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What has gone before…

The day after Raven and Beastboy's second date, something terrible happened. Slade attacked the Titans Tower with terrible force. I'm not sure what kind of force. Some kind. Maybe giant robots… anyway, the Tower was destroyed.

Luckily the Teen Titans were having pizza at the time. Slade was caught in a booby trap that Beastboy had set up to catch out Cyborg. When they returned to what had been the Titans Tower, they found Slade tied up and covered in green paint with a pair of underpants on his head. The terrible force had disappeared. Maybe it went for pizza. I don't know.

The citizens of the town were horrified that the Teen Titans, who had saved their butts more than a few times, were now homeless. They set about rebuilding the Tower. The basement was filled with whatever they had salvaged from the ruins.

Time passed. I don't know how much time. Enough to set up this chapter nicely, anyway. And one day the Titans and Zoé started on the task which every household in the world puts off for as long as possible but knows must come inevitably.

Clearing the basement.

Raven's Diary – You have a three word head start. Azarath… Metriom… Zinthos.

Day ? – Morning

Wow… I'd completely forgotten about this diary. After that big attack on the Tower, everything got shoved down here and the City gave us all new stuff.

Look, that was my first date with Beastboy. It seems so long ago.

Anyway, I'd better update you on what's been happening.

First of all – We're not teens anymore. Sure, we're still called the Teen Titans, but you know. Names stick.

Anyway, Cyborg and Zoé are still together. Zoé actually ended up moving into the Tower. She made it as a vet, and owns a practice downtown.

Robin and Starfire are as nauseatingly cute as always. They've still got Spike. Who is actually a cat now. Not a fluffball.

And me and Beastboy?

We're engaged.

I know, I didn't think we'd be the first ones either. We're planning it for sometime next year. Very simple. Just the Titans and Zoé. And I don't plan on wearing a wedding dress either. Well… maybe if it's in black or blue.

Starfire is delighted of course. She wants to organise the whole thing. I am dreading it.

Beastboy doesn't care. I think he's grown up quite a lot in the last few years. He's also a hopeless romantic. He keeps buying me flowers.

And chocolates.

And videogames. Although I think that might be so he can play them.

What else do we do? We fight crime. Kick the butt of evil. Hang out.

Pretty much what we did before.


OK – Things just changed dramatically.

Zoé and Cyborg just came in, looking extremely happy. Well, they always look happy. But especially happy.

We were just sitting there, Beastboy and Robin playing Autoracer, Starfire making practice wedding cakes and I was reading the book of Azar, with Spike curled up on my lap. He's not so bad, once he stops drooling. Ed was chewing one of Starfire's shoes. She never grew up.

Anyway, Cyborg and Zoé are having a baby. I actually don't believe it.

There's going to be a bawling baby in the tower, crying into all hours of the night and making a mess everywhere.

Well… I suppose it'll just be like having another Beastboy around.

I am so evil. And according to Beastboy, that makes me hot.

Hmm… must work on evil laughter. Also, must make sure that baby has plenty of black clothes to wear. I must not allow Starfire to corrupt him or her.

Maybe it won't be so bad after all.

Starfire's BODO – There is a Tamaranian word for people who look at other people's BODO's. They are called Glorfnarks. No one wants to know what happens to a Glorfnark

Oh, my dearest BODO, how I have missed you!!!

I am terrible sorry for my lack of updates. Much has happened and I was unsure of what happened to you after Slade attacked the Tower.

But most importantly… Beastboy and Raven are to be wed! Is that not wondrous? I am truly delighted for my friends. Robin is also happy, of course.

Robin and I are also together, although we are not to be wed. Though maybe one day…? Well, we shall have to wait and see. For who knows what the future will bring?

Cyborg and Zoé are still an 'object'. Or perhaps it is 'item'. I forget.

Anyway, life is wonderful and Earth is marvellous! Spike is still my cat, the non-oozing kind, and all in all everything is good.

I think I shall bake a sponge cake to celebrate the rediscovery of my Book of Daily Occurrences. I must practise baking the wedding cake for Beastboy and Raven!

Plus, Robin likes sponge cake. Very much.


Oh, joyous day indeed!

I cannot possibly describe the feelings I am experiencing this moment! For Cyborg and Zoé are to have a child!

I believe the correct phrase for these feelings is this.


Hee hee, is that not the most wonderful news you have ever heard, dearest BODO? We shall soon have a baby in the tower! I am most excited!

Although, perhaps Zoé had too much fun, for she ran to the bathroom when we were congratulating her and was sick. Maybe too much sponge cake?

I shall have to ask Raven. And we must prepare the tower for the arrival of the baby! We will need a great many things!

Earth truly is a wonderful place. I am most fortunate to live here.

Beastboy's Diary – There are over a million types of animal on this planet. Guess how many are lethal?


Man, I totally forgot about this diary. The tower got destroyed and all, it must have got stuffed in the basement with everything else.

Anyway, I've got something totally cool and important to tell you!


No, I'm not joking! She actually said yes! We were in one of those depressing caf's that she likes and I had the ring and everything, but I didn't think I was actually going to ask her. It just seemed so… un-me.

I don't know what made me do it, but we were having a coffee, and she was doing a crossword puzzle and she asked me if I knew what 4 down was. And I said,

"Will you marry me?"

But I don't think she was really paying attention because she started counting squares and said,

"No, that's not right." And then she realised what I had said and I put the ring in front of her and she sort of looked from it to me, without saying anything.

