But Domon's words had no affect, and when Chibodee was gone, a gigantic man in a space suit stood before him.
"So you are the spirit of Christmas yet to come?"
Argo Gulskii simply nodded, not changing his facial expression and not speaking.
"Will you not speak to me?"
Argo took Domon by the arm and walked him into a cold, bleak city. In the city, Domon saw that people would write fanfics, claiming him to be a jerk and a child abuser, and still other people would write fanfics about his secret gay relationship with Chibodee, and he'd be hated by both of Chibodee's kids and Allenby would hate him, and Allenby's kid would hate him. AND MICHELO CHERIOT WOULD BATHE IN PUBLIC!!!!!!!!!! That was the worse vision of all, Domon cried out in fear.
"OH, SPIRIT!! THESE THINGS-especially that last one- MUST NOT COME TRUE!!!"
Argo simply held up a sign which read "Clover and Roan already think you're a complete asshole. And xxDGcellchibodeexx and saisaiciangel have already written such fan fictions about you."
"But I thought this was yet to come!"
Argo took Domon by the arm and walked him to a grave; Domon leaned down and read the grave 'Chibodee Crocket'.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" suddenly, Domon woke up, safe in his bed, with the three spirits all standing next to him holding flowers and get well cards.
"Hey, Neo Japan, you fell off the set and got barbequed by the lights, how ya feelin'?"
"Yes, Domon, we were all quite concerned when major Ulube had to call five ambulances until one could actually pick you up."
"Domon..I'm sorry..it was only a show.."
"I'm okay!!! You guys, the spirits changed my whole outlook on life! Thank you!"
"Will he be okay?" Rain asked as she walked in.
" Mr. Kasshu, I don't hate you..and my brother doesn't hate you either." Clover said.
"Well, Domie, I'm glad you're okay!"
"Domon, if you'd been killed by those lights, we'd have no fighter for any gundam fights after this."
"Are you alright son? And how come I never knew you were gay?"
"Domon's gay? Then what about my daughter?! Who will she marry?"
"How about Shirley? Or Cath? Or Janet..or Bunny" Chibodee suggested.
Soon after, Chibodee took off running while Rain chased him with a giant sledgehammer.
"But Rain!!!! Domon and I are in love!" Chibodee whimpered, running out of the hospital.
"Well, looks like I'll be giving you a ride home, Clover.." Allenby sighed, taking the small blue haired girl by the hand and walking outside.
"Sorry Domon, according to the author, I'm scheduled to be dismembered back in Neo Russia right now, so my daughter, Ruki, can have a tragic childhood.bye"
"I too must leave, Domon, for no obvious reason as miss Maria Louise has no clue where I am."
"God bless us, everyone, bro!" Sai Saici said, from the place he'd been sitting at Domon's feet.