Hey FELLOWS! Thought I might push my teenage mind wayyyy across the border. Don't ask me why. I just do this. Back to business, this piece has been inspired [like all my others] on one of my latest obsessions: the manga, GOOD MORNING CALL! The title of the series maybe seem a bit too...how should I say this, "sexual", but its PG SHOUJO!


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Chapter 1: Apartment No. 431

"Now, honey, you better be careful. You're still a young girl—"

"Woman." Mimi corrected her mother and made a sour face at the older female on the other side of the phone line. With one hand occupying the pink communication device and the free one behind her back, Mimi swayed side to side with phone trinkets clanging against each other, hoping for the mother-daughter conversation to end soon.

"You'll never know what happens. You'll also be by yourself. As matter a fact, I still don't feel comfortable with this idea. Maybe you should've come with us instead." The older Tachikawa female groaned through the other line.

Mimi rolled her eyes."Okaa-san! (Mommy!) We've been through this already." Mimi sighed lifting her body from the wall. She took a step to start swaying back and forth, "It's too late for me to turn back. The movers are supposed to be arriving at the apartment after school. I just can't make them move it all back."

"Hai, hai. Now you know what to do. NO MATTER WHAT—"

"Oh, Okaa-san, creech," Mimi imitated static on her cell phone, "I think, creeeech, I'm-breaking—creeeeeeeeech—nection—creeech."

"Stop it this instant!"

"Okaa-san, are you—creeech—there?"

"IF SOMETHING HAPPENS I'LL PICK YOU UP!" Mimi's mom screamed, before her daughter press the end button. Mimi sighed with a small smile on her face. Not only was she able to successfully able to end the conversation, but she was also free. Yes, that's right, 16 years old, Mimi Tachikawa was now the proud—sole—occupant of Apartment No. 431. With her parents out of the country due to a job promotion, her new parental-control-less life would finally start after school. She couldn't wait! No curfews, no rules, no parental drama, the possibilities were endless...! And it all started today!

Mimi placed her cell phone into her pocket as skipped down the hall, merrily. At this point, she was in complete bliss. The strange looks coming from her schoolmates and teacher were not a problem for her. They were completely ignored for she had a place all for herself!

"Mi-chan!" Mimi stopped in her tracks as a purple headed girl hugged her from behind with a playful giggle. Mimi turned to see her two closest friends, one on her back and the other on her side.

"Ah! Miyako! Koushiro-kun!" Mimi exclaimed still with that smile on her face.

"Mi-chan, was that your mother?" The one named Miyako asked, releasing her hold on her close friend as she placed her hands on her hips.

Mimi nodded as the trio continued to walk towards the genkan of the school where the shoe lockers were located. "She wanted to check up on me after they landed in America. I mean," Mimi started as she opened the metal door revealing her sneakers, "Sure, I'll be on my own, by myself, but she is worrying about nothing." She commented dropping the shoes on the floor. She pushed her feet into her sneakers while removing the uwabaki and placing them in the cubby. "I think she's even trying to bribe me to go with them to America. She bought me this cute cell phone." She added pulling the pink phone from her pocket as she shut the metal door closed.

"Chotto (wait), you're living by yourself?" Koushiro lifted his brow after he finish tying his shoe laces.

Mimi was about to answer when Miyako giggled as she gently pushed Mimi outside. Koushiro quickly got up and ran after the girls outside, making sure not to clash with any the wandering students. The three continued their conversation as they exited the campus gates and onto street traffic.

"Otou-san was promoted and relocated by his company. Therefore my parents are moving to New York. Instead of wasting school year, I insisted to just finish school here. Besides..." Mimi's voice trailed off.

"There's a 'besides'?" Koushiro asked Miyako, while Mimi ignored their conversation and started to feel herself drift into dark tension.

"Well, eventually, she would say it..." Miyako whispered.

"It's either have my own apartment or live with my auntie who lives in a farm." Mimi's face sank, thinking of the new life. She remembered farm. It was a vast amount of land with tons of cattle and chickens. Normally, she enjoyed visiting them in the country side, but to live there... that was a different story. Mimi sighed, "It would take me an hour to go take the train and bus. She's even very strict."

"But all and all you're here, and that's what matters." Miyako smiled patting her companion on the shoulder.

"Aw...Miyako..." Mimi squealed as she gave Miyako a hug. "You always know the right words to say to make me feel so much better." The two girls giggled with a smile.

