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Antithesis in the Stars

            Bakura and Ryou chatted about the matter at night. Ryou thought it best if Bakura only hinted about Yuugi and not tell him straight out. Bakura argues against it. Yami didn't seem like the kind of man who would get any slight insinuation that was not about dueling. But then again, he might. Bakura didn't have the patience to test that theory. In the end, Bakura and Ryou settled upon asking what the pharaoh knew before telling him the needed information. Ryou still had doubts but this whole situation was getting old. He hated seeing the both of them so oblivious.

            Anzu wrote down her plan of how to tell Yami the whole story. The end of this tragedy was so close she could feel it in the air. The weather had cleared, Yuugi smiled now. But Yami, the mysterious dark side, didn't show any emotions. Gods, she hoped everything would be resolved and that they would have a happy ending. Something else bothered her. Did Yuugi approve of this? She was quite sure that he wanted to come back to the real world but a shred of doubt told her that he really wasn't ready. Whatever could stop him bothered her the most. What could stop someone from wanting to be with a true love?

~ ~ ~

I still remember the world

From the eyes of a child

Slowly those feelings

Were clouded by what I know now

            Yuugi wandered off into the night alone. Looking around somewhat bored, he settled onto the ledge of the fountain in the middle of the park he was in. It was a lonely night and there was no sound. No people walked around the streets. No muggers were attacking some poor victim. His only companions were the lights that illuminated the road before his eyes. Even in the shops, hardly anything stirred. The night clubs had opened by now. Yuugi sighed inwardly. He heard what everyone said even though he didn't appear to be around. The little cherub was not happy. Something held him back. Seto Kaiba did. He really wanted to know what had happened. He didn't care about what happened, Yuugi wanted to know why it did. Why was his yami so sad? Something so depressing shouldn't have happened. No matter who it was, it was Yuugi's nature to care. Even the great Seto Kaiba. So the CEO was an irascible man and was cold towards the angel and all of his friends but Yuugi was sure there was a reason. His goal was to find out. In a real body, Kaiba would probably never talk to him. It was true they had won some coalition victories but the other had ignored them.

            'Seto…what really happened with you and Yami? I know it was because of me..I wish you would tell me. Or at least Yami tell me. It hurts to know you hurt and not know why. I. I want to help you. No one deserves to be treated like you were by your parents. You didn't deserve that. Parents were meant to give love and nurture a child. Unfortunately some of us are unable to know such love.' Yuugi sighed again. If only Kaiba were so cold. Yuugi wanted and attempted to be Kaiba's friend so many times. Kaiba needed someone. Someone to help him heal the scars of his dark past and move on. 'I wonder who could be such a miracle.'

            The brunette was a busy man. Surely he would be up at this hour. Yuugi made up his mind. The little angel really desired to know why and he wanted straight forward answers. "Kaiba, I'm coming for some answers." The CEO's house was not hard to find, as it was the biggest in nearly all of Japan. The mansion cast dark shadows on the shrubbery in the front yard. A tall iron gate guarded its entrance. A lonely window had a light on inside. Kaiba must be there, Yuugi thought. Mokuba was a nice kid and wouldn't mind Yuugi's presence and he was probably asleep too. Darting into the shadows, he cautiously approached the house. The fallen seraph smiled sheepishly. He couldn't be seen, so why was he scared? He suppressed a good laugh at himself and went up to the window. He peeked into the glass and saw no one. A shut laptop sat on a desk along with piles of papers. The chair was pulled out but no one sat in it.

            Yuugi looked around in wonder. Seto's white trenchcoat was lazily draped on the back of his office chair. As no one was around, he entered and floated midair in the middle of the room.

Quietly, he called his name. No one answered as Yuugi suspected would happen. Where could Mr. Ice Cube be? Eating? Yuugi doubted it. Kaiba was thin and did not seem to indulge much. In bed? Looking at all the papers on his desk, Yuugi really didn't think so. What kind of a businessman would sleep with so much work to do? Certainly not Seto Kaiba. Yuugi went closer to look at the computer. Judging by what he remembered in his past life, it was shut off or in standby.

