Girl Talk by Star24

Disclaimer: Don't own them, don't profit from them, but I had an urge to play with them.

Takes place after Minimum Security

"So tell me this again. You heard Tony yell 'Halt" and went tearing into his room, gun drawn, to rescue him from a big bad…iguana?!" Abby was doubled over in laughter.

Kate grinned, "You left out the best part…Tony sleeps in the raw. You should have seen him grabbing for that chair when he realized I was there and remembered he was…" Her eyes met Abby's and the two dissolved into laughter once again, "...n-n-n-naked," she finally managed to finish.

"I wish I could have seen Gibbs face." Abby sighed when she recovered enough to speak.Tears of laughter were running down her face. "Bet it was classic, right?"

Kate hesitated. "Um…yeah, classic."

Abby looked at her sharply, "You never looked at Gibbs, did you?"

Kate could feel herself blushing slightly. "Well… there was the iguana you know."

"Yeah?" Abby drawled. "Describe it."

"It was…green. Yeah that's it. Green."

"I thought you secret service types were trained in observation? You didn't look at the iguana either, did you?" Abby was enjoying Kate's discomfiture. "So? Spill. He's that fine to look at? I mean, I kind of always wondered about what was underneath those loose shirts and baggy pants he wears."

Kate sighed. She looked away and then she looked back at Abby. Suddenly she grinned. "He's definitely first class eye candy." She paused, "But if you ever, ever tell him I said that, you are so dead."

Abby gave her an innocent look. "Would I rat out a sister? Anyway, the last thing Tony needs is to hear anything more about his looks. Or haven't you noticed the way the secretaries from the pool all come running with their tongues hanging out if he even glances in their direction? I guarantee you, he does."

Kate sighed. "Yeah. Agent Cassidy has it bad for him as well."

"Agent Cassidy?" Abby questioned. "The one from Gitmo?"

"That's the one. Our fearless leader assigned Tony to investigate her. It seems the two of them hit it off, all right. She's good, trying to keep him on a string, and I don't think he's tumbled yet, but she's got it bad. Another woman can always tell those things."

Abby regarded Kate shrewdly. "And you care, why?"

Kate smiled, "I don't want to see him get hurt is all. Or her. Gibbs said romances between agents never work out, and I can vouch for that after my recent experience in the Secret Service."

"Tony's a big boy. He can take care of himself." Abby said, still watching Kate closely.

"It's just that annoying as he can be, I guess he gets under your skin." Kate explained. "There's something about that puppy dog look he gives you, that brings out the maternal instinct, I guess."

"Kate, Tony is no lost puppy dog needing to be rescued." Abby's voice was stern. "Don't even start to go there."

Kate looked at her curiously, caught by an undertone in her voice. "Abby, you don't…I mean you and Tony never…" she trailed off at Abby's look, sensing that the topic was off limits.

Abby shrugged. "Agent Cassidy isn't the only one who needs to be careful. Gibbs is right about the romance thing."

Kate stared at her. "You don't think that I'm interested in Tony? We work together. It's like a brother sister thing. Tony isn't my type…"

Abby smiled. "You ever heard of endorphins? And the body's reaction to stressful situations? Not like you two aren't going to find yourself in some of those in this job. Just be careful. Our Tony's not the committment type."

The two women's eyes met in silent understanding. Abby peeled off her lab coat and tossed it over a chair. "It's quitting time. You want to stop off at that little bar on the corner and have some drinks and talk about how impossible men are?"

Kate smiled. "Sounds like a plan to me."