Forgotton Soul

By: Animefreak2004

A/N: I know, I know, you didn't like the whole Kai/Mariah pairing. I don't like the idea either, myself, but I had to do it! My friends were forcing me!!! -_-" I'm really sorry people who threw up after reading my story. ;_;. I'm sorry . . . well! Here's chappie 3, and yes, there is a shocking/gory moment in this-so if you can't take that sorta stuff, why are you reading this? Here's chappie 3!!

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Ch.3: The Fall of the Phoenix


Rei's POV:

"What was that?!?" Tyson yelled suddenly, looking out into the hallway fearfully. I shot up too and stood behind Tyson.

"I don't know, and I don't think I wanna know, but it sounded like Kai,"I said, shaking with anxiety.

"Yea, that was definitely Kai-screaming!" Hilary squealed.

"Kai screaming?! What's going on? We gotta help him!" Mariah declared, running out of the room. I followed her bright pink hair through the darkness of the corridor. Mariah stopped abruptly and I bumped into her.

"Sorry," I said quickly. Mariah didn't seem to notice. I looked into her eyes and saw fear.

Mariah sniffed the air. "I smell blood. He's hurt badly," she said changing her direction and started for the kitchen. Mariah banged through the door when we arrived and gasped.

There, pinned to the far wall, was a bloody, knife-stabbed Kai who now looked unconscience. There were about 12 knives stabbed into him, pinning him to the wall. He looked a real mess; blood covering his face and soaking his clothes. Blood was dripping down onto the floor in an immense pool.

"Oh-my-God . . ."Mariah whispered in shock, staring at the bloody mass in awe. I, too, looked upon the scene in fear and shock.

"We have to get him down from there!" I said running to the tortured Kai. Mariah ran beside me and started pulling out the knives that held him there. I pulled out a long knife that was holding his right leg with difficulty while Mariah was pulling them out frantically. Fear was smothering her pale and beautiful face as she pulled out yet another knife.

Soon enough, I pulled out the last knife with a tug, and Kai fell forward limply into my arms. Tyson, Max, Kenny and Hilary now came running in the kitchen. Hilary let out a shriek while Kenny and Max shook from fear. Tyson walked slowly to my side and dropped to his knees.

"K-Kai . . ." he slowly stammered. His hands started shaking as he reached forward and lightly touched Kai's bleeding arm. Kenny walked over to the group and knelt beside Kai and picked up his arm.

"He's still alive!" Kenny exclaimed, checking his pulse.

"He is? Come on! Help me keep him alive!" I called frantically to the others still standing. They all immediately dropped to their knees too around Kai.

"OK, everyone cover up a wound with some kind of cloth. Use your shirts or something!" I ordered the other five. Hilary got a look of protest from the shirt order, but didn't remark at the look on my face. They all sprang into action. I tore off part of my shirt and wrapped the cloth tightly around Kai's bleeding head. 'We have to do something or Kai will die,'

Mariah untied her light pink ribbon in her hair and let her pink hair fall past her shoulders. She then tied it tightly onto Kai's arm, where a large wound was. 'She looks so beautiful with her hair down. She is beautiful . . .' I thought in bliss. She must have noticed me watching her, because she looked up.

"What?" she snapped at me. I smiled and shook my head; happy she couldn't hear my thoughts. I resumed back to reviving Kai. "COME ON, PEOPLE!! IF YOU WORK, WE CAN SAVE HIM!!" Mariah suddenly barked at everyone. Max, who was stiff and green, didn't move.

"Max, we need your help! Rip some of your shirt, we need all the help we can get, Max!" I yelled over to him. Max gave me an uneasy look and slowly tore off some of his shirt and wound it around Kai's profusely bleeding leg. He sat back with a look of mild satisfaction on his face.

"Come on, Kai! Hang in there!" Tyson whispered frantically to the motionless Kai. As if a miracle was occurring, Kai's eyes slowly started to flutter.

"Kai! Speak to me!" I shouted at him, my eyes wide with excitement. His eyelids slowly opened to reveal his dark, crimson eyes, clouded over in pain. Mariah noticed his opened eyes and smiled greatly.

"Oh, thank God your alive!" she sighed in relief. Kai still stared unblinkingly at the ceiling, apparently paralyzed in agony.

"Are you all right?" Tyson asked anxiously, leaning over to Kai. I rolled my eyes to the ceiling. 'Of course he's not all right, stupid,' I thought. Tiny, wet tears were forming in the crimson eyes, but they didn't roll down his bloody face. Hilary gasped somewhere behind me.

"Kai . . ." I whispered quietly to him. He didn't say anything.

Kai shakily lifted up his arm, holding his hand out in front of him. Mariah spotted it and grasped his hand tightly. Mariah had tears brimming in her golden eyes as she held onto her friend. I looked at Mariah, then I, too, grasped Mariah and Kai's hand, piling mine on top. My vision was slightly blurred by a sudden wave of emotion and tears. Kai didn't seem to take note that two people were holding his hand, he seemed to be paralyzed.

I felt a hand on mine and looked up into Tyson's eyes. His hand was also grasping Kai's, along with Mariah's and mine. Tyson looked down into Kai's eyes.

"You have never let us down, and you never will," he whispered to Kai, squeezing his hand tighter. Tyson's eyes were shining with tears and one tear escaped from his eye and ran down his cheek slowly.

Kenny nodded his head, agreeing with Tyson, and grasped Kai's hand, along with everyone else's. I couldn't tell if there were tears in his eyes, because of his hair (I had to throw some humour in this somehow! ^_^).

I looked over at Max expectantly, and he too grabbed Kai's hand. For once, Max was actually serious, not sugarhigh. Little tears were forming in his sapphire eyes as well, as he let out a little sob. Hilary grasped Kai's hand as well, adding onto the pile. Now all the Bladebreakers were holding onto the deathly cold hand of the Great Phoenix. Everyone had tears brimming in their eyes and a few were letting them fall down their cheeks.

We sat in silence, letting the moment sink into our hearts torn in two. Mariah suddenly leaned down towards Kai's face and kissed him lightly on the lips through wet tears. I could feel my right eye twitch slightly at this action. A single shining tear fell onto Kai's cheek and rolled down his face. Mariah pulled away, letting out a sob of remorse.

I looked back down on Kai and saw the colour slowly draining from his bloody face. The hand I was holding seemed to weaken, and his eyelids fluttered again.

"Kai!" I yelled out, but it was too late. His eyelids closed and the clutched hand went limp.

I hesitantly let go, and so did the others, except Mariah. She still held tightly to the lifeless hand, trying to pretend nothing had happened.

"No . . .No, it can't be! He can't be!" she screamed to me and then back to Kai. Mariah shook around his arm, but felt no reaction. I rested a hand on her shoulder. I choked back a sob.

"Mariah, its no use. Kai's dead . . ."


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