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Every story, tale or memoir
Every saga or romance
Whether true or fabricated
Whether planned or happenstance

Whether sweeping through the ages
Casting centuries aside
Or a hurried brief recital
Just a thirty-minute ride

Whether bright or melancholy
Rough and ready, finally styled
Whether with a thousand players
Or a lonely cast of one

Every story new or ancient
Bagatelle, or work of art
All are tales of human failing
All are tales of love at heart

Every Story is a Love Story - Sherie René Scott as Amneris in AIDA

Angelina walked silently towards the Quidditch pitch. She remembered walking the same way about a year ago, when she had asked Ethan to help her with her divorce. It seemed to be an eternity ago that she had done it.

He was again standing with his back to her and screaming some instructions to the quidditchteam in the air. His robe was again fluttering in the air. He was just screaming at one of the chasers who had gotten a bludger against his shoulder when he had looked down at whom was walking there.

"You know Johnson, one of these days you will have these boys ending up in the hospital wing!" He said when he turned around to face her. She had changed over the last year, he noticed. She seemed to glow. He wasn't sure if it was due to the way she held herself, as proud as a queen. Or if it was because of her smile. But finally he decided that it had to be her eyes, for they were shining brightly as she looked back at him.

"It's not as though the Slytherin's could stand a real chance against the Gryffindors anyway." She shrugged and grinned. Ethan Montague rolled his eyes and shook his head. Just then he heard another 'ouch' from above him. He turned back to the Slytherins in the air and shouted at them to put the balls away and continue with some flying rounds.

"Try to stay on your broom, McAllister!" He told the chaser who obviously did not like to be lectured. Ethan turned back around to Angelina and raised his eyebrows.

"What? It's not my fault." Angelina told him innocently. Ethan's eyebrows rose even further.

"They are hormone-crazed 17-year-old males. Any female being would make them act like this." Ethan thought about telling her that they for sure wouldn't act like this with just ANY female, but decided to let the matter drop. In the past year she had never come to Hogwarts to talk to him, so there had to be something up with her.

"So, why did you come other than to terrorize my training?" Angelina bit her lip and looked up at the guys flying above them. She could still just leave. She told herself, but she wouldn't have been in Gryffindor if she didn't even dare to ask him.

"Well, you know, about me and Fred getting married…"

"Yes, about that… I know that I should congratulate you, but… didn't I tell you to search for a good one next time you choose a man?" Angelina hit him on his arm before she bit her lip again.

"He is the right one for me." She said silently, averting her eyes.

"Okay, then I guess I should really congratulate you. But what does you marrying the Weasel, er… Weasley have to do with you coming here?" Ethan asked her. Angelina looked up at his smiling face.

"Well, it has to do with the wedding… my parents abandoned me like I've never existed. And… well… Oh fuck it! Would you please be there and be my best man?" The smile on his face vanished and he looked dumbfounded at her.

"You want me to bring you down the aisle, then hand you over to your husband? Are you sure? I mean, you must have better options than me?"

"No. For me, you are the best option. You… in a way you brought me back to life, and… oh please, don't make me beg for it." She pleaded with him, biting down on her lip and looking up at him with big eyes.

"I'd be honoured to be your best man!" He told her and soon found himself embraced by Angelina's arms.

He knocked on the door and opened it as he heard her 'come in'. He stepped into the small room and closed the door behind him. When he turned around, he found her standing in front of a mirror, her back towards him.

"So?" She asked him and turned around to face him.

He looked her up and down and nodded slowly.

"You look absolutely beautiful Angelina." And she did look beautiful. Her hair was curled and put up on her head, letting some curls fall around her neck. Small white flowers were put into her hair, making a perfect contrast to her black curls.

The dress was a dream in white, emphasizing her figure and ending in a wide skirt. There was no other way to put it. Instead of straps there were those white flowers again to hold the dress up. On her arms the sleeves were also held with those flowers. The sleeves themselves were wide, looking like the sleeves of the dressrobes one had been wearing in the medieval times.