And then the light bulb above us exploded.

And she said yes.


What else? Well, Cyborg and Zoé are still together. Zoé lives at the Tower now. Robin and Starfire are still the cutest couple around.

And I think that's pretty much everything.

Still, how much does life rock? A lot.



They just told us! How amazing is that? It'll be like having Ed and Spike all over again, only with more fur!

This is gonna be so cool!

Obviously, I congratulated Cyborg on his good work. He seemed a bit embarrassed.

Anyway, it's due in October and Zo's hoping for a girl. Cyborg is hoping for a boy.

Raven just hopes it won't eat her new cloak.

I love Raven. She's so cool. I bought her a videogame yesterday. But I don't think she wants to play it straight away, so I've offered to test it for her. She's also decided to buy the baby a full black wardrobe.

And then she told Zoé having a baby will be like having another me around. Then she got this evil smile on her face which made her look seriously hot.

Cyborg's Diary – Time has made me stronger. Much stronger. Fancy being my punchbag?


OK… I should probably catch you up on everything that's happened but I just found out something that is way more important than any of that stuff.


Well, actually Zo's having the baby, but I'm the daddy!

We were sitting on the roof and she just got this look on her face. So I asked her what was up.


"Yeah? Are you OK?"

"Kind of. Well, maybe. It depends."

"On what?"


OK – I am strong, and I'm good with computers and stuff but other than that my brainpower isn't that great. Not that I would admit that to anyone. So I just said,

"Zoé, what's going on?"

"Cyborg… how do you feel about having children?" She asked.

"…OK… I guess. I haven't given it a whole loada thought. Why?"

"Because you're having one."

And then I kind of spaced out for several minutes.

Eventually Zoé asked,

"Cyborg? Cy? You OK?"

"Yeah… you mean… you're pregnant?"


"That is so cool!"

And her whole face just lit up! It was amazing! And she asked,

"You mean it?"

"Yeah! Oh my god, I'm gonna be a daddy!"

And then I just kept hugging her for ages. Then she said,

"We're having a little girl!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa…. Who said it was a girl?"

"Me. Mother's intuition." She said smugly. Still hot, damn her.

"Well, maybe I want a boy."

"Well, that's tough luck, cos this baby is gonna be a girl." She said, pushing me. Humph. We'll see. I bet it's a boy.


Well, the other Titans seem pretty cool about it!

Actually, Raven looked kinda concerned and told Zoé it was like having another Beastboy around. But Zoé ran to the bathroom. That morning sickness doesn't just keep to the morning apparently.

Robin's totally geared up about it. He and Starfire are gonna help us look after it. But Raven told me in private that she was going to buy a totally black wardrobe before Starfire corrupted the child.

… I don't think we'll be letting her baby-sit.

Well, Starfire just baked another sponge-cake and I offered to 'test' it for her. Write more later.


Well, you don't know me but I'm Zoé. And I KNOW that this is Cyborg's Diary but I just wanted to leave him a little message. And I swear I didn't read his diary.

Ok, I read a little bit.

Ok, a lot.

Ok, I read the whole thing. We're having a baby together; I don't think he'd mind.

Although it IS quite disturbing that he knew me as 'Hot Girl' for several days.

Anyway, here's something for Cyborg:

I love you so much. We're having a baby together. And… well, I guess I just wanna say thank you for everything. You made my life worth something, and now you're giving me a baby. That means more to me than you'll ever know.

And also, you are NEVER going to beat me at Smash Mountain, so stop trying sweetie.

Love ya!



Robin's Diary – I am not called the Boy Wonder for nothing. Evidence: My foot kicking your butt.


Hey. Been a while huh?

Well, better catch you up. Basically, Slade tried another pathetic attempt to destroy us. But we stopped him. Even with a broken foot, I still kick butt. Go me!

Anyway, that's it. The tower got rebuilt, Zoé moved in and everything went back to normal!

Oh, yeah. BB and Raven got engaged. I know, I'm still getting over it. But you just know when something is right, you know?

Starfire and I are still the ultimate couple! Raven told me the other day that we're 'nauseatingly cute'. Which I think is good.

Cyborg and Zoé are still together as well. Cyborg is so into her. You should see them together. They're always holding hands, or sitting together or talking.

Kinda like me and Starfire actually.

Anyway, I think that's everything. Other than that, everything is pretty much the same as it was before.

Which is NOT a bad thing!


Boy, that'll teach me to say everything is normal!

Cyborg and Zoé are having a baby. I can't believe it! It's gonna be so cool! I love babies!

But not in the creepy way. I just think they're cute.

Starfire is over the moon, obviously. She's started planning what to buy and written down several names. But I can't pronounce them, because they're all in Tamaranian.

I tried to tell her it's the parent's decision but she won't listen to me.

But she did make more sponge-cake. She had mastered it. It's probably the best sponge-cake in the whole city!

I hope the baby is a boy. Because then I can teach it all my cool kung-fu moves and stuff like that. Starfire can teach him how to make sponge-cake. Beastboy can teach him how to play videogames. Cyborg can show him how to work computers. Zoé can tech him to look after animals. And Raven…

…Raven could teach him how to read.

It's gonna be great. As long as I don't have to change any diapers.

And so life returns to the semi-normal state of Titans Tower. Well… as normal as a place can be with two aliens, a green elf, a semi-robotic guy and his pregnant girlfriend and the sidekick of Batman.

…I hope the baby has a good mental state.

And thus ends the Teen Titan Diaries!

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