            "Kaiba?" 'Well, no one's gonna answer. It can't hurt using his given name, can it?'


            Yuugi chuckled when he heard nothing. It was amusing to see that no servants had come into the room to see if some robber had stolen in. Since there was no one in this room, why not go wander into the others? Yuugi lazily drifted into the black hallway. Mildly surprising, Yuugi emitted a soft blue light from his wings. It was easy to see the rooms. With so many, he didn't know where to start. Yuugi entered a random one to his right. No one was in here. It looked like a empty room. Probably for guests. He went into the next and to his dismay, it was only a empty bathroom. He stopped and looked into the mirror. Any human would comment on how beautiful he looked with his angelic wings. Pearly skin glowed with an unnatural splendor. The locks of golden hair messily covered his forehead.

            "What kind of a person have I become?" Yuugi said softly. When he saw himself, all he saw was a pathetic little boy who believed love was a false hope and tried to escape it. Regretting everything he did, he slowly looked away. A tear fell from his eye.

            "I want to go back to the life I left." He moved into the next room. Soft sleeping sounds were heard echoing in the room. Someone was here.

            Smooth black hair was present on the pillow. It was Mokuba who was here. Yuugi went to see his face. The younger Kaiba brother looked so peaceful when resting. Timidly, the angel reached out to touch his face. It was warm.

Where has my heart gone

An uneven trade for the real world

I want to go back to

Believing in everything and knowing nothing at all

            'Gods how long has it been since I've felt warmth?' He touched his own cold face. 'It's only been too long…I hope I can come back. Haven't I suffered enough in this spirit world?' Yuugi looked over his shoulder. A journal was laid out on the flat wooden desk. Yuugi's curiosity got the better of him and he flew over. This was Mokuba's diary. A decorated silver frame held a picture of himself and his brother. It must have been taken back before Gozaburo did his damage. The page currently exposed was quite interesting.

            "…2/24. Life is so confusing. I went to school. Nothing interesting happened there. Although we did learn some stuff. Overall there is nothing of importance.

            Seto is so confusing. He's usually really nice to me and never ignores me. Today, he acted like his soul was gone. It was so weird. He hasn't been eating or sleeping too well either. Something's gotta be wrong. I went to look at him in his office. The computer screen was blank. Seto didn't even complete any paperwork! I smell something weird happening and I want to know what.

…2/25. Thank god school's over today. It was so boring. Art…Coloring? What grade are we in? 1st? I mean come on. If we're doing art, we may as well do something productive that doesn't involve markers.

            Seto didn't even come to pick me up today…he sent our chauffeur. This is freaking me out. He never acts like this. Big brother cares too much to even leave me in the hands of a trusted servant. Something fishy is going on. I haven't asked Seto about it yet. I personally doubt that he'd tell me. But he's pushing it. Again, I didn't see him at breakfast or dinner. I came to see him in the morning and he was staring at his laptop. The computer wasn't even on. When I came back, he hadn't left his spot. All I've heard from him these days are grunts and some incoherent mumbles.

            Nii-sama, why won't you tell me what's going on? You know something I don't and it's really bothering you. Seto…you have so much work. Good thing you haven't gone. I had to call in for you several times. Is it something I'm not supposed to know?"

