My first song-fic, please don't flame!

The song is "Gollum's Song", from The Lord of the Rings; The Two Towers. I can't remember who it's sung by, but it's that pale, black haired gal that kinda freaks me out, though she had a great voice and is pretty... ok, this is getting off focus. This is the song I was thinking about when I was rereading my story "The Blood of Ink", and I realized that it fit Ink great at the end, the chapter where she goes back to her hometown to take care of some business. If you have not read the story I suggest you read it, I luv it a lot and think that this depressing song goes great with the depressing scene. Plus the song fits in perfectly with Ink's past, so yay!

You can listen to the song at the beginning of the credits of the Two Towers, or on the soundtrack, or if you have the DVD ya can see the music video, which is pretty cool.

So anyway, here we go!

-Ice Lynx

**************************************************************************** *************************

Ink didn't push the bike at all now, the gun in her pocket was heavy enough and she didn't feel like going so fast. The wind blew both streaks of green back. The wind would have felt good, it was warm enough, but Ink felt like ice that could never be warmed, maybe that's what she was, ice.

"Where once was light, now darkness falls

Where once was love, love is no more.

Don't say goodbye, don't say I didn't try."

A brief thought flickered through Ink's head, about what it was like before the night her family was destroyed. Carl hadn't been a bad father, he got drunk once in a while and was very racist, he had been a pig, sure, but he had a job, he supported his family, and though his worst relationship was with Benji and Ink herself he was fair with them. Home had been better than other families in the Corner, and Ink had been mentally an alright girl.

"These tears we cry are falling rain

For all the lies you told us, the hurt, the blame."

Carl Arlington had promised his wife he would take care of the kids, he was a liar. The very night he made the promise he broke it, as soon as he learned of Ink's mutation he got drunk and tried to kill her, but Benji stopped him. Ink had managed to get away with her brothers and sisters, but Benji hadn't.

"And we will weep to be so alone,

We are lost, we can never go home...."

Cassandra cried only once before she became Ink, who never shed a tear for her brother or mother, she couldn't she the weakness to her siblings because they needed her.

"So in the end, I'll be what I will be,

No loyal friend was ever there for me.

Now we say goodbye, we say you didn't try."

Ink's eyes closed for an instant as the memories floated to the surface of her consciousness, and the bike swerved dangerously.

"These tears you cry have come too late

Take back the lies, the hurt, the blame."

Ink used to wonder what her father thought once he sobered up, she doubted he tried too find his family and she knew he didn't get in trouble for what he did, he probably said Benji ran off with the rest of them.

And you will weep when you face the end alone

You are lost you can never go home,

You are lost you can never go home.

The house was up ahead. Ink parked her bike in the woods and continued near the road on foot, leaving the motorcycle in a ready position for a quick getaway. Taking out the gun she walked through the dark towards a house with a single light on, and a shape moving restlessly in front of it, back and fourth. Maybe Carl Arlington was waiting for the day his one-time daughter killed him.