Suddenly Koushiro stopped his tracks. "Miyako-san, did you bring it?" Koushiro leaped to catch up with the two.

"Bring what?" Mimi questioned.

Miyako cocked her head to the side. After a brief moment, her eyes widened. "You're right!" Miyako exclaimed as she reached into her school bag rummaging through its contents. "Ah… I'm positive that didn't forget it. Thanks for reminding me. Jan~!" Miyako cheered raising a wrapped bag with a very shinny pink ribbon from the bag. "This is a housewarming gift from Izumi-kun and me!"

"Re-really? This is so cool! Can I open it?" Mimi spoke all in one breath as her hands greedily obtained the package.

"Um...okay." Miyako and Koushiro started at each others eyes as Mimi tore the wrapping paper off. Mimi finally pulled the piece off and saw a green plaid color. Thinking it was shorts, she held it up on the air. Moments later, she gasped at the sight.

This... this isn't what she thought it was.

"Me-men's b-boxers?" Mimi stuttered. She held the clothing as if they were dripping with slime as Miyako and Koushiro smiled.

"If you hang this over your window, thieves will think there is a man in the house." Miyako smiled pointing his index finger "as-a-matter-of-fact".

"So, they won't bother to steal or harass you. Plus you can use them as shorts!" Koushiro said in the same way.

Mimi stood looking at the clothing with her face blank. Slow winds whirled by and still no word. Her surprised, horrified expression instantly melted to a laughing one. Mimi laughed with a tear forming in her eye, "You guys are the best! What a joke!" She continued to laugh.

Koushiro and Miyako did the same with a hint of this-is-really-the-present-we-picked-out-for-you tone. "That was hilarious! Even my tears are coming out. Arigatou!" Mimi hugged Miyako as smile spread across their faces.

"Izumi-kun got it," Miyako spoke as Mimi loosened her hug. "I thought of it."

"And that pair hasn't been worn yet!" Koushiro chuckled. Expecting his joke to be like the other jokes thrown around, Koushiro's chuckle slowed down to acknowledge the silence from the girls.

"A-are you saying these are your old boxers, Koushiro-kun?" Mimi asked giving him a suspicious face.

"I can't believe you, Izumi-kun!" Miyako gasped in a joking manner, though Koushiro didn't seem to find it hilarious.

"I meant it's new!" Koushiro yelled as red started to consume his face; the same color as his hair. "I can't believe you guys." He groaned as his arms crossed across his chest.

Mimi placed the back of her hand near her mouth to allow the giggle to quietly exit from her mouth. The small action caused her to take a peek at her watch. "Oh, I gotta check on the place." Mimi muttered looking at her friends. "Once everything is a-okay, I'll invite you guys over. Ja!" Mimi waved as she crossed a street, separating herself from her friends.

"Ja ne!" Miyako spoke as she and Koushiro waved goodbye. Once the vision of Mimi was gone, Miyako then angrily looked at Koushiro. She lightly pushed the red head showing her angry expression, "that pair hasn't been worn yet?"

"What?" Koushiro sweatdropped rubbing his arm. He shook his head back and forth as he continued to walk his way home. Miyako caught up with Koushiro and wondered why he had to make an awkward comment. And then it hit her. Miyako's stared and smirked at Koushiro a way that he that not too fond of. "Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked feeling Miyako's eyes.

"You still like her, don't you?" Miyako said through her grinned teeth and a nudge.

Koushiro made a mixture of a groan and a shrug. He continued to walk home as the persistent romantic Miyako continued to further provoke him.

No. 431

Those two words echoed in Mimi's happy mind. After Mimi pressed the button for the fourth floor, the elevator doors closed. The sudden force of the moving case going up caused her to sway back and forth.

It was going to be her's... all her's! She remembered the day she saw the advertisement in her own bedroom. This spaced seemed too good to be true! It possessed a large living space, a kitchen, two bedrooms each containing it's own closet, one full bath and a balcony peering the skyline. Best part about it? It was for a really good price! Real good. Almost unbelievably good. And what's even better? It was all Mimi's. Having an extra bedroom was perfect if anyone had wanted to sleepover. She could even possibly convert that space into a study room. Choices, choices...

