Aragorn sat by the fire and Legolas sat in a nearby tree. Aragorn was making some food. "Legolas? I cannot think of why I ask a question to which I already know the answer...but Would you like something to eat? Drink?" Aragorn called over to the tree. All was silent for a moment. "Legolas? Are you still there?" Aragorn called. "Yes, I am here. I was listening to the trees talking. No, not hungry." Legolas said.

Aragorn rolled his eyes. "You cannot starve yourself, mellon nin! We have a journey tomorrow. I have some Lembas with me. At least have that. Please?" Aragorn tried. Legolas jumped from the tree silently. He shook his head. "Nay. I am fine." Legolas said. Legolas turned sharply, his keen Elven eyes searching the night. "What do you see?" Aragorn asked. There was a long pause. The Elf grabbed his bow and jumped into the tree. Aragorn sighed.

The Mortal stood and walked to the base of the tree. "Are you coming down to give me a report? Or am I coming up to get you to tell me what you see?" Aragorn shouted. Legolas hadn't fired his weapon so Aragorn knew that Legolas wasn't worried...or whatever it was...wasn't close. "Yrch!" Legolas cried, jumping down immediately, his bow at ready.

Aragorn rolled his eyes. can't really understand them and then I go and make friends with one, Aragorn thought. "Well, now you tell me!" Aragorn said, holding his sword at ready. Legolas smiled. "Yes." He said calmly. Aragorn didn't reply. "Where are they coming from?" Aragorn said after a minute. "From the North. There aren't many Urak-hai, mostly Orcs." Legolas said still calm.

Legolas' eyes searched the sky as if he could see the enemy's refection in it. "The sky is not a real mirror, mellon nin." Aragorn said, smiling. Legolas returned the smile. "I'm looking for our lucky star. It's the one star that has helped us on all of our other ruthless adventures. The reason we aren't dead." Legolas explained. "Our good skill is what kept us alive." Aragorn said. "Yes, but it is said that if an Elf sees one star that continually appears during his or her battles...then it is a lucky star." Legolas explained again.

"It is only luck. I do not really believe it, though we do have this one star." Legolas said. Aragorn saw the Orcs and Urak-hai approaching. Legolas didn't see them, but their steps were so loud and their breathing was no softer than their steps, the Elf's ears heard them come. Legolas calmly sidestepped and Aragorn didn't get it until an arrow came landing there five seconds later.

Legolas released the arrow and it went directly into the forehead of an Urak-hai. The two friends fought side-by-side until they were all gone. Legolas whistled and their horses came trotting up to them. Legolas turned to his horse. Aragorn jumped on his horse and waited for his Elven friend. Legolas turned suddenly and shot an arrow into the darkness. A squeal was heard and then nothing. Legolas jumped and was on his horse in a second.

Aragorn looked at his friend. He wasn't really amazed, for he had been friends with the Elf for so long that he knew what his friend was capable of. "Are you okay, Legolas?" Aragorn asked when he saw Legolas looked different. "You don't feel good?" Aragorn asked. "I am fine, Aragorn." Legolas said, and lightly kicked the side of his horse.

An hour later

Aragorn's horse neighed loudly and ran faster. "Whoa! Slow down!" Aragorn said, trying to calm his crazy horse. Legolas said something in Elvish and Aragorn's horse continued it's normal pace. "Okay, now that is freaky! My horse doesn't listen to me, but listens to my best friend." Aragorn said as Legolas walked in pace with Aragorn. Legolas shrugged. Aragorn smiled and sighed. "Well, mellon nin...I have a feeling this is going to be the rest of our other adventures!" Aragorn said. "Oh, Great...that cannot be good!" Legolas said, rolling his eyes.

The hour passed, and then another hour. Legolas wasn't feeling well. His head pounded and his stomach hurt worse. His chest was gripped in an awful pain. He was feeling dizzy as he walked along, his horse trotting a few feet behind him. Aragorn was behind him like usual walking his own horse. His vision clouded, his knees went weak, and he fell to the ground.

"Legolas!" He heard Aragorn shout. Legolas' horse nudged the Prince's head with its long nose and snorted when Legolas didn't move. Aragorn turned his friend over and tried to wake him up. "Come on, Legolas. Wake up. Please? Just wake up long enough to tell me what you feel. Please, mellon nin. I am worried." Aragorn said as the Elf's horse tried to wake his Master up. "Nay, Orodreth. Legolas is sick. He is unconscious. I don't know if he will wake yet." Aragorn told Legolas' horse who was still trying to wake his Master.

Legolas was in a...void...of some kind. He didn't feel pain, for which he was glad...he really didn't feel anything. He couldn't hear Aragorn anymore. He knew that Orodreth has been trying to wake him, but he couldn't feel the cold nose of his Elven horse on his temple.

Aragorn built a fire close to Legolas' cot. The Prince had been out for at least three hours now. Orodreth was eating some grass nearby and Valandil (Aragorn's horse) was being lazy and doing nothing. Aragorn put the small cloth on Legolas' forehead after dipping it in cool water. The Prince was in obvious pain, before he slept, and Aragorn needed to see what was wrong. Legolas coughed and his eyes opened.

"Welcome back, mellon nin. You gave me quite a scare." Aragorn said. Legolas' eyes filled with pain and he folded his arms across his stomach. "You're stomach hurts?" Aragorn asked. "And my head and...chest. My chest hurts worse of all. Yes, my stomach hurts, also." Legolas tried to explain, but he couldn't say the words right. "You have a fever, mellon nin." Aragorn stated. "Elves don't get sick, Aragorn." Legolas said. "I know that..." Aragorn started, but he got up. "I'll be right back." He said, and went off further into the woods.

Aragorn picked some handfuls of a weed called R?mil. "This should help." Aragorn said to himself and dashed back as fast as he could. When he came back, there was some blood on Legolas' pillow. "What happened?" Aragorn asked worriedly. "When I wasn't air, it was blood. I'm sorry mellon nin." Legolas said, more pain in his eyes. "There is nothing to be sorry for. Coughing up blood means you have something in your lungs...water maybe." Aragorn said, bending down to sit by his friend for a moment.

Aragorn pushed away the washcloth and wetted it again. He set it on his friend's forehead. "This should bring down your fever." Aragorn said. Legolas wasn't looking too well...and nobody could really ever say that about an Elf. Legolas suddenly gripped his chest and closed his eyes tightly. He rolled over a bit so he was on his side and buried his face into the pillow. Aragorn started to get up and make some tea for his friend, but decided against it. He is in pain, Aragorn thought, I can't leave him, now! If I did what kind of friend would I be? I'll stay.

Aragorn took his friend's free hand, which he quickly knew he shouldn't have. The Elven Prince's breathing became short and choppy. "You're okay, Legolas. It's okay." Aragorn tried to soothe. Aragorn brought back some hair from Legolas' forehead and repeated that until all of it was gone from his face. Soon, Legolas started shaking. "I don't know what is wrong, Legolas. These symptoms don't really make sense." Aragorn said.

Some time later, the Elf stopped shaking and his breathing became normal. He had fallen asleep. "Good, mellon nin, good. Sleep and when you wake up, I will give you some medicine that I hope makes you feel better." Aragorn said. The pain must have driven the Elf into sleep. If that was the reason, then the pain must have been terrible because if Aragorn knew Legolas at all, the Elf wasn't afraid of any pain.