I still remember the sun

Always warm on my back

Somehow it seems colder now

            Yuugi read quietly in disbelief. This only added more mystery to the whole case and there were no clues as to what. Even Mokuba didn't know. This was bad. He journeyed on into the next room and found nothing. The next rooms were all pointless. He was at the end of this hallway. This better be where Kaiba sleeps. Yuugi was weary of finding empty rooms with no clues. He tried opening the door. It was locked. Good, it probably was Kaiba's room. With no more though, he went through. It was dark with almost no light. Dark colorless shades blocked out moonlight. It was a HUGE room. Looking at all the details was mind-numbing. Yuugi closed his eyes. There were gorgeous details on every square inch of the room. Looking around, two walk in closets were open. Yuugi looked in. 'Wow, so the great Seto Kaiba has more than just trenchcoats and business suits!' He fluttered into the bathroom and his jaw dropped. 'Talk about bourgeois…the bathroom alone is nicer than all the houses in Domino!' The cold marble floor was covered with many mats. Yuugi guessed that they were all made of silk. The gigantic bathtub had so many different tabs. The little angel left before he was overwhelmed by the sight. Ignoring the other doors, he flew down and finally found what he was looking for. Lying on a big bed was Seto. The brunette stared into nothing. His eyes told Yuugi that he had recently been crying a bit. Kaiba…crying? The balance of nature was definitely off. Yuugi looked closer. How did his hair manage to not be a mess when it was obvious that it was not groomed everyday.

Where has my heart gone

Trapped in the eyes of a stranger

I want to go back to

Believing in everything

            "…Seto…" The CEO's dull eyes came back to reality. He looked straight at Yuugi. His sad blue eyes turned to shocked ones.

            "Yami?" The deep timbre of Kaiba's voice had been reduced to a mere whisper. "Is it really you Yami? Why are you here…have you changed you mind?" The azure orbs now looked glad. "You called me Seto…say it again, please?"

            "Kaiba..no, it's not Yami. It's me..Yuugi."

            "…oh." Seto turned his head to the side. A disappointed sigh left his lips. Seto suddenly frowned. "Yuugi?"

            The seraph nodded.

            "Yuugi!? What in the name of hell?" He sat up and looked at the other boy in shock, then somewhat, fear. "Aren't you dead? Why are you glowing? How the hell did you get into my house?"

            "Kaiba, calm down! Please, I'll explain everything!" Kaiba nodded in agreement. "You'd better." The taller one's voice returned to it's normal sound – icy and uncaring. But the niceness when he thought Yuugi was Yami still lingered.

            "Kaiba, to answer all of your questions, Yes. I am dead. But I'm now an angel and I'm still here. I'm glowing because of that. And look," Yuugi passed his hand through a bedpost close to him. "I'm not a ghost but I can go through walls."

            "An angel? Don't feed me that bullshit. I don't believe in fairy tales."

            "…then what am I?" That stumped Kaiba. Reluctantly, he admitted that part of Yuugi's story must have been true.

            "I know you're going to ask what I'm doing here. Well, I want to know something."

            "What." The human ice cube's voice softened a little.

            "What really happened between you and Yami?" The expression on his face looked like he was choking on something. That was a pretty sore subject. Yuugi looked down and twirled his fingers. Getting the reply could take a while.

            "What does that have to do with anything?"

            "Kaiba…don't try and hide. I can see through that. You love him don't you…" Yuugi didn't look up from his current view. Saying that hurt him so much already.


            "I know you do. Or at least did. What happened between you two. Both of you are unhappy. And explain your reaction when you thought I was Yami." Kaiba didn't say anything. He just stared at Yuugi. 'How can I answer this? If there's som one I hate but also don't hate it's Yuugi. You stole Yami's heart…'

            "So I did. What do you want to know?"

            "I want to know what happened."

            "…nothing did. Really. I kissed him. We didn't get much further than that." After, he muttered something like why should I be telling you. Yuugi didn't say anything. It hurt and it didn't. The first thing that came to his mind was 'I hope I can try and be friends with you…' How odd that would seem. Kaiba and Yuugi really were rivals. In every aspect. He didn't like this but what other way was there?

            "Do you hate me?" Kaiba's dark brown hairs covered his eyes. Yuugi couldn't see anything on his face. Silence ensued and it made Yuugi very uncomfortable. He prepared himself for a nice yelling. Nothing happened.

            "I can't answer that."

Yuugi let it go. He had a feeling that Seto would never tell him anyway.

Where has my heart gone

Trapped in the eyes of a stranger

I want to go back to

Believing in everything


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