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Lonely Heart Chapter 1:Arrange Marriage

Chihiro is a princess in Shanghai kingdom. She has brown hair that grew to her under arm, brown eyes, and a nice slim body. Although Chihiro is a princess, she doesn't act like one. She wore dresses that weren't too big, since she has no choice but to wear dresses. Every since she was just a child she spent most of her days in the castle's kitchen with the servants learning how to cook. Cooking was her specialty. Chihiro's mother didn't agree on what Chihiro was doing everyday with her life in the kitchen when she should be training to be a proper princess. ............................................................................ ........................................................

The sun shined brightly into Chihiro's bedroom. She woke up and rubbed her eyes. She looked around and saw a lavender very fluffy dress lying at the end of her bed. Chihiro sigh... 'Why did the servants gave me this dress to wear? They know I don't like it'. Chihiro thought and got out of bed. She walked straight to the closet and grabbed a gray thin dress and slipped it on. Chihiro then looked at the lavender dress on her bed and frown at it. Then she left downstairs.

Chihiro walked through the main hall and her mother saw her.

"Chihiro, honey. Why aren't you wearing the dress I put on your bed this morning?"

"It was you who put it there?"

"Of course.."

"Why? Mother you know I hate those big fluffy dresses..?"

"Why do you hate it..?"

" see...I can't manage to drag that big thing through the kitchen... it just gets in the way.."

" you're not going to the kitchen.."

"Why not?" Chihiro looked at her mother in confusion. Her mother has always let her go to the kitchen because she couldn't stop Chihiro from going but why not today.

"Today is your birthday...and I have something very important to tell you.."

"Oh...yeah...I almost is my birthday...of can I forget my own birthday..." Chihiro said scratching her head.

"Okay Chihiro, kitchen today!"

"Okay, kitchen..."

"Meet me outside for lunch and we'll talk."


"No 'buts'!"


"No whining either..."

"Fine..."Chihiro sigh...

Chihiro's mother left and Chihiro took off to the garden. As she was walking in the garden outside, she thought about what her mother had said about that important thing.

Chihiro was walking in the garden doing nothing. Until she suddenly stopped. 'I really want to go to the kitchen and practice my cooking skills..' She thought to herself. Sigh. 'Guess not. I wouldn't want mom to see me all dirty, the next thing you know she's gone mad and maybe I wouldn't be able to see the lights of the day ever again...' Sigh. Then she continues to walk and saw her friend Hana. "Hana! Hey Hana!" Chihiro yelled. Hana turned around and saw Chihiro.

"Hey Chihiro, sorry I didn't see you."

"That's okay."

"So, how are you doing?" Hana started.

"Uh...nothing, I'm just bored."

"Oh! Chihiro the queen is looking for you."

"OH! Of course, how can I forget, I was supposed to meet her for lunch.."

"Well then you better hurry princess."

"Right!" Chihiro started running which wasn't right for a princess but she went on and ran anyways.

"Chihiro, tell me the news when you come back!"

"I will.." Chihiro said while running towards the garden once more.

Chihiro finally got there. She was out of breath and was breathing hard.

"Chihiro, you're late.." The queen started.

Chihiro was still breathing hard and sat down on the chair across from her mother.

"I'm sorry...I'm...late..." Chihiro talking while trying to take in breath.

"Chihiro, I thought I told you-"

"I wasn't in the kitchen at all!" Chihiro cut in and finished her mother's sentence.

"Chihiro, that wasn't what I was asking you." The queen clears it for Chihiro.

"Uh..Ehehe...sorry..."Chihiro face turns a slight red showing her embarrassment.

"I was going to ask you why didn't you wear the dress I got you this morning?"

"I told you I don't like it, it's too big."

"Chihiro, you need to act more like a princess, so that someone will want to marry you."

"Marry me?...I would never want to get married to anyone."

"Either you want to or not you are getting married one day you know."

"Okay mom let's not talk about marriage here because I don't want to get married at all, so tell me the important thing you were going to tell me."

"Well, we're talking about it." Chihiro's mother answered her.

"Huh? What you're telling me now is that important thing."

"Yes, of course and its time for you to meet him.."

"Meet who?"

"Meet Kulong..."

"Who's that?"

"You met him before"


"When you two were very young." The queen explained.

"I'm getting married to him."

"Yes you will."

"But why?"

"You and Kulong have been arrange to be married when you two were young so you are going to have to marry him."

Chihiro face was shock. She looked at her mother and her mother just smile.

"So mother when am I going to meet him?" Chihiro question her mother.

"Three days after tomorrow." The queen took a sip from her tea.

"Mother why do I have to marry him? Don't you think it's too soon for me to get married?" Chihiro was trying to come up with excuses just so that her mother would change her mind.

"Well, no...Because your father and I got married when we were your age."

"Well that's you mother.." Chihiro wasn't surprise when her mother said that she got married young.

"Chihiro, you're going to have to marry him, it's been arrange already." Chihiro didn't want to get marry she just turned sixteen and there was still a lot more time for her to spend her life on, she didn't want to waste it all now.

"But mother..."

"Chihiro please understand that your father and I want you to have a good life." The queen explained so that Chihiro get the point.

"Okay mother I think I understand..." Chihiro realize that there was no way out of this marriage so she asked to be dismiss from the conversation.

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