As soon as the door stopped and opened, Mimi skipped merrily out of the elevator door. She looked at the numbers written outside each small plaque near each door. Her nose wrinkled. Maybe she was too excited. Maybe she was…no, she was defiantly excited. She started at one door and counted down.



Finally, there was room 431... 4-3-1.

Mimi smile grew wider as the name echoed through her mind. She reached deep into her pocket and scowled. 'Where is that key?' Got it! She took her key out and opened the door. Perfect fit. She turned the key with the knob. It opened easily. 'Finally.'

As the door silently creaked open, Mimi stood in amazement on how the room was set. She left her sneakers on the genkan of the apartment and walked further in. Following the walls, the first thing she encountered to her left was the kitchen, already decorated with a refrigerator, and a small wooden counter top window peering into the small dining room area and living room. She was no chef, but she knew that the space was good enough. She walked further in and noted the large spaced living room. There was MORE than enough space for the furniture that was coming in shortly. She gasped seeing a small bonus on the wall: central air conditioning. She squealed. She walked further in and saw the bathroom that took a good chunk of the living room. It was divided into two spaces, one for the bathtub the other for the shower. She walked out and saw something she'd been waiting for... the great sliding door that lead to a fantastic view. Mimi smiled to herself as she followed down the hall passing the two opposite bedroom doors and stepped out onto the balcony. The sun was still high and the noise from the streets below echoed it's way up. Mimi turned and leaned on the railings and noticed the two other sliding doors on opposite ends of the one she entered.

"No way! The bedrooms has an entrance to the balcony too?" She exclaimed said to no one in particular. She sighed and finished it with a smile. Walking back inside, she sat on the floor, basking in all of the glory the apartment had to offer. "This is all mine!" Mimi couldn't help but smile looking at the apartment once more. "All mine!" She exclaimed as she stretched her arms and fell back onto the floor. Sighing to self, "What's the first thing I should do?" She asked as she got up and saw boxes pilled up on the side. OH! Unpacking seems like a good idea.

"But something seems strange here." Mimi cocked her head to the side as she moved herself near the boxes. "How did the movers get in here before I did?"

Mimi felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see a handsome guy right behind her. By her analysis, he was tall, about one or two years older, blond, blue-eyed, and... aggravated? Mimi felt somewhat strange toward this guy. She felt as if she met him before but didn't know when, how, or even who the heck he is.

There was natural sense of logic here somewhere... a random guy in the apartment... had she left the door open before she went exploring in the apartment?

"What are you doing here?" He started, yet Mimi continued to look at him dumbfounded, "What are you doing here?" Silence. "Oi! What the heck is wrong with you? Aren't you even listening to me?"

"Heh?" Mimi snapped from her train of thoughts, "Gomen, I wasn't paying attention."

He sighed out of annoyance. He scratched the back of his neck. He looked at her with a small glare "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Excuse me," Mimi replied, continuing to stare with a confused look. Now the natural sense of things were starting to become clear, "I should be asking you that!"

"What are you talking about? Starting today, I live here." He replied. Mimi's mouth hung open. There was no way he could be living here. She paid for this apartment. It was her's! The living room, balcony, everything! She has a key for goodness sake!

"Well?" He paused, "Get out! You got the wrong apartment, lady." He spun Mimi around and tried to push her out the door. With her quick reflexes, Mimi simply placed her hands on the frame of the door, causing the man difficulty to push her out. "I-" He paused to grunt, "said, 'get—" grunt, "—out!"

"Listen, pal. I like jokes as much as the next gal, but-" Mimi voice struggled as he tried to push her out, "I-am-living-here!" Mimi made her body sink towards the floor, causing the man to stumble a little.

He turned to Mimi and said with a darker glare in his eye, "How could that be?"

Mimi dug her hands into her pocket and took her key out. He stared at the metal object as he did the same. They had the same shape, size, and glowly glare. They looked at each other in questionably and got the same idea, "We need to see the agency!"

"I'll go call them," he replied as he headed toward the boxes.

"Wait!" Mimi cried, following him. She cringed as the man opened the boxes and started rummaging through them. "Those are my boxes!" Mimi stomped a foot down. "Hasn't your mother ever tell you not to look through a woman's belongings?"

"Does your boxes contain pairs of men's underwear in them?" He retorted. Mimi quickly retreated with blush seen on her cheeks, thinking of Miyako and Koushiro's house warming gift. The man took it as her backing-down from the argument, "Then back off."