The upper part of the dress was simple, but the lower part would catch some eyes, he was sure. There were several layers of fabric each covering the other one in a kind of zigzag pattern. And every here and there the small flowers could be found on the hem of one of the layers. She looked like an angel in it.

When his eyes returned to her face he saw her grinning at him, her eyebrows raised.

"What? Have I said something wrong?" Angelina shook her head.

"It's the first time you said my first name." She said and looked asking at him.

"Well, I guess you should get used to it. Since Johnson is no longer an option after today, and I will rather die than call you Weasley, your first name is the only way I can call you." Angelina laughed at this explanation.

"Your name fits you perfectly today. You truly look like an angel." He admitted and Angelina bit her lip at this.

"If you continue with this, I'll go out there and my face will match Fred's hair." She said and took another look at the mirror.

"You look great, and the more you look into the mirror won't change anything about it." he said and rolled his eyes. Angelina was just about to answer him when there was a knock on the door.

"Are you ready in there? We are all just waiting for you to begin." They heard George on the other side.

"Well then, ready to try it again?" Angelina nodded and put her hand on Ethan's arm.

"You know, this is your last chance to run away." Angelina rolled her eyes and squeezed his arm when they left the small room and started to walk to the doors of the church.

"I want to thank you. For everything you've done for me." Angelina whispered when the music started and the doors opened.

"I'd do it again anytime you'd ask me to." He answered and lead her towards the altar, where Fred was already standing with George behind him.

Fred almost forgot to breathe when the doors opened and he saw Angelina in her wedding dress. Unbeknownst to him, he had exactly the same thought as Ethan had had before. That she looked like an angel.

He took a deep breath when he reached his hand out and felt hers touching his. They smiled at each other before they turned around to face the priest.

"Dearly beloved…"

Draco put his arms around Hermione's waist and pulled her close to himself.

"Do you remember our wedding?" he whispered as he listened to the priest's talking. Hermione put her head on his shoulder and smiled.

"Do you want to know the truth? No. I was so afraid of what was to come I didn't really listen to a word that was said. The whole ceremony was over far too soon for me. But therefore I remember our wedding night very well." She kissed his cheek and smiled up at him.

Draco looked down at his smiling wife and narrowed his eyes.

"You know, that it is not very nice of you to remind me of that night, while we're not getting away from this here until tonight!"

"Well, than at least you have something to look forward to for tonight!" Hermione said and turned back around and watched the couple in front of them.

"Ah, I love weddings! There is nothing more romantic. Don't you think so?" History looked at Damon, her eyes glowing with love.

"Mhm." Was the only reply she got, but Damon was thinking at the small black box he had hidden in the deepest corner of his wardrobe at home. Better said, he was thinking about the content of said black box. He was thinking of the thin ring made of white gold with a diamond on it. The diamond was surrounded by seven small fluorites. They were the perfect stones for her. Shining in several colours when hit by the light. Just as History's eyes.

Damon had already planned everything. Next weekend he would take her to a picnic and then, near a small sea, in a meadow full of flowers he would ask her to marry him. Yes, weddings were indeed romantic.

"What are you thinking about love?" George asked his wife while they were dancing. He had to smile when he remembered seeing Alicia's face covered in tears after the ceremony. 'Women, hopeless romantic' he thought and kissed her cheek tenderly.

"I was thinking of names. What do you think of Gareth? It means gentle. Or for a girl's name Amaya? It means night rain in Japanese." George frowned at this and stopped dancing.

"Why would you be thinking about names now?" he asked her confused. "Unless… Oh Merlin! Alicia, are you saying that…?" Alicia nodded slowly and kissed George gently on his lips.

"Yes. I'm pregnant!" George scooped her up in his arms and whirled her around.

"We're getting a baby!" he said happily.

"Well, actually, I'm the one who's having all the work till it's here!" Alicia told him half jokingly. George sat her down immediately and led her to a chair.

"What?" Now, Alicia was the confused one.

"I'm making sure that you won't overstrain yourself now." Alicia looked dumbfounded at him then groaned silently.

"Great. Now I've created a monster!"

The End

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