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Enter the Wolf's Den

By: wolf demoness

Chapter One: A Normal Morning in the Feudal Era

It started out as your average day in the feudal era, and by that I mean that even though it was early yet the sky was bright and clear without the faintest trace of the smog and pollution that plague the sprawling cities of modern times. There were song birds singing in the morning air, dew clinging to the individual blades of grass that covered expansive green fields, trees were gently swaying in the breeze, and Kagome and Inuyasha were in the middle of an argument. You see Kagome wanted to go back home to attend a school dance with some school friends, perhaps even run into Houjo, if she's lucky. She had it all planned out. She'd woken up early, packed her bags, and quietly crept out of Kaede's hut to the Bone Eaters Well without waking any of the others. She hadn't seen Inuyasha, but he hadn't stopped her from leaving the village so chances were that he hadn't seen her leave. She'd just scamper off back home, go to the dance, and be back in a couple days. She just had to make it to the well without a certain someone finding out, not that he could stop her, she just didn't want to fight with him this early in the morning. Everything was going perfectly and there was no sight of a certain silver haired hanyou that is until…"Where do you think you're going?"

"Darn it," Kagome whispered under her breath as she swung her leg back over the top of the well. "Um, hi Inuyasha. Well, I was just going to…you see the thing is that I was just going to…"

"Going to run off to your own time, without telling anyone, just when we could actually use you for once," Inuyasha crossed his arms and glared at the errant girl.

"Inuyasha, I'm only going to be gone for one day, two at the most. It's not a big deal."

"Not a big deal!" The enraged half demon shouted. "Where were you last night when we decided to head out at dawn to start collecting the shards? Funny thing, I thought you were right there in the room with the rest of us."

"Well, yes. But this is important! I have to go and you're not gonna stop me." Kagome swung her legs back into the well, but before she could push herself off the edge into the cleverly disguised time portal, a clawed hand grasped her arm and pulled her back over the well edge.

"And what is more important that collecting the jewel shards?"

Kagome balanced herself on the edge of the well and pushed Inuyasha's hand off of her. "My friends and I are going to the homecoming dance at my school all right!?"

"A dance? You think a dance is more important than stopping Naraku from gaining jewel shards. Which he wouldn't be able to do if you hadn't broken the jewel in the first place!"

"The dance isn't the important part," Kagome said. Inuyasha just looked down at her disapprovingly. Kagome sighed and began to explain it to him very slowly so that he'd understand and let her go; she was not in the mood for this. It was way too early to be dealing with a pouty Inuyasha, in her opinion. "I promised my friends that I'd go with them."

"Feh." Inuyasha scoffed and turned his head to the side, his ears going flat against his head in irritation.

"I promised them Inuyasha! I can't go back on my word!"

"What about us? You promised us that you'd hunt shards with us! Your word to us isn't as good as your word to them?!"

"Don't be ridiculous! I'll go shard hunting with you after I go to the dance with my friends!" With that she turned and made to jump back into the well.

"Oh no you will not!" Inuyasha grabbed her arm again and began to haul her out of the well. "You're staying right here!"

"Let go of me! I'm going to see my friends and that's final." She whirled around to face him, "Besides what would you know about it? I doubt you've ever had a friend in your whole life!"

Inuyasha reflexively loosened his grasp on Kagome's arm, "Wh…what?" he whispered.

"You heard me! You're rude, you're arrogant, you're uneducated, and you never think of anyone but yourself! It's no wonder no one can stand to be around you!" she screeched.

Inuyasha's eyes widened as he listened to her speech. He staggered back as if he'd received a physical blow, letting go of Kagome's arm in the process. The moment Inuyasha released her from his grasp Kagome jumped into the well and left the confused hanyou alone with his thoughts. Inuyasha settled at the edge of the well and stared at the unfriendly opening that had swallowed the agitated human girl. "But Kagome…I thought that you were my friend," he whispered.


Daybreak woke the hanyou from his reverie at the well side. Turning to view the approaching sun Inuyasha saw three figures approaching him in the distance. Miroku, the promiscuous monk, raised an arm in greeting. His robes fanning out to look like a purple flag blown by the wind, appearing almost black in the early morning light. "Inuyasha!" the woman at his side called out to him. He didn't reply. He just waited for the trio to draw near him.

The monk was the first to notice that something was wrong and taking into consideration the dejected hanyou's position by the well it wasn't too hard to figure out what had happened. "Has Lady Kagome returned to her era, Inuyasha?"


"She must have had something important to do," Sango said.

"Yes, she would not leave us unless she had a pressing matter at home," Miroku agreed.

"Thee all right Inuyasha?" the aged priestess asked.

"Yes, Lady. I am fine," Inuyasha replied.

The priestess eyes widened at the honorific passing the lips of the half demon. Over her shoulders the demon slayer and the monk shared significant glances. "Are ye certain?" Kaede tried again.

Inuyasha looked up giving the Lady a weak smile. He nodded and said, "She did have something important to do. She had a promise to keep to some friends."

"Weren't we supposed to set out today? Why did she say nothing?" Sango asked the others.

"She forgot. She wanted me to apologize for her, but it was something very important that she needed to do. She'll be back in a couple days." Inuyasha dropped his gaze back to the ground.

"Such a good girl," Kaede said smiling up at the others. "So thoughtful of others. It's important that one keeps their word."

"Yes," the silver haired demon agreed under his breath.

Miroku sighed loudly. "Inuyasha did you quarrel with Kagome before she left? Is that why you're acting so downtrodden?"

Inuyasha's head snapped up allowing him to make eye contact with the holy monk. "I…Yes, we did argue, but…"

"Really, Inuyasha, Kagome has a life outside of us! She should be allowed to see her friends and family without you harassing her all the time." Sango interrupted in exasperation. Inuyasha dropped his gaze back to the ground and said nothing. "We'll never get through to him, I fear. He's far too stubborn." Had Inuyasha looked up at this moment he would have seen the teasing looks on his friends faces, however he was too upset and hurt to hear the jesting tones in their voices and so he took their words at face value.

Miroku, picking up on Sango's jest agreed, "Sadly I believe that you are right, fair Lady. Let us retire to yon village and await the Lady Kagome's arrival." At this the monk moved to the demon slayer's side. For which he received a slap in the face, which was applied with excessive force, in his opinion.

"Keep you hands to yourself Miroku!" Sango said and began the trek back to the village.

"But fair Lady can you truly blame me? For, how can a mere mortal such as myself resist a beauty such as yours?" He followed her pleading with Sango for "...but a gentle caress of your hand, a sisterly embrace…"all the way back to the village.

At length the Lady Kaede stood and patted the half demon on the head before leaving him at the well side alone with his thoughts.


'She can't stand to be around me,' Inuyasha thought. 'I thought she considered me a friend. I thought she might even care for me.' The half demon buried his face in his drawn up knees. "I'm such a fool," he moaned.