ligh Master Asia was dead to begin with. Dead and buried. When Master was alive, he'd had an apprentice named Domon Kasshu..
Domon walked down the street to his business, glaring angrily at everyone. He gave nothing the poor starving people and ignored the needy ones who lined the street. The Neo Japanese gundam fighter had always been stingy and greedy, and on this cold December the 24th, he had no time for anyone. This was a very busy time for him.
As Domon entered the hangar where he kept his gundam, he saw his new support crewmember, ex-Neo Danish gundam fighter, Hans Holgar.
"Have you finished fixing the gundam?" Domon asked in a cold tone.
"Well, almost, but our other associates would like it if you turned the heating on."
"Yeah, We're freezing, we're dying" The ex-Neo American support girls, Shirley Cath, Janet, and Bunny howled.
"Well then you're fired."
"Never mind then."
At that exact moment, Domon's brother Kiyoji walked in. The young man smiled cheerfully at Domon and walked towards him.
"Merry Christmas, brother!" Kiyoji called out cheerfully
"Bah, humbug." Domon responded.
"Christmas is definitely not a "humbug", brother," Kiyoji scolded.
"You and all the other happy Christmas loving morons should be stomped beneath Burning Gundam's foot." Domon replied, flatly.
Kiyoji just rolled his eyes.
"Well, brother, you're welcome to come have dinner with me friends." Kiyoji offered
Domon sneered and was about to reply, when all of the sudden, Wong Yunfa and a few other politicians from Neo Hong Kong walked in, looking quite poor now.
"Mr. Kasshu, care to donate money to feed the starving people of Neo HongKong?" Wong asked.
"What's wrong? Haven't you got soup kitchens and homeless shelters?" Domon sneered.
"Well yes, but my colony's people would rather die than go there."
"Well if they're going to die, they'd better do it and decrease the surplus population!"
As soon as Wong had left, Hans approached Domon.
"Um..sir, I was wondering if I could take the day off tomorrow, it being Christmas and all."
"Whatever" Domon sneered, as he exited the building and began walking home.
When Domon reached the door and was about to open it, master asia's face suddenly appeared on the door knocker. Domon freaked out, but master's head soon disappeared. Domon shook his head, it was over, and all was right.
However, Domon was wary, and he decided to his house. He turned on all the lights and looked around, he found nothing, so he sat down and began to eat his dinner (instant Ramen). All of the sudden, Master Asia appeared to his young pupil, master was wrapped in chains and ropes.
"Master!? But you're dead! You cannot be here!"
"Why do you doubt your senses, Domon?"
"Because you may just be rancid sushi! There's more gravy than the grave about you!"
Master rolled his eyes and shook his chains. "You will be haunted by three spirits tonight, my pupil!"
"No, please, I don't wanna be haunted."
"TOO BAD, WHELP! Expect the first ghost tonigh, when the bell tolls one!"
Domon went to bed, still shivering with fear. He lay down and tucked himself in and slipped into a dreamless sleep. Suddenly, there was a bright light and a tall red haired, violet eyed figure appeared next to his bed in flowing robes and a crown of holly.

"Greetings, Domon Kasshu, I am the spirit of Christmas past. I can remember nearly 1900 years."
"No, I'm no longer George De Sand, I am the ghost of Christmas past." George said.