Mimi was about to make a comeback but the sight of actually seeing an unfamiliar telephone come out of the box made her question. Her eyes followed her gaze follow him as he went to a nearby phone jack and plugged in the cord. He sat on the floor grabbed the phone and quickly dialed. She walked up to him and stood behind him. She spoke in a small voice, "Are all those boxes yours?"

"I brought them all up here by myself." He grunted pressing the button that rested his call. His fingers frantically dialed the number again.

Mimi gasped at his response and thought, 'Then where the hell are mine?'

"We're sorry, the number you have dialed has been disconnected, please-" BANG! "Shit!" he cursed as his hand violently shook on the receiver. "What the hell is going on?" He groaned as he slammed the receiver down. After a brief moment, he stopped his shaking and looked up. He turned to Mimi and stared with her with a glare ten times worse than before. "You!"

"M-me?" Mimi stammered.

"Come with me!" He walked over to her and grabbed her arm.

"O-oi!" Mimi's eyes widened. He gripped her wrist as he forcibly opened the door, slipped their shoes on, and dragged her out the door with him. Mimi, both scared and confused, thankfully closed the door while following the angry blond to the door leading to the building's staircase.

"Where are we going?" She asked as the man's grip got tighter as they walked down the stairs together.

He grunted, "We're getting this settled once and for all!"

Out of Business. Gomen Nasai!
-Portable Homes

The words flew by just like that. Both Mimi and her supposed abductor stared at the now abandoned office space.

'This can't be happening.' Mimi's eye twitched looking at the sign. 'Please tell me I just got get jipped.'

Mimi's attention turned to the guy after she heard him made a long, aggravated groan. Out of his obvious frustration, he kicked the door hard.. causing Mimi to jump back a bit. His eye brows furrowed. When he looked up to Mimi again with that same glare, she gulped loudly. He seemed like a very violent guy. And what's worse? He has the key to her home.

"Let's take this to the landlord!" He exclaimed grabbing her wrist once more.

"Eh?" Mimi screamed, "You made me run 15 blocks to this place and you want me to run back? Are you crazy?" She screeched with a crooked eyebrow.

He walked up to her and said with a louder voice. "I normally do not yell at women, but considering the fact that I had an extremely long day and my deposit on that apartment has disappeared, I have the right to be angry! I want my apartment!" He pointed a finger at her.

"Oi!" Mimi yelled back, allowing the fire within her ignite. She pulled her wrist away from his grasp and jabbed a finger into his chest. "First of all, I've been waiting all day for this too. Instead of hoping on a plane out of this country, I decided to stay here. Second, it's my apartment, so back off, buddy!" Mimi breathed heavily. This was starting to become too stressful of a day.

His glare towards her hardened. Mimi could see that he wanted to further express his anger, evidently went against it. Maybe it was because yelling at her wasn't going to change their situation. He turned around, making his back face her. "Com'on, I wanna get inside before it gets dark." He said sternly as he continued to walk. However, Mimi was not following. He sighed heavily as he walked back to her. With hands on his hips and a pissed expression on his face. "What is it now?"

"I'm tired." Mimi sighed, trying to stand up straight. "I was so excited about the new apartment, I forgot to eat lunch." She felt a sudden movement and saw the guy taking her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, "He-hey! What the hell is your problem?"

"If you don't feel like moving, I might as well carry you!" Mimi protested by kicking him violently. "Listen!" He said with a booming voice, causing Mimi to stop momentarily. "The sooner we get this straightened out, the sooner we can end this."

And with that said, he walked the direction towards their apartment building. Even though this was somewhat strange for her, she kind of liked it. His body was warm and comfortable. Mimi knew she had seen this guy before but she couldn't recall. What? Wait, was she actually feeling some type of sympathy for this guy? Mimi hmphed inwardly as she closed her eyes, ignoring the strange glances from people were giving them.

Mimi gripped her skirt out of nervousness. Why was she here again? Oh, yes, because she wanted to keep that apartment to herself.

The old lady came back into the room, holding a tray of cookies, two cups and a tea pot. She was so cute with her little yukata and shuffling feet. She placed the tray on the table before them. She knelt down on her zabuton(1) as she prepared the tea for her guests. Mimi and the guy nodded graciously took the warm drink. The little lady smiled through her wrinkly skin and sat back comfortably.

