Forgotton Soul

By: Animefreak2004

A/N: Ok, this is my first Beyblade fic, so it may not be too acurate or right. At all.but I tried off my friend's knowledge of the show.hehehe. A lot of the characters may not be exactly like they are in the shows (ex. Mariah and Kai). I spell the Japenese version of Rei, so don't kill me people who spell it differently. This may not be too good, so here's chappie 1. ^_^

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Ch.1: So It Begins.


"Aw, man! I almost had you there!" Tyson was yelling at Rei who had just beaten him in a little competition.

"Almost? Ha! I beat you so bad-

"Yea, yea." Tyson said waving Rei off. He reached down and collected his motionless beyblade and glared at Rei.

"Kai! Do you wanna get beat by me?" Tyson called to me leaning up against the wall in the shadows. I raised an eyebrow at this challenge.

"You really do have a high ego, Tyson," I said clamly, smiling a little at the rambuncious teen. Tyson gave me a stupid grin and turned away.

"Me! Me! I wanna battle YOU Tyson!!" Max shrieked, jumping up and down, blonde hair sticking up everywhere. Tyson's eyes followed the hops of the sugarhigh kid.

"Uh.sure, Max," Tyson said reproachfully.

"Yes!" Max declared, pumping a fist into the air. I looked on all of this with disgust. 'Some people are just so stupid,' I thought coldly.

After about four battles with Max(Max losing each one), Tyson picked up his beyblade and sighed.

"I'm getting hungry. Let's go back to your house, Kai!" he said turning to me, grinning stupidly. I shrugged my shoulders. 'It won't hurt anybody. Tyson probably just wants to go to my house so he can eat everything in sight,' I thought.

We started back to my house, Rei still bragging to Tyson quietly about earlier. Tyson's face was glowing bright red with fury by the time we reached my front door. I opened up my front door and walked inside the huge entry hall. Tyson immediately ran to the kitchen. Kenny sighed as a huge, unnatural sweatdrop fell a little down his head, at Tyson's gluttonous behavior. Everyone else walked into the sitting room and plopped down on the couches and chairs.

Out of complete nowhere, we heard Tyson's scream echo through the manshion. I lept to my feet, along with Rei. Max and Kenny sat looking paralyzed with fear. I ran over to the kitchen, Rei close behind, and saw Tyson lying on the floor and Hilary standing above him, laughing her head off.

"You-should-have-seen-your-face!" she cried out, doubling over with laughter, clutched her side. Tyson's face grew hot again.

"That wasn't funny, Hilary. Are you trying to give me a heartattack or something?!" he stammered up at her.

"Well, with the way you eat, yea, its likely for you to have one," she teased, poking Tyson in the stomach with her foot.

"Hilary, what are you doing here anyway?" I asked her. She gave me a surprised look of now just realizing we were there.

"Oh! I was bored, and wanted to hang out with you guys!" she said innocently to Rei and I. I saw Rei roll his amber eyes out of the corner of my eye.

"Yea, whatever Hilary. I'm supposing Mariah is here too, right?" I asked her, looking around the kitchen for the pink haired girl.

"I think so, I thought she came with me.I dunno.." Hilary said quietly, getting a glazed look in her eyes as she gazed at the ceiling.

"Well, let's all go back to Max and Kenny, so they don't have a heartattack about us," Rei said beside me, inclining his head to the kitchen door. Hilary and Tyson nodded their heads. I just followed Rei out of the kitchen.

When I was walking down the hall back to the sitting room, it hit me. A sharp, stabbing pain cut into my lower left rib, seeping pain through my body. I swallowed a cry and fell over in the hallway.

"Kai! Are you all right?!" Rei and Tyson asked me frantically. Hilary stood bove me, looking frozen with worry and fear.

"Yea, get off me! I'm fine! It was nothing! Stop worrying over me!" I said ignorently, pushing Tyson aside and clamboring to my unsteady feet. I clutched onto my lower rib, but didn't cry out. 'I can't show any emotions,' and I immediately let go of my rib and stood straight.

"Let's go," I said sternly, marching to the sitting room. I saw Tyson, Rei and Hilary exchange confused and worried galnces, but followed me nonetheless.


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