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//…// = Yami speech

/…/ = Hikari speech

'…' = Thoughts to self

Nothing's Wrong

            A golden pyramid glinted in the silvery moonlight. It was currently two thirteen in the morning in Domino city, Japan. Soft golden light poured out from a window on the second story of the Kame game shop. With his head on his desk, a boy who looked no older than thirteen slept soundly on his homework. Stars twinkled in the night sky as the dawn slowly crept closer.

            Hours later, Yuugi woke up with the sun in his amethyst eyes. He winced before shifting off the papers beneath him. Yawning idly, he stood up and stretched. Yuugi glanced at the clock on his bedside table before sauntering over to his closet where he picked out his usual attire- leather pants, tight-fitting black shirt and various buckles. He grinned after putting on the last buckle.

            "Yuugi, breakfast's ready!!" Called Suguroko from the kitchen.

            "Coming grandpa! I'll be down as soon as I finish dressing!" replied Yuugi. Looking back into the mirror, he noticed the disarrayed state of his hair. Groaning inwardly, he quickly styled it adequately. After, he picked up his homework and shoved it into his backpack.

            //Good morning Aibou. You'd better get something to eat before you're late for school.// Yuugi tensed at his Yami's opinion before replying impassively that he was just about to go down. Yami chuckled as he closed the link. Yuugi let go of the plaintive emotions he held in. As he neared the kitchen, he bit back a sob before putting on a smile. Suguroko had made pancakes and was already waiting for his grandson.

            "Yay, pancakes! My favorite. Thanks grandpa."

            Suguroko just smiled as Yuugi devoured his breakfast. Yuugi finished the pancakes quickly before running out the door with a curt goodbye. Anzu was waiting for him outside.

            "Morning Yuugi. You're in a rush today aren't you?"

            "Yea, I barely had time to finish my homework last night. We'd better hurry or we'll be late for school." Anzu nodded as they walked to their school.

~ ~ ~  

            Yuugi barely noticed what the teacher was saying as he doodled on his textbook. He only got up when the bell rang. Anzu looked at him worriedly. He was usually an astute student who was eager to learn. In the past few days, she saw him in a detached state of mind. She shook her head. Maybe I'm just imagining things, she thought. She found him near the lockers as she prepared for her next class.

            "Yuugi are you okay? Is something wrong? You've been a bit distant for the past few days."

            "No, nothing's wrong. I've just been a bit tired these few days. We have a lot of homework." Lied Yuugi.

            "…Ok, if you say so. Well, let's get to class." Anzu said disbelievingly.

            The next class was no different from the last. To Yuugi, the teacher's monotonous lecture was useless. Looking out the window, he blinked away a tear. Things were far from fine. Damn, Anzu's seen me act differently. I'm trying to hide these feelings but it's just so hard. I can't get myself to tell Yami my true feelings because I know he'd hate me and avoid me. The ring of the bell cut through his poignant memories as he automatically stood up and left with the rest of the students in his class. Anzu watched him carefully throughout the class and something was definitely wrong. She decided not to question and just observe.

            The rest of the day was quite boring and Yuugi was glad to leave it behind. With a soft thump, he flopped onto his couch. Suguroko left a not saying he was out to run some errands. Yuugi blocked out all of his emotions and did his homework. Suguroko got back around dinnertime. He cooked some ramen and served Yuugi. Noticing a bit of change in Yuugi's personality, he decided to ask.

            "So, how was school today? Did you learn anything new?"

            "It was really boring. The teachers didn't teach us much today."

            "Oh. I see."

            "I haven't gotten too much sleep these few days, I'm gonna go to bed early 'k?"

            "It's only eight but okay. Do what you must. Have any exams tomorrow? You usually have tests on Fridays."

            "Well, not tomorrow. 'Night grandpa."

            "Good night Yuugi."

            Yuugi slumped on his windowsill after night preparations. A glow from the puzzle on his desk signaled Yami's arrival. Yuugi hit himself inwardly for not going to sleep. Yami was the last person he wanted to see. He cringed mentally as Yami wrapped his arms around him in a caring way. //What's wrong aibou? Is something distressing you? I caught some sad emotions coming from here. Tell me.//

            /Nothing's wrong Yami. I'm just a bit stressed out from all the homework and tests we've had this past week. Thanks for asking though./

            Yuugi, Yami looked Yuugi straight in his ingenuous eyes. //You're a horrible liar. You're much too innocent.// Yuugi tore away from the other's deep gaze and reddened slightly. /Yami, everything's fine. I'm just really tired. I haven't slept all week you know./ Yami cocked his head to the side and looked at him worriedly. //Ok Yuugi. You do need to sleep.// He kissed him lightly on the forehead before disappearing. Yuugi hugged his knees to his chest and rocked lightly back and forth. He chewed on his bottom lip as he pondered. Oh gods, why did he have to kiss me? I can't live on like this. He wiped away stray tears from his eyes as he lay down. Closing his eyes in pain, he whispered, "I wish I could tell you…"

            The moon shone dimly in the dawn as cars raced down the roads of Japan. Yuugi slept soundly as the rest of the world woke up. It wasn't until late in the afternoon that he woke up. He stared up at his ceiling as the reality hit him again. He didn't want to be here. It was not worth the suffering. But it is Yuugi. You get to see Yami. He laughed dryly at his derisive thoughts. Yea, but seeing him knowing that I'll never be with him reverses that. I'm just naïve little Yuugi, living all alone in this place. He tensed as he felt Yami come out of the puzzle.

            //You slept pretty well didn't you?// Yuugi nodded and rolled onto his side. He yawned cutely, trying to rid himself of his hidden emotions. //So, are you up for telling me what's wrong?//

            /Yami, as I told you before, nothing is wrong! I was just really tired. Everything is just fine. I'd tell you if something was amiss./

            //Ok aibou. I'm just a little worried. I'm sure you'll be alright.//

            I'm sure it is, Yuugi thought bitterly to himself. /Thanks. I need to eat heh heh, what time is it now?/

            //It's four thirty.//

            "Oh. Suguroko must be worried by now. Bye Yami, I have to do chores." With that, the boy left. Yami shook his head and chuckled. 'Yuugi's such a cheerful little boy. It seems that nothing can bring him down.' He silently thought. Unfortunately, Yami was very wrong and that was just an understatement.



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