"Now, let's see here." She stared correcting her reading glasses as her eyes gazed over her list. "Hmm...Portable Homes, you say?" The landlord lady spoke as she scrolled down, "They aren't listed as agencies."

"Well, apparently," he started, "They have rented an apartment to two persons; very different persons." He corrected as he took a glance at Mimi still pondering on the guy's resemblance.

"Well, we can't do anything about that." The old woman placed the list on the side. "Since you are already renting the place, you might as well pay the rent." She paused, "¥160,000 is due at the end of next week!"

The boy and Mimi stood up from the cushion still with widened eyes. "Sixteen- hundred-thousand yen?" they exclaimed in unison.

"You've gotta be kidding me!" Mimi screeched, "The ad told me that the apartment was ¥85,000 only!"

"Mine too!" The man agreed taking out the so-called ad.

"Oh, hush, hush..." The lady motioned with her hands. She took the flier from the boy and read it. She looked up to the two teenagers and shook her little head side to side. "It's kind of hard to find a good apartment for only ¥85,000. Especially your apartment, 431. It's a nice space for a couple such as you two." She giggled covering her face. Yet, she quickly stopped seeing the red tints across their faces. "Or maybe Portable Homes actually went portable with your money." She giggled to herself for the little pun she made. However, when she took a glance at the two's not so happy faces, she quickly retaliated.

The little lady cleared her throat. "How-how about an introduction? Just so I can remember names." She smiled adjusting her glasses.

"Tachikawa Mimi, 16 years old." Mimi bowed after placing her cup of tea down.

The boy sighed fixing his posture. "I'm Ishida Yamato—"

'What? Did he just say Ishida Yamato?' Mimi's eyes widened. "Oh god!" Mimi gasped, she turned to see the boy's profile and smiled. "Oh crap! Now I know! You're-you're Ishida, the Ishida Yamato! AH~!" Mimi squealed, causing the newly-discovered Yamato and the ladylord lady a shock. "I'm one of your biggest fans! I have your CD right here!" Mimi pulled out her CD from her school bag, "I know you're not entirely a big star yet and all, but I have felt the soul in your singing..." As Mimi continued to idolized, Yamato stared at her with blank eyes.

'It all makes sense now! The reason why he's mad is because he won't be able to have his secret living space! No wonder he's an idol! I'm willing to bet he isn't really that mean in real life!' Mimi's eyes began to see a dreamy pastel colors as her body began to swoon over him.

"Land lady-san," He said with a pleading voice, facing the old woman, "isn't it possible to clear this up as soon as possible?" Yamato commented as a sweatdrop appeared on the side of his head.

"Well, there might be a way..." She brought up her cup to sip her tea.

"Anything...onigei..." Yamato pleaded looking at Mimi.

"Why don't you just live together?" She responded so carefree, not-knowing the details that came into Yamato and Mimi's mind.

"You gotta be kidding me." He sighed. 'Me. Living with this nut?' Yamato thought looking at Mimi who was now excited to be living with the Ishida Yamato.

"This is so stupid..." Yamato commented, back in their apartment, with his arms crossed over his chest. He and Mimi sat on the floor facing opposite from each other and pondered on the situation. "I don't want to pay for something that I don't even have the money for. It's just plain stupid." Yamato scratched the back of his head.

Mimi stared at her apartment-owning rival. "Can't you get your money from home?"

"This was gonna be my home!" Yamato shouted. "Don't give me that bull crap!"

Mimi's eye twitched, 'So much for not being mean in real life.' She shook the idea off. "I meant, couldn't you ask your parents for money to pay for the actual rent for this apartment?" Mimi retorted with furrowed brows, feeling her defensive side come alive.

Yamato stared at her for five seconds before retreating, "No, I can't. You?"

"I think I-" Mimi paused. Yamato lifted a brow for Mimi's sudden stop of words. Mimi looked down in disgraced and remembered her mother's last few words to her. A sudden large increase in rent money would cause a BIG problem. She's gonna get the next flight to New York... or worse, move with Auntie into that farm. Mimi sighed. "No, me neither."

The tension was cut thanks to Mimi's cell phone. It rang. She reached to her pocket and read the call description. "Okaa-san?" Mimi read with eyes wide. She stood up and walked towards the nearest window of the living room. She flipped open the communication device and spoke into it, "Moshi-moshi?"

