodbye Journal!

Two hours later, Starfire emerged from her room feeling very fresh and smelling glamorous. Excitedly, she made her way to Beast Boy's room to collect him for the outing. I wonder if BB is as excited as I am about this trip that we shall all go on together.

She gently knocked on his metal door and resumed to waiting patiently. Gradually the door opened and revealed the usual image of Beast Boy.

'Ready?' Starfire asked encouragingly. 'You said three o clock, it is now two thirty-seven. Fifteen minutes are required for transport, am I correct?' Starfire recited when she didn't receive an eligible reply from Beast Boy.

'No, you're right... it's just...' Beast Boy started.

'Do not be concerned about the presence of Raven!' she ordered hastily.

'Huh? How'd ya know?' Beast Boy gasped. Starfire held up her hand.

'I have been here long enough to decipher your emotions as of now as-' she started to lift each finger in order, 'One, shyness; two, insecurity; three, nervousness; four-'

'Okay, okay, Star. We better go before you start telling me I love her.' he interrupted.

'Oh, I am not as advanced to achieve the decoding of love yet.' (Aren't we all?- KD) Starfire corrected.

'Phew! Turn back while you're ahead! You don't need to go there.' Beast Boy joked.

'Oh.. alright.' Starfire nodded seriously, mistaking the clown's joke.

Beast Boy was pulled out of his abode and the two of them strolled in the direction of Raven's room.

They received many appreciative (and some scornful) glances as the three of them marched down the street. Starfire linked her arms with Beast Boy- much to Raven's invisible dismay- and Raven sauntered beside them. The old theatre was very run down and looked as if it was about to collapse any moment.

'What shall we watch?' Starfire asked excitedly, eyeing the many movie posters on offer. 'How about 'The Planet of the Apes?'' Starfire suggested innocently- oblivious to the fact that there was a sarcastic remark awaiting patiently from Raven.

'Beast Boy should feel right at home.' it finally escaped Raven's lips.

'Hey!!' Beast Boy exclaimed, feeling stupid. Raven just inwardly smirked and for a while glanced at him unknowingly. 'Raven, why are you staring at me like that?' Beast Boy slowly asked, after having Raven place her eyes on him for a little longer than ever before.

'Like what?' Raven scowled, obviously averting her attention back to the real world.

'Nothing.' Beast Boy faltered, disappointed.

'Hey, guys! How about we watch 'Ocean's Eleven'?' Starfire interrupted their 'whole-hearted' conversation. Fortunately, this was something both the mysterious telekinetic and shape-shifter agreed on.

'So what's it about?' asked Starfire.

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Yeee! So whadya think? I absolutely hope you had fun whilst reading my chapter of non-relevant situations! Yeah! Well, I was originally gonna do the movies chapter in this one but I thought I'd end it there just to keep you guys wanting more! Oh wait- do you actually even want more? Ya better! Hehe, jokin' ^.^

Next chapter, expect more crazy hoo-hah and crossovers!

Until next time, special friends!

Season's Greetings!


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