Where Do Babies Come From?

By: Crystal Unicorn2

A Chibi Story

Brianna was sitting on the couch watching TV when Chibi Duo came down the stairs in his pajamas and sat down next to Brianna.

Chibi Duo: I can't sleep.

Brianna: So I see.

Chibi Duo: I have a question..

Brianna: And I might have an answer.

Chibi Duo: Where do babies come from?

Brianna, who was drinking a cup of milk at the time, nearly chocked.

Brianna: Duo, go to bed.

Chibi Duo: But I wanna know where!

Brianna: And I wanna know why I have the miniature versions of the Gundam Wing characters as adoptive children.

Chibi Duo: You also want the larger version of me as a boyfriend.

Brianna: How did you know?

Chibi Duo: Cuz I see you talking to your poster.

Brianna: Go to bed.

Chibi Duo: But…

Brianna: No.

Chibi Duo gets up and goes back up stairs just as Chibi Heero is coming down.

Chibi Heero: Whatcha watchin?

Brianna: Not sure.

Chibi Heero: I have a question.

Brianna: If it's the same question as Duo's, the answer is K Mart.


At the sound, all the chibis came down and gave Brianna a shocked look.

Brianna: Or Wal Mart. But if you're worth a lot, JC Penny or Billards.

Chibi Relena: Am I from JC Penny?

Chibi Heero: No. You're from a hardware store..

Chibi Relena: Am not!

Chibi Heero: Are too!

Chibi Wufei: Where am I from?

Chibi Treize: Wallgreens.

Chibi Wufei: Meany!! Well YOU'RE from a Dollar Store!!

Chibi Treize: Insults!! I will not stand for this! Draw your weapon, Chang!

They both pull out plastic sword and duel.

Chibi Duo: Brianna, do babies REALLY come from stores?

Brianna: Yes.

Chibi Duo: Then where did YOU come from?

Brianna: Wal Mart.

Chibi Duo: Do animal babies come from stores?

Brianna: No.

Chibi Duo: Then where?

Brianna: All animals are related to rocks.

Chibi Duo: Why?

Brianna: Cuz they're stupid.

Just as Brianna stopped changing the channels, it stopped on A Baby's Story on TLC channel. Just when the woman had given birth.

Chibi Duo: Brianna, she's not at a store.

Brianna: I realized.

Chibi Duo: Then how can she have a baby?

A/N: I know. Stupid. But it's my first chibi story in quite a while. Please review!