"Oh, yokatta (2), you're okay! Did you unpack?" Mimi heard her Mimi sigh out of delight.

"Ha-hai! Un-unpacked!" Mimi responded feeling shaky.

"Lair~!" Yamato commented loud enough for the older Tachikawa to hear.

"Who was that? Do you have a boy in your apartment?"

"NO!" Mimi responded sweating, "It's my voice. It's been getting shaky lately. I think I must gurgle now. Ja!" Mimi hanged up without giving her mother another chance to say anything. Mimi held one hand around the base while the other pressed the device on her chest. She sighed out of relief, before turning to the blond boy and glared.

Of all the things he could have done, he had to bring up something that was gonna get her whole plan screwed. "Bastard..." She managed to mumble out loud.

"You're gurgling? You could have made a better excuse about a guy like me doing in your apartment." Yamato made sheepish grin.

Mimi blushed so red that steam was coming out of her ears. That's it! He's a fake! He cannot considered a great idol anymore! "Hentai!" Mimi stuck her tongue and walked passed the blond nemesis.

"You're the one who idolized me." He called back over his shoulder.

"Because of your voice and lyrics! Not for your good looks!" Mimi added looking through the bedrooms.

"So you think I have good-looking?" Mimi sighed imagining Yamato's smirking face. She closed into her bedroom behind her. Her boxes were nowhere to be found. She leaned back on her door and allowed her feet to lose it's friction as her body slid down to the floor. She sat there and faced Yamato with a small frown on her face.

He turned to her and leaned back to allow himself to fall onto the hard floor. "So," he paused looking at the ceiling, "what we are going to do now?"

"Well, there's always that plan," Mimi paused, moving her gaze towards her feet. Yamato raised a brow, requesting Mimi to complete the thought for him. "Maybe we can just move in together; plain and simple."

Yamato stared at her for a good second before replying with a strong, "Are you kidding me? Are you serious? Don't you even understand what you're saying?" He exclaimed moving himself towards her.

"We-we can have our own rooms. No one from our schools would even know we're living together. Plus, w-we can move out as soon as we find different affordable homes." Mimi shrugged laying out the details. "You can't pay for rent alone. I can't pay the rent alone. It would make sense we move in together and be roommates!"

"Over my dead body!" Yamato shouted blushing.

"We would save about 500 lower than we expected. Besides I got nowhere else to go." Mimi replied, "My family is gone off to another country. I have no home. My stuff isn't even here to comfort me..." Mimi started to tear. Her outrageous acting gene came over. She loudly groaned and moaned and buried her face in her crossed arms over the legs that raised them.

Yamato looked at her bluntly. Like every other guy, it's hard to resist a girl crying. He grunted walking towards "his" room. "Fine!" Yamato slammed the door of his room.

Mimi smiled to herself. 'Yes, one point for me!'

Doorbell rang.

Mimi turned to the door and expressed a confused look. 'Who could be their first visitor?' She was about to answer the door, but Yamato immediately cut her. He opened the door as Mimi peered over his shoulder. Yet, because of their height difference, Mimi rarely got a chance to see what was going on.

"Arigatou gozaimasu."

Yamato closed the door. Mimi stepped back to see that Yamato was holding three boxes of pizza. Mimi smiled at her roommate and followed his moving direction.

"Cool! You got pizza! Did you order salad too? I'm starving." Mimi smiled.

Yamato stopped. He turned to Mimi and made an I-can't-believe-you-said-that face. "I didn't get anything for you..." Yamato replied.

"De-demo...you have three boxes of pizza!" Mimi commented in disbelief following Yamato move again.

"They're for me. I have a big appetite right now thanks to all the stress I'm getting. I just eat a lot. Got a problem with that?" Yamato slammed his door as Mimi pouted in defeat.

"Ishida! Onegei?" Mimi whined. Mimi sank as low as her pout.

'Hmph, he's such a dickhead!' Mimi grunted as started to draw circles on the floor. 'You think you know a person till you live with him.' Mimi lifted her head and saw her reflection on the sliding door across the hall. She saw herself sitting on the floor, frowning for not having a share of his pizza. Her frown and gaze lowered.

'Look at me, I'm all upset just because he wouldn't share pizza that he paid for. Maybe I am too selfish. Moving in together, asking for his food... no matter what I'm depending on him. I should probably learn to start being independent and just let him have his space. After all... half of this apartment is his.'

The door slowly opened, and nothing happened. Mimi looked up staring at the now opened door till his voice said, "Well, do you want to eat or not?"

Mimi smiled. 'Okay, maybe he isn't completely bad. There just has to be a middle ground.'

Mimi got up and walked inside. She watched him open a pizza box as placed it on top one of his moving-in boxes. He sat with his legs crossed grabbing a slice and took a bite out of it. His gaze met hers. He said with a full mouth. "You said you were tired earlier. You might as well eat."

"Nice place..." Mimi commented looking inside the room as she sat closer to the pizza box.

"Don't get used to it." He added. Mimi smiled with a small nod.

"Wow!" Mimi sighed, rubbing her belly. "That was good."

"That's only because you didn't pay for it." Yamato groaned walking back into the room after putting the empty pizza boxes away. He stood up and opened the door to his room, "Now you that you had your fill, you can go to your room and sleep."

Mimi looked down as she stood up from the floor. She walked towards the door, but stopped when she was near the door.

Yamato's eyes squinted.


He sighed. "What is it now?"

"My boxes didn't arrive yet."

Yamato paused momentarily, trying to understand what she was trying to hint."So?"

"The only thing I could wear is my school uniform." Mimi pointed to her clothes. Yamato made a slight blush the areas she was pointing to. She was hinting to a change of clothes. Yamato sighed. He walked towards his boxes and managed to take out a pair of plaid pajama pants and a white shirt labeled "07" with blue.

"Just wear these for tonight." Yamato tossed the articles of clothing to the brunette. "Tomorrow, I guess I'll help you talk to the moving company about your things. Oh! You will need a blanket too, but I guess this bed sheet will do." Yamato placed things on her arms and she just stared once more. "What?"

"Well, first of all, it's kind of scary sleeping in a completely bare room all by myself-"

Yamato raised a brow, "And you're asking to sleep here too?"

Mimi nodded.

Yamato groaned, "Fine."

Mimi looked down. "Gomen."

"Just change." Yamato walked towards the boxes looking for bed sheets and another blanket.

Mimi made her way to her empty bedroom. She turned on the lights and looked at the empty space. Mimi couldn't help but imagine the mirror reflection layout of Yamato's room, where he had his furniture was placed.

'You've been in that room way too long.' Mimi grunted. She began to change into the change of clothes.

Maybe sharing the apartment with him isn't that bad. He definitely has a nice side to himself. He may appear to be an asshole, but maybe there's something about him that I don't know yet.

Mimi smiled as she pulled his shirt over her head. She couldn't help but take a whiff of the natural scent that Yamato had left behind.

'OH MY GOD! What am I doing?' Mimi's eyes widened as she shook her head of the thoughts. She returned to the room slightly blushing the fact that she's wearing men's—corection, Yamato's pajamas. In the dark, she saw Yamato already sleeping on his bed. Mimi made smile to herself.

'It's kind of strange how we ended up getting stuck together like this. I never thought that this was possible.' Mimi thought as she took her bed sheet and lay down on the floor. 'Oh, God. If my parents ever found out about living here with Yamato, or any boy for that manner, they'll ship me back for sure. I wonder if this was a good idea…'

"What are you doing down there?" Mimi turned to see Yamato half-opened eyes facing her.

"I'm alright." Mimi smiled smoothing out the blankets.

Yamato saw through her fake smile and made a chuckle. "Do you want to sleep here?"

"Where?" Mimi's eyes widened a bit, wondering if he meant what she think he meant.

"Here." Yamato slipped open his bed covers as Mimi blush.

"Is...Wha...Are you kidding me? Why the hell-" Mimi stood about to debate.

"Just get in here, I'm getting cold!" Yamato grabbed her arm and closed the blanket.

"AH~!" Mimi fell on his bed and the blanket was shut.

"Damn...why are you feet so freakin' cold?"

"Ah..Ishi-Ishida! I'm better off sleeping alone."

"This bed is very narrow, so stop moving!" Yamato cover her tightly, "Here, now just sleep."

"Tha-that's not the problem here!" Mimi turned to see that Yamato was already asleep. "Forget dreaming! Hell, I don't think I'll be able to sleep!"

(1) The little pillow they sit on when they are sitting around the Kotatsu Table.
(2) Thank goodness.